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Chapter 679: Lure Out the Queen Bee and Kill i

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Chapter 679: Lure Out the Queen Bee and Kill i

“When the five light queen bee is lured into the range of the array, you open a path for it to enter. After channeling the totem pillar together with the sandalwood soul incense, you come in and drag it with me. It should be no problem for you and I to hold this queen bee with this array. But to hold it, we have to wait before the others are here. If we attack abruptly, it will not be easy to resist the desperate blow of this queen bee. As for these talismans, you all have to take it so that you are unaffected by the totem pillar.” Wu Kui first threw the disk array in his hand to the savage tribe brawny man with a bull mask. After taking out a few silver talismans, he threw them to Liu Ming and the others.

“Mr. Wu, don’t worry.” The brawny man took the disk array and said confidently.

In the following time, Wu Kui exchanged ideas with the brawny man about the points that needed to be paid attention to when presiding over this circle.

Hua Qingying took out a black jade box and handed it to Wu Kui very carefully.

“Let me speak frankly. I have sacrificial refined this totem pillar for almost 10 years. It is connected to my mind. If any of you dare to have ill-intention of this totem or try to snatch the totem away while I’m leaving, then don’t blame me for being rude.” Before Wu Kui left, he suddenly said to the brawny man.

“Hmph, Mr. Wu is overthinking. Why will I put my life at risk for this totem pillar?” The brawny man snorted and walked directly to the corner of the array.

Only then did Wu Kui look at ease. He flew toward the beehive in a colorful escape light.

Seeing this, several other people also rose into the air soon afterward, and they quickly began to discuss with a voice transmission.

Now that they knew that the queen bee was in the cave, they naturally tried their best to conceal their aura.

“After Wu Kui lures away the five light queen bee, 4 of us will deal with the 2 Real Pellet State bees. 1 will deal with the injured bee while the other 3 deal with the another. Although the injured bee suffered heavy injuries, it is still a Real Pellet State beastkin, does anyone willing to volunteer? Of course, the corpse of the bee will belong to anyone who volunteers.” The masked woman asked while flying.

The other people looked at each other with hesitation.

Everyone knew that the more injured the beast was, the more dangerous it was. Even if the Real Pellet State bee had been injured, who could guarantee that it would not have some two desperate means or it would simply self-destruct its Real Pellet. Fighting it alone was of course dangerous.

On the contrary, working together as 3 to deal with another Real Pellet State bee was naturally much safer.

Seeing this, Liu Ming suddenly changed his mind, then he slowly spoke,

“Since no one wants to, let me take care of it.”

“Then we will have to let you do the heavy work. If you can kill it alone, it is fine to hold the injured bee first. When we finished off the other one, we will help you immediately.” Hua Qingying was immediately overjoyed by Liu Ming’s decision.

Liu Ming naturally smiled and said nothing.

After a dozen minutes, they once again came to the vicinity of the cave entrance.

“If everyone is ready, then I will go place the bait and other stuff at the entrance first.” The man in a green robe said with a slight cough after checking the terrain around the entrance.

“Of course.”

Hua Qingying nodded, but Wu Kui looked indifferent.

The man in a green robe disregarded the look of the others and came to the cave entrance. He carefully put the pointed cones of a few faint golden talismans into the ground and covered them slightly with mud. The circle was about 10 meters in size. After tearing a storage talisman, a bloody scent spread out as a pile of bloody flesh gushed out.

“Could this be the Flame Burst Cone?” The woman in a cloak glanced at the places where the pointed cones were buried, and she couldn’t help asking with surprise.

Liu Ming was slightly shocked hearing that.

He had also heard a little about this Flame Burst Cone at the auctions he had participated in these years. It was a well-known consumable spiritual weapon in the southern wilderness area. It was a special metal that was made after quenching in the flames for at least 10 years. Once it was done, the flame energy in it must be contained by a specially made talisman. Once the talisman was activated, it would burst into flames. The power was equal to a desperate attack of the Crystallization Period cultivator. The price was quite expensive.

“It should be, but even if these more than 10 explode together and the power is not minor, but I’m afraid it’s still not enough to hurt the queen bee.” Wu Kui said while curling his lips.

Hua Qingying still looked the same as if she expected the action of the man in a green robe.

As they spoke, the man in the green robe had arranged everything properly. He once again turned into a mist and hid behind a boulder not far away.

