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Chapter 2024 - Astonishing Conversation

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Chapter 2024: Astonishing Conversation

This middle-aged man looked no different from normal people, and there was no aura of power or dominance about him. If there were anything unusual about him, then it was the black lotus symbol between his brows.

This was a lotus with nine petals, and it was so black that one couldn’t help but feel apprehension.

‘Is this the Island Master?’

Ling Han observed him from within the Black Tower. He didn’t act rashly.

The Firm Essence Green Gold was right before him, and he could already feel its boundless might even though he was still inside the Black Tower.

Metal—this was a matter that possessed a razor-sharp, murderous aura. It was capable of annihilating all matter.

Ling Han couldn’t help but frown. The Firm Essence Green Gold was right before him, but how was he going to obtain it?

Leave the Black Tower? That would be seeking death.

Fortunately, the middle-aged man wasn’t showing signs of trying to obtain the Firm Essence Green Gold any time soon, either.


At this moment, a figure suddenly descended into the cave, avoiding the bursts of murderous auras as it did so. This person landed beside the middle-aged man.

This person also had a lotus with nine petals between his brows.

“Brother Che!” the middle-aged man said with a nod.

The new arrival was also a middle-aged man. However, he was more solidly built, and he stared at the Firm Essence Green Gold as he said, “Brother Lan, we’ve already waited for several million years. Now, it’s finally time to reap the rewards.”

“Heh, we haven’t wasted all these years, either. With this island as our base, we’ve sent many people into the outside world to spread the magnificence of our religion,” the first middle-aged man said with a chuckle.

He was none other than the Island Master, Lan Tianyang.

The other middle-aged man was called Che Yuanhua. He also chuckled before saying, “The world is filled with foolish people. Even though the cultivation system of our sect is more powerful, they still resist it with such passion and fervor. They almost destroyed our sect, so we have no choice but to act covertly.”

“These days are nearing an end. We’re about to write a new chapter in history.”

Their eyes were gleaming, and they appeared as excited as could be.

“After obtaining this Source Power of heaven and earth, Sect Master will definitely reward us richly. At that time, we might be able to reach the 10th Lotus!”

Ling Han was astounded upon hearing this.

This was a large organization. Ascent Route Island was only the tip of the iceberg.

’10th Lotus?’

Both of these people had a lotus with nine petals between their brows. Following this logic, the 10th Lotus would allow their lotuses to gain another petal.

Lan Ruozhi had mentioned that the Island Master was at a cultivation level equivalent to the Ascending Origin Tier. Since he was at the Ninth Lotus, the 10th Lotus would most likely mean reaching the consummate level of the Ascending Origin Tier. Perhaps it might even equate to the Celestial King Tier.

Moreover, even the dispatched individuals were at the Ascending Origin Tier, so just what cultivation level were the higher-ups of the sect at? What cultivation level was the sect master at?

Judging from their conversation, members of their sect had already entered the Eastern and Western Celestial Realms, where they were spreading this new cultivation system and popularizing their deity. However, perhaps this was only occurring among those at lower cultivation levels, and it was because of this that Ling Han hadn’t been aware of it.

However, one had to realize that even though elites were mighty and domineering, with Celestial Kings being able to decide the fate of a battle, it was those at the lower levels who were the true foundation of heaven and earth.

If the majority of lower-level beings transitioned to this new cultivation system, this expanse of heaven and earth wouldn’t be far from collapse and destruction.

However, Ling Han found this extremely strange. If this expanse of heaven and earth collapsed, what good would that be to these people?

Or perhaps they weren’t aware of their own danger at all. Perhaps the allure of power had clouded their judgment.

That being the case, what force was trying to destroy this world?

Ling Han was struck with astonishment. According to Small Tower, Heavenly Venerates were the most powerful beings of the Celestial Realm. They had genuinely broken free from the grasp of the world. In fact, the original owner of the Black Tower was such a Heavenly Venerate.

However, he had died.

Whom had he been killed by?

Perhaps he had been killed by the founder of this different cultivation system?

