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Chapter 922 - Xianyu Wei’s Knowledge Gained From a Day’s Viewing

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Chapter 922: Xianyu Wei’s Knowledge Gained From a Day’s Viewing

Because Jiang Leng was an orphan and had been living in the Bai Wenzhang’s Dragonspirit Manor since he was young, his personality was reticent and he was a man of few words.

He was someone with a very calm demeanor and he also matured very early. In terms of his wisdom, there was no difference between him and a young man.

If one asked who among these personal students was Sun Mo least worried about?

It would definitely be Jiang Leng.

If Sun Mo had an important mission and had to arrange someone to complete it, he would definitely choose Jiang Leng.

Jiang Leng didn’t have any problems. Of all the cultivation arts that Sun Mo taught and the homework he arranged, Jiang Leng was able to complete them easily.

Actually, Jiang Leng’s talent was very high. He was the only one that had survived so many experiments. From this, one could see how extraordinary he was.

“Do you really not want me to remove the word on your forehead?” Sun Mo asked.


Jiang Leng played around with his hair while smiling. “It can remind me every moment that I have to cherish the life I have now.”

In his heart, Jiang Leng added another sentence. ‘I will never forget Teacher’s kindness my entire life.’


Favorable impression points from Jiang Leng +500. Reverence (21,000/100,000).

“Alright then!”

Sun Mo readily accepted it. “In the next half a year, you must not proceed with high-intensity training. Pay attention to taking good care of your body. I will do a few more operations to fully clear the remaining spirit runes.”

Given Sun Mo’s current standard in the study of spirit runes, he could treat Jiang Leng completely.

“I have to trouble Teacher then.”

Jiang Leng wasn’t sad or happy because he knew if he followed Sun Mo, this day would arrive sooner or later. But after that, he felt perplexed.

(What should I do in the future?)

In the past, he had trained so hard because Dean Bai had forced him to. Then, he only studied spirit runes extensively for the sake of living on. Actually, he didn’t really like this subject.

“Don’t be anxious. Your life is still very long. You should go to the library more often and also listen to the lectures from other great teachers. You can also wander around Jinling, and you will be able to find your life direction eventually.”

Sun Mo wasn’t the type of great teacher whose utility spirit was extremely overwhelming. He wouldn’t force his students to cultivate intensely for his sake. It was all good as long as they could do what they liked and didn’t waste their life.

When Ma Zhang saw this, he couldn’t help but sigh ruefully.

Teacher Sun always placed his students first in his heart. If other great teachers had Jiang Leng as a personal student, they would definitely urge him to cultivate every day.

After all, as long as their students had the strength to ascend to the Heroes Ranking, they would be able to ascend to 4-star sooner rather than later.

“Teacher, I wish to learn painting!”

Qin Yaoguang chewed on a candy as she raised her hand and spoke.


Sun Mo had a calm look on his face, but he silently felt a headache coming.

Given his identity as a famous painter, as long as he said he needed a model, even if those models he needed were naked ones, countless courtesans from the top brothels of Jinling would fight against each other to be chosen by him.

Because once the painting became a famous painting, the model would definitely experience an increase in their value. After they died, their name would last for centuries and they would be admired by the latter generations.

But Sun Mo truly had no interest in painting.

“I wish to paint some beautiful scenes and when I’m old, I can take them out and relive the memories.”

This reason of Qin Yaoguang actually caused Sun Mo to feel veneration for her.

(I didn’t expect a girl who loves snacking so much like you would actually be a cultured youth.)

“Do you like to write novels?”

If an eminent writer appeared under his tutelage, that would really be impressive.

“Eh? Teacher, how did you know this?”

After Qin Yaoguang said this, she lowered her head. She, who always had a carefree personality, revealed a rare look of a little girl right now.

“Maintain your interest!”

Sun Mo encouraged. “In the future, if you produce any work, we can converse and interact more!”

Li Ziqi quietly watched this scene and decided to try out writing a literary work as well.

(I don’t seek to be famous. I just want to follow in my teacher’s footsteps.)

