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Chapter 540 - Guests At The Yu Family

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"Good night, Meixiu," Yuan said to her as he got comfortable underneath the blankets.

"Good night," Meixiu responded in a somewhat nervous voice, trying her best to not think too much about their situation.

'Nothing will happen… Yuan… He's not someone who would do such a thing unless I initiate it…' She eventually convinced herself that nothing will happen and slowly fell asleep.

They wake up the following morning without any incidents, and they returned to the Silver Restaurant for breakfast.

"Good morning, young lads. What do you think of yesterdays' food? Was it to your liking?" Chef San asked them the moment they entered the restaurant.

"Yes, it was amazing, and thank you for giving us so much food," Yuan said to him.

Chef San laughed out loud and said, "If I didn't cook so much food, you'd starve the entire night, young man.


"Eh?" Yuan was surprised to hear this and wondered why he would say such a thing.

"I can tell just by looking at your body— that you require a lot of energy, so I purposefully made more food for you. You eat a lot, right?"

"I-I guess…" Yuan said, completely dumbfounded now.

How does one tell how much someone can eat just by looking at their body? Is Chef San using a cultivation technique?

"Thank you for the food."

Sometime later, Yuan and Meixiu left the restaurant and returned back to the immortal caves to eat their breakfast that tasted as amazing as last night's dinner.

After breakfast, they spent a few hours cultivating, as the spiritual energy in their area was too good to not cultivate.

Once their bodies were filled with energy, Yuan and Meixiu made their way to the training tower, where they would proceed to spend the rest of the day training.

"I will see you later. If you need anything, you can find me on the fourth floor. If I am not there, I am at the outdoor training area." Meixiu said to Yuan before separating from him.

"There's an outdoor training area?" Yuan asked, as this was his first time hearing about it.

"Yes, you follow this path behind the building, and it will lead you to a large outdoor training area."

"Alright, I will check it out when I have the time." Yuan nodded.

A few minutes later, Meixiu arrived at the fourth floor and was immediately welcomed by the instructor.

At the same time, Yuan was approached by Wang Ming the moment he noticed Yuan entering the gymnasium.

"Hey, Yuan! How about another round?" Wang Ming asked with a bright smile on his face.

"Sure." Yuan calmly nodded, and they went to look for a spacious area to spar again, which quickly attracted the attention of other disciples in the gymnasium.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of miles away, back in their hometown, the Yu Family sat before two individuals with a seemingly nervous expression on their faces, which was very unnatural and rare.

In fact, they weren't this nervous even when dealing with Chairman Zhao.

One of these two individuals was sitting on the couch, and she was a graceful young lady who appeared to be around 18 years old, wearing a luxurious red dress adorned with gems.

The second guest was an old man wearing a butler suit, and he was standing behind the young lady, clearly her caretaker.

"W-What brings you to our humble Yu Family, esteemed guests?" Yu Yong asked them.

The young lady calmly sipped on the tea that had been provided by the Yu Family before quickly putting it down.

"Whoever made this tea should learn how to make tea," she said.

Yu Yong and Tang Lee's eyebrows uncontrollably twitched when they heard her words, but they didn't get angry.

Yu Yong even put on a forced smile on his face before speaking, "I apologize for the inconvenience, Lady Chu, and I will make sure whoever made this tea will be removed for their incompetence."

The young lady didn't say anything else for a good minute before she looked around and asked, "If I recall correctly, you should have a daughter and a son. Where are they?"

Although he was taken aback by such a random question, Yu Yong responded, "They are currently busy and away from the family."

"Hmmm… Is that so?" The young lady remained calm, acting like she didn't care about his answer.

"Then where did they go?"

"Our daughter Yu Rou is currently in another city after joining a faction." Yu Yong said, purposefully ignoring Yuan.

The young lady then said, "Just your daughter? What about your son, Yu Tian?"

Both Yu Yong and Tang Lee had a bad feeling about this young lady when the name Yu Tian came out of her mouth.

"H-He's also in another city being looked at by the doctors there." Yu Yong said.

Although he could've told her that Yu Tian had left the family, he was afraid that she might ask more questions, so he gave her something less questionable.

"I see… Do you mind telling me which city? I'd like to meet him— Yu Tian." The young lady suddenly said.

"You want to meet him? Why?" Yu Yong was baffled by this sudden turn of events.

Why would this young lady who has no connection to the Yu Family suddenly want to meet their son? Could she be another one of his fans in the past?

"Why not? I heard that he used to be an amazing musician," she calmly said.

"He may have been an amazing musician, but after he got sick, he had to give up on music. Furthermore, his condition… I am afraid that you will only be disappointed." Yu Yong said.

"I won't mind it even if I am disappointed. Let me see him," she insisted.

"I'm sorry, Lady Chu, but he's currently in a situation that doesn't allow visitors. If you want, we can notify you when he returns." Tang Lee said to her, silently pondering to herself what this Lady Chu's real motives were showing up at their place.

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