Seeing this, Wu Kui also flickered and appeared on an ancient tree near the hive.

The other people also hid in the sky.

After just a few moments, a powerful spiritual pressure surged out from the cave again. It was the unharmed Real Pellet State bee. After looking around, the injured bee also flew out.

Not long after the 2 bees flew out, a purple phantasm also flew out in a stagger.

It was the five light queen bee of the Real Pellet State perfect stage, but its purple spirit patterns were dimmer. the difference is that the purple spirit patterns on its back seem to be dimmed a bit, and its aura also seemed to be weaker. .

When Liu Ming was a little puzzled, Hua Qingying’s voice sounded in his ear.

“After the five light queen bee has swallowed the beastkin cultivator’s blood, it should have laid the eggs. Now its cultivation has dropped, it seems that we are here at the right time.”

Several other people also discovered this, and they were naturally overjoyed to see this.

At this moment, the 2 worker bees flapped their wings and wandered around the small circle made by the man in a green robe, but they didn’t seem to notice any abnormalities. They suddenly turned around and made a buzzing sound to the queen bee at the back.

After the queen bee made a strange cry, it flew straight into the small circle and devoured the pile of flesh on the ground.

At this moment, after the man in a green robe emerged from the boulder in a blur. At the same time, he flicked his fingers and launched rays of green light into the small circle. A burst of crackling sound spread out, following by a loud explosion!

Several clusters of silver fire clouds soared into the sky, drowning all the 3 bees in an instant.

However, only a moment later, a purple figure rushed out of the fire clouds, then it circled and made an extremely angry shriek. It was the queen bee covered in purple spirit patterns.

The Flame Burst Cone didn’t seem to hurt the queen bee as no injury could be seen on the queen bee, but this sudden strike also totally angered the queen bee.

Its purple eyes were locking at the man in a green robe not far away; its antennas were trembling; the faint purple spirit patterns on the pair of five-colors wings also flashed wildly.

Afterward, the other 2 bees also rushed out of the silver fire clouds, but their bodies were all scorched. They looked at the man in a green robe with bloodthirsty eyes.

As the face of the man in a green robe changed, he immediately took out a green flag. As soon as he raised it, green mist gushed out all over his body. After a roll, it wrapped the 2 Real Pellet State bees in it.

At this moment, Wu Kui rushed out and waved the golden feather fan in his hand, launching waves of golden lights at the purple queen bee.

After the five light queen bee shrieked, it turned around and launched a purple lightning arc from its antennas at the golden lights.

For a while, golden halo and purple halo intertwined in the air; bursts of destructive aura swept all around.

However, at this moment, Wu Kui suddenly kept his spiritual weapon and escaped in a five color ray.

The five light queen bee screamed, and it turned into a purple escape light and pursued.

Seeing this, the 2 Real Pellet State bees desperately hit the mist that trapped them, wanting to follow the queen bee.

However, the man in a green robe desperately waved the flag in his hand, releasing more green mist to entangle the 2 bees. Then, he raised his head and shouted,

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up.”

As soon as he spoke, 3 people appeared with a fluctuation in the sky, and they dived down immediately.

The five light queen bee in the distance seemed to notice something wrong. It paused slightly in the air, looked back and wanted to turn around, but it was immediately angered by Wu Kui’s burst of golden light. With a flash of purple spirit patterns, it continued to pursue Wu Kui.

At this time, Hua Qingying and the woman in a cloak had entered the mist. The uninjured bee was attacked by both of them immediately..

The man in a green robe outside was overjoyed. He immediately channeled the flag. After the green mist tumbled, the injured bee was released; he joined the battle in the mist in a flash.

After the injured bee shrieked, it soared into the sky. After a few flashes, it flew out hundreds of meters away. It didn’t bother about the bee at all and chased in the direction of the queen bee.

But at this moment, Liu Ming flashed out in front of the injured bee expressionlessly. As he waved his sleeves, a bone shield flew out. It spun and transformed into a black mist that trapped him and the bee.

Liu Ming already had a plan to deal with this injured bee. He must use his most powerful killing moves, but he didn’t want to show the Hell Prison and the true spirit flying sword in front of others.

Therefore, after some consideration, he thought of using this foggy sea of the ​​Nine Skulls Shield as a cover.

TL: What a lucky day? The queen bee has just laid eggs? How will the mission turn out in the end?

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