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Chapter 2023 - Bottom of the Cave

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Chapter 2023: Bottom of the Cave

Lan Tianyu’s situation became increasingly dire.

He was indeed very powerful, especially with the aid of the deity. Both his offensive and defensive power were elevated by a significant amount. However, in terms of offensive power, Ling Han had both the Divine Demon Sword and the Nine Heavens Flame, a Source Power of heaven and earth!

Meanwhile, in terms of defensive power, who in the Dividing Soul Tier could rival Ling Han?

During their previous battle, Ling Han had barely revealed any of his power. Now, however, he was unleashing his full power, so Lan Tianyu was naturally under immense pressure.

How could there be so many monarch tiers in the world? Lan Tianyu was only a monarch tier in name, but not in reality.

“Humph!” Lan Tianyu gritted his teeth and turned around to flee.

He couldn’t defeat Ling Han, so he naturally had no choice but to flee.

“Since I’m unleashing my full power, do you really think you can escape?” Ling Han said with a cold chuckle. Like a bolt of lightning, he immediately flashed before Lan Tianyu, blocking his path of retreat.

“Detestable!” Lan Tianyu roared. He unleashed a wave of attacks, yet he was unable to breach Ling Han’s defense no matter what. That being the case, he had no choice but to continue his battle with Ling Han.

His mind was filled with shock. Even though he could still barely rival Ling Han at this moment, he definitely couldn’t hold on for much longer.

After all, the Divine Demon Sword was far too terrifying, and the Nine Heavens Flame was far too devastating.

No, he definitely had to flee. He had to report this to his older brother.

The ship crew had told him that Ling Han hadn’t come here with them. Instead, they had rescued him during their journey.

In such a vast sea, just what were the chances of this happening?

Thus, Ling Han was definitely here with a plan, and he was definitely hiding his identity while mingling with these people. There was definitely a powerful figure standing behind him. As such, he couldn’t underestimate Ling Han.

However, Lan Tianyu clearly hadn’t considered the unbelievably low chances of encountering a giant storm at sea and being pushed to this island.

In any case, he was fully convinced about his own belief.

To Ling Han, however, Lan Tianyu’s speculations didn’t matter at all. After all, the other man was going to be a dead person soon.

Meanwhile, Lan Tianyu felt immeasurable regret. After discovering Ling Han’s disappearance, he hadn’t told anyone else, and he had simply started to search for Ling Han himself. This was because, in his mind, Ling Han was definitely no match for him. That being the case, would he need to inform anyone else?

To his shock, however, Ling Han actually possessed so many trump cards. Not only did he possess a peerless sword, but he could even unleash such devastating flames as a Dividing Soul Tier cultivator. This was utterly petrifying.

Lan Tianyu finally reached a resolution in his mind. He would unleash his full power and disregard his safety in an attempt to flee. However, each time he succeeded in fleeing, Ling Han would quickly catch up again. At that time, he would be plunged into a perilous situation again.

Moreover, the cost of breaking free was suffering several bloody gashes in his body, and having his bones broken and his flesh burned by terrifying fists of flames.

If they had been closer to the surface of the ground, he could have broken free even if it meant suffering severe wounds. Now, however, they were far too deep underground. This caused him to be overcome with despair. There was simply no way for him to escape.

“If you dare to kill me, you won’t be able to survive, either!” Lan Tianyu gritted his teeth, and shouted, “I urge you to immediately stop this battle. I can show you a path to leave this place.”

Ling Han sneered, and said, “Don’t you think I’m trying to obtain the Firm Essence Green Gold? Before obtaining this treasure, why should I leave?” As he said this, his attacks didn’t slow down at all. His Nine Heavens Flame divided soul more so continued to scorch the surroundings with its flaming fists.

“You’re hilariously wrong!” Lan Tianyu shouted. “My older brother is guarding the Firm Essence Green Gold, so you won’t be able to get near it at all! Yet, you think that you can enter this island at will, and you can also leave this island with ease?

“We discovered you people long ago, and we noticed that there was no Ascending Origin Tier elite among you. It was because of this that we allowed you onto the island. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been able to discover this island even if you’d searched for it your entire life!