At this moment, a torrent of thoughts surged through Ling Han’s mind. His hands and feet felt ice-cold. The level of this conflict was already far beyond what he could control. In fact, even Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings didn’t have the right to participate in this conflict. If they did, they would be nothing more than cannon fodder.

Ji Wuming had reincarnated to recultivate, and he more so gave off a demeanor of representing justice. Perhaps he had also noticed this impending danger? Perhaps it was because of this that he had resolutely decided to reincarnate?

Ling Han asked himself: if the Celestial Realm were facing impending disaster, would he sacrifice a portion of prodigies for the sake of his family, friends, and lovers?

His answer to this… was something that he didn’t dare face.

For the sake of the greater good, it was necessary for one to make some small sacrifices. Anyone could say this. However, who would be willing to be sacrificed?

For example, what if someone said that the Celestial Realm would be eternally safe as long as Ling Han committed suicide, and it would face destruction otherwise? Would Ling Han be willing to commit suicide?

As his mind conflicted over this, he suddenly felt warmth wrapping around his hands. The Empress and Hu Niu had walked over to hold his hands, causing his disquiet mind to immediately find some tranquility.

His mind became resolute. For the sake of his lovers, so what if he became a demon?

“Brother Lan, it’s almost time to start, correct?” Che Yuanhua said.

Lan Tianyang nodded, and said, “Brother Che, let’s channel the Spiritual Technique of Death together.”

“All right!”

The two elites pressed their hands together.


A burst of mystical power instantly surged forth, transforming into a hand that grabbed at the Firm Essence Green Gold.


The piece of green metal immediately unleashed a burst of sword light, easily obliterating the giant hand.

“Ah, Ma, Ni, Qu, Luo!” Che Yuanhua and Lan Tianyang chanted some peculiar spell in unison.


The two stone statues before the ancient castle immediately reacted to their chants, imbuing them with some kind of mystical power.

This power was in stark contrast and opposition to the great dao of heaven and earth, and it immediately triggered a reaction from heaven and earth.


Dark clouds rumbled above the island, with lightning flashing and heavenly tribulation imminent.

This cultivation system was facing stern resistance from heaven and earth.

Che Yuanhua and Lan Tianyang started to recite the spell even quicker, with countless symbols materializing and rushing toward the Firm Essence Green Gold. Like a range of mountains, these symbols caused the Source Power of heaven and earth to continually quake. It seemed terrified, and it was as if it wanted to flee. However, it was unable to do so.

Ling Han was astonished by what he saw. These two people were clearly only at the Ascending Origin Tier, so in theory, they shouldn’t have been able to suppress a Source Power of heaven and earth. Now, however, it looked as if they were genuinely suppressing the Firm Essence Green Gold.

He could feel the mystical power traveling over from the stone statues before the ancient castle. In fact, this was what astonished him the most. What in the world was this power? It could actually suppress a Source Power of heaven and earth?

‘No… They’re not trying to obtain the Source Power of heaven and earth. Instead… they’re trying to destroy it!’

Ling Han already possessed three Source Powers of heaven and earth, so he could clearly feel his distaste toward this mystical power. Like fire and water, these two powers were things that couldn’t coexist. Victory of one power would signify the destruction of the other power.

Che Yuanhua and Lan Tianyang were indeed not powerful enough. However, after drawing on the power of the stone statues, they could even destroy a Source Power of heaven and earth. This was far too astounding.

“Destroying a Source Power of heaven and earth is equivalent to dealing a severe blow to heaven and earth,” Small Tower said in a calm voice.

Source Powers of heaven and earth were equivalent to children of heaven and earth. Thus, destroying them would wound heaven and earth, and it would bring great grief upon heaven and earth. This was a destructive blow.

Ling Han couldn’t allow them to continue.

He planned to draw on the power of the Black Tower to fight against them. Even if he couldn’t obtain this Source Power of heaven and earth, he could still at least distract Che Yuanhua and Lan Tianyang. That way, they wouldn’t be able to destroy the Firm Essence Green Gold with such ease.

He was indeed not powerful enough. However, the Black Tower wasn’t weak! After all, this had been the treasure of a Heavenly Venerate.


Right at this moment, a column of light suddenly descended from above him. A person then descended from the sky.

“X-Xiao Gu!”

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