“Ai, it’s so difficult to write a novel!”

Lu Zhiruo scratched her head with a face filled with worry. She also wanted to write one for her teacher, but the moment she thought of taking up a brush, her head started to hurt.

There was no solution to this as she really had no talent in this aspect.

“Teacher, before our interaction, could you finish the second part of [Journey to the West] first?”

Qin Yaoguang smiled. “Do you know how many people in the Nine Provinces are currently cursing Gandalf, saying he is a eunuch who ignores the proper ending when writing a story?”

Sun Mo had a face filled with black lines. Right now, he didn’t lack money and truly had no need to write any more novels.

“Ah? [Journey to the West] was written by Teacher?”

Xianyu Wei who was listening at the side was dumbfounded, and she couldn’t help but ask the question out loud when she heard this.

This book was also extremely popular in the Dragon Subduing Academy. This was especially so for that part in the story.

“Great Sage, what’s your purpose for this trip?”

“To trample over the southern heavens, to shatter the sky. If I cannot return… So be it!”

The personalities of plainsmen were that they dared to hate and dare to love. Hence, the feat where Sun Wukong wreaked havoc in the celestial courts could resonate deeply with them.

During this period, the great name of Gandalf was even known to aunties working in the canteen.

She didn’t expect that such a popular classic was actually written by her teacher…

W…wasn’t this a little too impressive?

“You actually don’t know this?”

Lu Zhiruo was surprised. “Do you know about this then? Teacher is also a famous artist and has five famous paintings under his name.”


Xianyu Wei stared at Sun Mo. She suddenly felt a little fear and trepidation.

(I’m so weak, how can I be worthy of you? What if I lose face for Teacher?)

(Mama! I’m so worried, I want to go back home!)

“Alright, don’t talk about this topic anymore.”

Sun Mo didn’t wish to talk about such useless things. Moreover, he actually had six famous paintings. There was one more The Kite-Chasing Girl that was left on a peach tree in a peach forest at the Dragon Subduing Academy.

But now, it should have been discovered, right?

Helian Beifang was a youth who loved learning. Because he was a barbarian, he cherished the chance of studying beside Sun Mo even more.

When he started asking questions, he didn’t want to stop.

Sun Mo patiently answered everything.

Half an hour later, it was Ma Zhang’s turn.

“Teacher Ma, shall we proceed to the level above?”

Although Ma Zhang had taken Sun Mo on as a personal teacher, Sun Mo had never treated him as his student.

“Teacher, you are too polite!”

Ma Zhang hurriedly lowered his head. “Also, please don’t refer to me as ‘Teacher Ma’ anymore in the future. I’m your disciple.”

Seeing a 5-star great teacher like Ma Zhang patiently waiting for over an hour, Xianyu Wei felt even more shocked at Sun Mo’s influence.

One must know that 5-star great teachers are all very busy.

“Alright then!”

Sun Mo was helpless. “Xiuxun, do whatever you want. Ziqi, bring Xianyu around to tour the area and get her familiar with the surroundings.”

Sun Mo knew that the reason Ma Zhang took him as a personal teacher was to learn the ancient massaging technique. Hence, Sun Mo didn’t conceal anything and imparted the technique fully to him.

For such a technique, the more great teachers who learned it, the more students they would be able to help.

All the personal students bowed and respectfully sent Sun Mo upstairs with their gazes.

“Junior martial sister Xianyu, if you have any problems, you can just look for me.”

Helian Beifang walked over.

“You are a male, why are you being so eager to partake in the liveliness?”

Li Ziqi rolled her eyes. “Also, we are all under the same teacher. We definitely won’t discriminate against you two just because of your identity as someone from another race.”

“Eldest martial sister, I’m sorry as I’ve misspoken.”

Helian Beifang hurriedly apologized.

His words would easily cause others to misunderstand. Even if he wanted to say that, he should do so in public. If not, wouldn’t that mean he was saying his eldest martial sister was useless and had to depend on a junior martial brother like him?

“Everyone, go and cultivate!”

Li Ziqi urged.

