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Chapter 924 - Making History, Setting A Record

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Chapter 924: Making History, Setting A Record

The climax in Sun Mo’s medical cultivation classes would always be the Q&A session.

Sun Mo had never failed before. Moreover, people would always want constant breakthroughs and instantaneous effects. Hence, this session had become a segment that Sun Mo retained. This was also the reason behind the motives of students who chose to come here early to snatch a seat.

As expected, Sun Mo didn’t disappoint anyone.

“Increase the intensity of your training by one-third. Don’t be afraid, your constitution is very good. Remember to eat more meat.”

“Change to a close-combat cultivation art and accumulate more experience. Don’t be afraid of getting injured. Your psychological problem is more serious in comparison.”

“Go to the darkness illusion dojo and fight battles that will bring you to the edge of death. If not, even if you train until you die, it’s useless.”

As Sun Mo lectured and used the ancient massaging technique on the spot, all the students he picked started to break through.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The spirit qi in the entire teaching building started to gush toward Classroom #201 in its entirety.


Just when Sun Mo’s voice rang out, a whooshing sound echoed as a sea of arms appeared in the air.

“I…Isn’t this a little too crazy?”

Xianyu Wei was stunned.

When she was in the Dragon Subduing Academy, she was lucky enough to attend a lesson of a secondary saint. However, the atmosphere wasn’t as passionate as this.

Sun Mo was very casual and had an amiable attitude. He wasn’t like those strict teachers the students would see usually. On the contrary, he was like a cordial and familiar elder brother next door.

Everyone involuntarily felt good vibes from him.

Gradually, Xianyu Wei understood the reason behind the passion of these students. Her teacher had casually provided guidance for four students, and all of them immediately started to break through on the spot after the guidance.

“God Hands is actually so terrifying?”

Xianyu Wei inhaled a breath of cold air.

Truthfully speaking, Sun Mo had secretly used Divine Sight to select students who were on the verge of a breakthrough. After all, this was the first lecture he held after his return. He naturally had to make it a good one.

The effect wasn’t bad.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The sounds of system notifications never stopped ringing in Sun Mo’s ears.

Large amounts of favorable impression points were like golden-colored wheat being harvested. The feeling was simply extremely awesome and satisfying.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The melodious bell chimes rang out on the campus.

“Alright, students. This class today ends here.”

Sun Mo closed his lesson plan.


All the students revealed sounds of disappointment.

“Why did the lesson end so quickly? Could the bell have been rung wrongly?”

“Teacher, when can you call my name? Is the story about making a batch of withered trees regain their vitality true?”

The students asked in a bumbling manner.

“This place is the teaching building, try not to be so noisy.”

Sun Mo smiled and left the classroom.

The students hurriedly retracted their excitement, and all of them stood up and bowed to Sun Mo. Even the students in the corridor outside were no exception.

This wasn’t something done on the surface but was respect from the bottom of their hearts.

In the corridor, Xianyu Wei saw all the students bowing, and this caused her to feel like a crane in a pack of crows. Just when she didn’t know what to do, she suddenly felt a few pairs of hands pushing her head and her back downward.

“Why are you in a daze?”

“You are disrespectful to Teacher. Are you asking for a beating?”

“Are you unhappy with Teacher Sun? I think we need to have a ‘good chat’!”

The surrounding girls were frowning as they reprimanded Xianyu Wei.

They were all Sun Mo’s crazy fans, and they hated seeing people disrespecting Sun Mo the most.

“Ah? No, no!”

Xianyu Wei hurriedly waved her hands. “I’m Teacher’s student. How would I not respect him? You girls have misunderstood.”

“Nonsense, we are teacher’s students too!”

A girl rolled her eyes.

“Wait a minute, could it be that you mean you are Teacher Sun’s personal student?”


This sentence caused the gaze of half of the people in the corridor to turn over.


Xianyu Wei mumbled the words ‘I’ twice before she hurriedly pushed the crowd aside and fled.

(Boohoohoo, what should I do?)

(I’m such a noobie. As expected, I’ve lost face for Teacher.)

Only now did Xianyu Wei realize that being a personal student of Sun Mo was something very pressuring. At the same time, she also understood how valuable this identity was.

Look at all those fanatical students. If her teacher said he wanted to accept a disciple, the doorway of the villa would probably be trampled flat.

Princess Manor, in the tea chamber.

Prince Consort Qi Mu`en was currently playing chess with the retired Premier, Zheng Qingfang. However, the two of them were distracted and kept glancing at the door.

Today was the date that the results for the 3-star examination would be revealed.

“Actually, even if Sun Mo didn’t become a 3-star great teacher, he’s qualified enough to teach the princess.”

Zheng Qingfang sighed as he tried to persuade.

“Premier Zheng, you are wrong to say that. How can you use this tactic of ‘advancing in the guise of a retreat’ on me? A few days ago, who was the one dragging me to drink wine at night when he heard the story of Sun Mo allowing spring to come upon withered trees? That person even said that Sun Mo was definitely the champion of the 3-star examination.”

Qi Mu`en sighed. “Why did you suddenly change your words today?”


Zheng Qingfang mentally mused that people might suffer from slip-ups occasionally. Before the results were out, he better boasted less lest he brought bad luck for Sun Mo.

“Don’t worry. Sun Mo is as stable as an old dog. Sigh, even Jiang Ji died, yet Sun Mo is safe and sound. From this, you can very well imagine how impressive that young fellow is.”

Qi Mu`en sighed ruefully.

One must know that Jiang Ji was the number one ranker on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings. He had only chosen to participate in the examination so he could compete with Sun Mo on the same stage to defend his reputation. In the end, he was completely suppressed.

“Speaking of which, why do you think Sun Mo would risk his life to save a barbarian princess?”

