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/ Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens! /

Chapter 1833 - Rush Back to the Monarch Manor (6)”

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Chapter 1833 “Rush Back to the Monarch Manor (6)”

This way, the monarch would not die once he returns, and her grandfather wouldn’t become a sinner. He would’ve succeeded in preserving his values and his name….

The woman in blue had a slight change in her expression after that. Flexing her muscle as she pinched the child’s hand, everyone could hear the sound of brittle bone snapping.

In light of the excruciating pain though, Ji Song didn’t dare utter a single cry. She’s afraid her voice would make her grandfather regret and change his decision.

“Ji Sky, I’ll give you one last chance, if you don’t say where Heavenly Flame is then I’ll strangle your granddaughter!” The vile woman’s eyes were cold and sinister as a snake.

“Song!” Ji Sky issued a despairing roar. Grabbing the nearest weapon he could find, the old grandfather slashed into the air with an arc at anyone who blocked his path, “Come after me if you want to kill me, don’t touch my granddaughter!”

The other elders shared a glance with each and got a mutual understanding to enter the fray again. They want to break through the layers of obstacles to come to Ji Song’s aid, otherwise, it would be too late afterwards.

Ji Song’s breathing has grown increasingly more difficult as she choked under that grip. Knowing her end was near, the child wanted to give one last look at her grandfather before dying.

Just another look…

Tears flowed from the corner of the girl’s eyes at that thought. There’s so much yearning and sadness in there that it’s heartbreaking.

Despite showing no fear earlier, she’s just a child after all…. How could she really not be afraid of death?

“No!” Ji Sky desperately rushed towards his granddaughter’s location, but there’s simply too many foes ahead blockading his route.

At this moment, he could feel his heart shattering into a million pieces after he noticed the spec of blood slowly dripping out of the child’s mouth. It’s the obvious sign she’s going to give in at any second.

“Song!!!” Deafening in his cry, the old man also starts spewing blood from his throat at the hopeless situation.

The enemy saw this opening and most definitely took advantage of this. In their haste, they shot forward and pierced countless swords into the old elder’s body.

Song wanted to plead for her grandfather to stop after that. Sadly, her mouth could not find a voice as the last light slowly drifted away from those eyes at this despairing scene.

This time…. She reckons she won’t be able to escape.

Grandfather…… Will die too?

But she wants grandpa to live well, the monarch can’t be without Grandfather….

Ji Song gently closed her eyes in regretful resentment at these invaders. Now, the woman in blue only needs to give one tiny tug to end her life due to how weak she has become. And sure enough, that grip gradually began to tighten around the neck since the woman in blue figured this child was no longer of use.

“Stop, you stop this right now!” Fifth Elder and the others also roared in absolute anger, “Come after us instead, don’t hurt an innocent child! Song is only ten years old, do you not have any consciousness?!”

“Child?” Back over in the sky, the flax-colored robe senior who’s in charge of this invasion force sneered with delight, “You are mistaken about something here. Regardless of you being a child or a old senile, you’re all going to die! Everyone in the Heavenly Domain will die today!”

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