“Similarly, without my guidance, you’ll find that you can’t leave this island at all. No matter how you sail, you’ll only be able to go in circles in the nearby sea. You’ll never be able to leave.”

Ling Han replied with an “oh”. Sure enough, apart from the giant storm, everything else had been the doing of these islanders. He smiled, and said, “Thank you for telling me. However, I’ve still decided to kill you!”

“Wh-why?!” Lan Tianyu stammered. He was completely stunned by Ling Han’s decision. Why was there such a strange person in the world? Why did he insist on seeking death?

“Because I won’t die!” Ling Han said in a calm voice. He was brimming with confidence.

‘This… Where is your confidence coming from?’

Lan Tianyu felt like he was about to go crazy. How had he come across such a person? Ling Han was only at the Dividing Soul Tier, yet he actually dared to be so confident and cocky?

“No, you’ll definitely die! You’ll definitely die a miserable death!” he roared. After learning that Ling Han was intent on killing him, he finally gave up on all hope. He did everything he could to break free. After all, staying put would only mean dying a little slower.

If he fought with his life, he might still have a sliver of a chance to survive.

However, this was naturally a futile struggle.


Ling Han’s sword pierced Lan Tianyu’s chest. Before an expression of despair could even spread across Lan Tianyu’s face, the flaming fist of the Nine Heavens Flame divided soul had already smashed over.


With a crack, Lan Tianyu’s head exploded into smithereens. However, not a single drop of blood sprayed into the surroundings. This was because they were instantly vaporized by the scorching flames.

Ling Han retracted his sword and drew his Nine Heavens Flame divided soul back into the Black Tower, where it would continue to cultivate.

“Such a lengthy delay. But it should be fine, right?” Ling Han murmured to himself.

He continued to hurriedly advance with his sword.

After another hour or so, he suddenly felt his body tilting forward slightly. To his surprise, there was no more resistance before him. However, a Dividing Soul Tier elite naturally wouldn’t fall so easily. He immediately steadied himself.

A path surprisingly appeared before him.

Ling Han came to a sudden realization. This was a path that had been dug out by the residents of this island. Lying at the end of this path was naturally the Firm Essence Green Gold.

‘What a coincidence.’

Ling Han nodded upon seeing this. He had forged his own path while searching for the Firm Essence Green Gold, and his path had coincidentally intersected with the path that the residents of the island had dug. The chances of this happening were most likely very miniscule.

However, it had happened to him.

Ling Han concealed the path that he had created before continuing down the one created by the residents. At this moment, he didn’t need to use his Divine Demon Sword to absorb the Regulations of Metal anymore. Instead, he could advance at a brisk pace.

After another 30 minutes, the area in front of him suddenly opened up. This was a colossal cave.

The radius of this cave measured 3000 meters or so, and its depth was more so extremely astonishing. Before Ling Han could even lean forward to observe this cave, a burst of murderous aura suddenly rose from its depths and slashed into the roof, where it left a deep gash.

‘What devastating destructive ability.’

Ling Han was already well aware of the composition of this place. Dirt and stone had already transformed into metal, and they were as stiff and tough as could be. Even his full-power strike could only leave a small dent in the wall. Only by using his Divine Demon Sword to absorb the Regulations of Metal of the surroundings could he hope to cause any significant damage.

However, this burst of murderous aura had managed to leave a gash of several feet deep in the roof of the cave. This was truly terrifying.

The Firm Essence Green Gold was definitely at the bottom of this cave.

Ling Han immediately leaped forward.


He then immediately entered the black tower. Allowing gravity to do its work, the Black Tower instantly plunged down.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Bursts of murderous aura continued to slash over from the bottom of the cave. However, because the Black Tower was far too small, it was naturally incredibly difficult for it to be hit. However, there were still times when the Black Tower was hit, causing it to strike the sides of the cave before bouncing back and continuing to fall.

Like a pebble thrown down a well, the Black Tower continued to ping-pong back and forth. Only after a whopping two hours did it finally come to rest.

It had reached the bottom.

This cave was truly very deep.

Moreover, this place was still huge, with a radius of 1500 meters or so. In the center region, there rested a piece of green metal. Right now, a middle-aged man was standing 30 or so meters away from it.

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