Zheng Qingfang pondered and felt a lingering fear. His opponent was the Four Symbols Starlord, a secondary saint who was absolutely a hegemon. In the Central Plains, a secondary saint was equal to the headmasters of ‘A’ graded famous schools.

“You ah…”

Qi Mu`en laughed involuntarily. He knew that this complaint of Zheng Qingfang was actually praising Sun Mo in a roundabout manner. Since Sun Mo could risk his life for a barbarian princess, it naturally meant he would be even more protective of Li Ziqi.

After all, Ziqi was his eldest disciple.

The sounds of footsteps suddenly rang out.

The two of them immediately glanced over but were soon disappointed. The person who entered was Li Xiu.

“Are the results out?”

After Li Xiu greeted Zheng Qingfang, she sat down.

“It’s probably going to be out soon.” Qi Mu`en placed his piece. “Your turn.”

“Do you guys think we can get [The Kite-Chasing Girl]?”

Zheng Qingfang was still distracted and placed his chess piece casually.


Qi Mu`en shook his head. “Stop thinking about it. How could anyone who obtained a famous painting like that be willing to give it up?”

“But that is Sun Mo’s work. The Dragon Subduing Academy has no qualifications to take it for themselves, right? Even if Sun Mo didn’t want it, he could auction it.”

When Zheng Qingfang thought of that painting, he would feel heartache.

He already arranged for his faithful old butler to head to the grassy plains to see if there was a chance to get the famous painting back. If there was no way to get it, he told the butler to do his best and make a copy.

“You already have four famous paintings by Sun Mo. Are you not satisfied yet?”

Qi Mu`en glared at Zheng Qingfang. “Why don’t you sell me one? Just name your price.”

“Is this a matter of money?”

Zheng Qingfang fumed. “Those famous paintings are my life. Even if I die, I want them to be buried with me. If I saw any unfilial descendants of mine selling Sun Mo’s famous paintings, I would jump out from my coffin and crush their heads immediately.”


Li Xiu shook her head and laughed. This Old Zheng really loved paintings as much as his life.

However, this Sun Mo was truly impressive. Other famous painters would at most have five famous paintings to their name in their entire lives, and this could already be considered a remarkable achievement. However, Sun Mo was only 20+ years of age, but he already had five famous paintings.

If he focused his all on painting, he most probably would be able to achieve even more, right?

The sound of hurried footsteps then rang out. After that, the butler called out.

“Prince Consort, Premier Zheng. The results are out!”

The butler entered the tea chamber. When he saw that the Eldest Princess was here too, he controlled his expression and quickly bowed.

In the Princess Manor, who didn’t know that Li Xiu was famous for being extremely strict and hated frivolous behaviors.

“Bring it over!”

Li Xiu stretched out her hands, and the butler quickly passed over the thumb-sized bamboo tube.

This was sent over by the servant waiting at the Saint Gate. After the results had been announced, that servant immediately used a flying pigeon to quickly send it over.

The Saint Gate would do the same as well, using pigeons to deliver the results to their branches in the various cities. After that, they would arrange for a congratulatory group that specialized in announcing good news to head over and deliver the news.

3-star great teachers were already considered the backbone of the great teacher world. They were worthy of such preferential treatment.

Li Xiu unrolled the paper slip and when she saw the ranking, her brows immediately twitched.


Favorable impression points from Li Xiu +1,000. Respect (2,150/10,000).

Qi Mu`en couldn’t wait anymore and hurried over for a look. Zheng Qingfang felt embarrassed to do the same. He was so anxious that he kept tweaking his ears and scratching his cheeks. He constantly hinted for Qi Mu`en to quickly tell him the results.

“Ze, impressive!”

Qi Mu`en glanced at the evaluation of 300 words below Sun Mo’s ranking. This was the encouragement from the Sect Lord of the Saint Gate, and they were all flattering words.

“How is it?”

Zheng Qingfang asked.

“He passed.”

Qi Mu`en laughed.

“Are you not talking nonsense? I’m asking about his ranking!”

Zheng Qingfang rolled his eyes.

“Number one.”

Qi Mu`en smiled. “Premier Zheng, congratulations. Your little friend has obtained the achievement of getting 3 stars in a year and became a three-time champion, making history!”

“I don’t dare to say that no one will be able to replicate this feat in the future, but this is definitely unprecedented for our empire!”


Zheng Qingfang stroked his beard and laughed uproariously, feeling happy for Sun Mo and also feeling proud of his own judgment.

“I knew from a long time ago that this fellow Sun Mo is someone extraordinary.”

A few of his good friends said that he was lowering his status by interacting so closely with Sun Mo. Sun Mo definitely had some motives to get close to him. However, Zheng Qingfang always felt that this statement was the most ridiculous thing in the world.

Being able to become friends with someone like Sun Mo was truly an extremely fortunate event in his life.


Favorable impression points from Zheng Qingfang +1,000. Reverence (14,100/100,000).

“Now, his majesty probably should have no problems.”

Qi Mu`en also smiled. “Ziqi has been worried for so long. She can finally relax now.”

“Yeah, such a genius naturally wouldn’t humiliate the reputation of the royal clan.”

When Zheng Qingfang spoke, he snuck a glance at Li Xiu.

Li Xiu, who had always been very strict, couldn’t find anything to criticize this time around.

Sun Mo’s excellence was incomparable.

Becoming the top-ranker of the Great Teachers Hero Rankings at the age of 22, having the beautiful reputation as God Hands, and also being an ancestor-level spirit runist…Sun Mo’s future was resplendently brilliant.

“Sigh, that untalented son of mine probably has no more chance to take on Sun Mo as his teacher.”

Qi Mu`en sighed and felt some regret.

[1] Author changed Sun Mo’s age to 22 in this chapter.

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