Everyone then left the area. Some went to the second level, some went to the guest rooms, some left the villa, and some went to school to attend other lectures.

“My name is Li Ziqi, I’m the eldest martial sister.”

Li Ziqi smiled radiantly and had a warm and gentle attitude, causing people to see her to immediately feel a favorable impression.

Xianyu Wei unknowingly relaxed her tense heart.

(My eldest martial sister is so elegant!)

Xianyu Wei sighed ruefully. After she entered the guest room Li Ziqi led her to, she was stunned. There was a glowing door inside the room.

From the materials, the gate seemed to have been constructed from clouds in the sky!


Xianyu Wei didn’t understand.

“Don’t be afraid, let’s go!”

Li Ziqi took the lead and entered first.

“Eldest martial sister will definitely not harm me!”

Xianyu Wei drew in a deep breath of air and followed in. After that, her vision turned black. This lasted for two to three seconds before it recovered.

After that, Xianyu Wei screamed.

Before her eyes, there was a vast and spacious great hall. The surrounding walls were filled with crystals that were sparkling with blue light.

Dense spirit qi permeated the surroundings.

Xianyu Wei involuntarily circulated the cultivation method of the Dharma Skyshock Fist before she comfortably exhaled.

Being nourished by such a dense spirit qi was akin to a traveler in the desert who suddenly wandered into an oasis after being thirsty for several days. He could swim in the spring water and eat juicy fruits. The feeling was simply too satisfying.

“Junior sister, wake up!”

Li Ziqi shouted twice.

“Sorry, I forgot my manners.”

Xianyu Wei hurriedly apologized.

“It’s fine.”

Li Ziqi took the lead. “I will do my best to prepare a hall for you as soon as possible. In the future, you can cultivate there.”


Xianyu Wei started.

Even a fool knew that the denser the spirit qi, the higher the cultivation efficiency would be. But Xianyu Wei wasn’t happy and actually felt trepidation instead.

“T…this is not suitable, right?”

This was such a valuable piece of land, how could it ever be her turn to cultivate here?

“All of our teacher’s personal students can cultivate here.”

Li Ziqi explained. After that, she warned, “But there are some places you must not enter or there would be danger.”

“W…what place is this?”

Xianyu Wei surveyed the surroundings and was filled with curiosity.

“Darkness Continent, Wind King Divine Hall.”

Li Ziqi explained.


Xianyu Wei had a dumbfounded look on her face. (I thought we were in Jinling? How did we suddenly enter the Darkness Continent?)

“The door you walked through earlier is a teleportation gate transformed by the eight-gate cloud. It could allow humans to ignore distance and instantly appear at the other side of the door.”

Li Ziqi had been secretly observing Xianyu Wei. She wanted to see Xianyu Wei’s reaction when she obtained such benefits. Xianyu Wei wasn’t wild with joy but was filled with trepidation instead. This caused Li Ziqi to be very satisfied.

This meant that Xianyu Wei wasn’t someone whose greed knew no bounds.

“E…Eight-Gate Cloud? Si, the one ranked #10 on the mysterious darkness species list?”

Xianyu Wei inhaled a breath of cold air.

“En. We call it ‘Little Silver’. It is Teacher’s spiritual beast.”

Li Ziqi reminded her. “You have to keep this matter a secret.”

“Mn, Mn!”

Xianyu Wei hurriedly nodded. What a joke. If news of this was to spread, her teacher probably would have to deal with countless assassination attempts and extortion demands.

This was an eight-gate cloud! An extremely valuable entity in the world.

This already wasn’t a case of a poor man possessing a jade piece. It was a poor man possessing hundreds of jade pieces.

However, her teacher was really impressive. He could even subdue an eight-gate cloud.

(Boohoohoo, I’m really fortunate that I’m able to take Teacher Sun on as my personal teacher.)


Favorable impression points from Xianyu Wei +1,000. Reverence (22,000/100,000).

“I will bring you to tour the Wind King Divine Hall and inform you of the benefits you will have under Teacher’s tutelage. Remember these.”

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