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Action, Adventure Chapter 2915 – Breaking The Formation with Just One Hand2 days ago
Romance Chapter 1132 - Chapter 1132 Third Young Master Ye’s Brilliant Counterattack, Brilliant Beyond Compare (XII)2 days ago
Romance, Drama Chapter 942 - Bo Jue Amusement Park2 days ago
Action, Adventure Chapter 1109 - The Fool Under the Peach Tree  2 days ago
Fantasy, Romance Chapter 989 - Long Body and Silver Hair as Calm as the Wind2 days ago
Fantasy, Romance Chapter 1359 - The More Cute Things, the Better (4)2 days ago
Action, Adventure Chapter 2299 - Direct Encounter With The Reincarnation Heavenly Sovereign.2 days ago
Josei, Romance Chapter 896 - Good Thing Gu Mang Got Injured Because That Means We Still Have a Chance2 days ago
Sci-fi, Mystery Chapter 1165 - Kill, Surprise, and Rescue2 days ago
Action, Fantasy Chapter 2019 - Firm Essence Green Gold2 days ago
Romance, School Life Chapter 739 - Get Out of the Entertainment Industry, Chunxue! (2)2 days ago
Fantasy, Comedy Chapter 891 - The Mechanic’s Work. A Defeated Opponent2 days ago
Adventure, Fantasy Chapter 1096 - Die With a Remaining Grievance2 days ago
Romance, Wuxia Chapter 2592 - Sacred Phoenix Reflection (6)2 days ago
Comedy, Drama Chapter 389 - Let Me Do It If You Can’t2 days ago
Drama, Fantasy Chapter 531 - Beat Him Up 32 days ago
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