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Chapter 2852 - Dragon Sturgeon

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Chapter 2852

Dragon Sturgeon

Edited by Lifer, Fingerfox

The Silver Dragon Fruit’s spiritual qi was intense and it made everyone feel relaxed.

“The Silver Dragon Fruit finally is ripped and its spiritual qi is released. I think now is the best timing to pick it.”

Jiang Chen murmured but he had not taken any action yet. He would not want to be the public target in this situation.

The Maidenhair tree was shining with silver lights and everyone’s eyes were filled with its essence. At the moment, no one would let go of their chance. At least, those capable experts were staring at the Silver Dragon Fruit now and they wanted to compete for it.

“Xuan Lang, Xuan Qing. Protect me!”

Xuan Shenji shouted with a deep voice. On the river bank, two figures appeared in a flash while Xuan Shenji rushed towards the Silver Dragon Fruit.

“You want to devour the Silver Dragon Fruit alone?”

Gui Gu squinted his eyes and said with a grin. He rushed to the front and wanted to stop Xuan Shenji. But he was stopped by Xuan Lang with a fierce palm wind.

“Such a tiny light dares to compete with a shiny moon? You’re seeking your own death!”

Gui Gu shouted with a deep voice. The next moment, blade radiance and sword shadows were wrestling fiercely. Xuan Lang was quite strong as he had also reached the peak of Early Divine King Realm. He pulled Gui Gu back with all of his strength in order to help Xuan Shenji to get more time.

Meanwhile, Xuan Qing blocked Donghuang Tai`a and left no chance for him to take any action. Xuan Shenji took the opportunity to grab the Silver Dragon Fruit immediately.

“Hong… Hong…”

When everyone was stunned looking at this scene, countless water pillars suddenly emerged on the surface of the river. These water pillars soared up to the sky and blocked the way in front of Xuan Shenji.

The water pillars were terrifying. Xuan Shenji’s countenance fell and he withdrew immediately. He made a strong blow and shattered the water pillars. Everyone was startled by the way Xuan Shenji responded.

A dragon emerged with silver radiance; the horn on the dragon’s head was especially terrifying. His body was covered with dazzling scales. Taking off his fin, four silver shiny claws came out from his body. His eyes remained as overbearing as before and they looked ruthless.

“Is this… Is this the Giant Sturgeon who appeared earlier?”

“This is not a normal Sturgeon beast. It is a Sturgeon beast from the Dragon Transformation Period, it has gone through seventy percent of transformation.”

“Silver Dragon Fruit, is not something you guys can touch. Despicable men, you all shall die!”

The Giant Sturgeon had become a Dragon Sturgeon. It was beyond everyone’s expectation. As soon as the Dragon Sturgeon appeared, it devoured everything and its dragon qi was rolling around! Xuan Shenji was almost injured severely. The Dragon Sturgeon was huge and he was around a hundred zhang tall. Xuan Shenji found it difficult to withstand and immediately fled away. Fortunately, his cultivation realm was strong enough to protect himself.

“Damn it! It’s a Dragon Sturgeon!”

Jiang Chen tensed up as well. The Sturgeon beast was powerful, but the Dragon Sturgeon was another realm higher than that. Whatever beast that involved the word ‘dragon’ was extraordinarily formidable. A heterogeneous beast that could transform into a dragon through cultivation was especially strong and not inferior than real dragons. Although Jiang Chen had been cultivating Dragon Transformation Art and encountered some dragon souls, he had not really met a real dragon from the Dragon clan.

However, a heterogeneous dragon beast was also really rare. Since they managed to turn into a dragon by their own effort, it was needless to mention how powerful they were. How could one transform into a dragon without talent?

“Although a Sturgeon beast is strong, it’s still manageable to deal with it. However, a battle with Dragon Sturgeon might be an extremely hard one.”

Donghuang Taia’s countenance fell. Gui Gu and the others felt the same.

“Those who manage to turn into a dragon are all great beasts. The supreme beasts are the Python, then Azure Dragon, Sturgeon and Snake. The Python is the most supreme beast among all those beasts and they have higher chances to transform into a dragon. Its strength is not any weaker than a true dragon. Next, the Azure Dragon that can transform into a dragon, but it is quite rare. It is very hard for the Surgeon to turn into a dragon, and it is even harder for a snake to transform into a dragon.”

Zi Xi said with a deep voice and his face looked gloomy. Even he thought about retreating himself at the moment.

“Is this Dragon Sturgeon really that terrifying?”

Jiang Chen said with a frown on his face.

“It’s nothing to be afraid of if we are dealing with a usual Sturgeon. However, a Dragon Sturgeon is no longer under the Sturgeon species. It is seen as part of the dragon clan. You shall know that whoever is born from the dragon clan is like the son of heaven. Even if a mature dragon from a dragon clan who has not started his cultivation, he could have been a Divine King Realm expert.”

Moling Dongchen said with a low voice and she looked even more terrified when she looked at the ferocious Dragon Sturgeon.

“What a dragon clan. What a Dragon Sturgeon.”

Jiang Chen took a cold breath. The dragon clan was indeed heavenly defying. As soon as they were born, they were already Heavenly God experts without even the need of cultivation. When they stepped into maturity, they would become Divine Kings. There were many talented disciples who found entering the Divine King Realm extremely difficult. Reincarnation was a kind of technique actually. The Dragon Clan was really rare and one could only describe them as monstrous.

“Take action now! What are you waiting for!”

Xuan Shenji roared in fury while the Dragon Sturgeon started hovering overhead, besieging them. After Xuan Shenji roared, Xuan Lang and Xuan Qing stopped their battle. Donghuang Tai`a exchanged a glance with Gui Gu and immediately took action.

If the Dragon Sturgeon was not killed, all of them would have to die. If they just watched how Xuan Shenji was defeated or even killed by the Dragon Sturgeon, they would not be able to escape the misfortune either because the formidableness of the Dragon Sturgeon was beyond their imagination. Earlier, they already found it quite challenging to defeat the Giant Sturgeon. Now it had even become a Dragon Sturgeon, which made them too shocked.

Xuan Shenji made a strong blow that brought down countless powerful sword shadows. However, his attack couldn’t withstand the formidable attacks of the Dragon Sturgeon. Whenever the Dragon Sturgeon’s head and tail moved, the entire mountains and rivers shook.

Xuan Shenji was extremely careful in each of his steps. The Dragon Sturgeon’s aura had overcome him completely. However, Xuan Shenji remained calm otherwise his situation would be worse.

“The peak of Late Divine King Realm, this Dragon Sturgeon can even fight a Half-step Hierarch.”

Xuan Shenji gritted his teeth and was extremely startled at the moment. It would not be easy to get the Silver Dragon Fruit now.

“Silver lights pour down from the sky!”

Xuan Shenji’s Silver Light Sword wrestled with the Dragon Sturgeon’s huge claws with a terrifying mightiness.

“Brother Xuan, I am going to give you a helping hand.”

Gui Gu came to the battle immediately. With the help of Donghuang Taia, Xuan Qing, Xuan Lang, they finally managed to withstand the Dragon Sturgeon’s attack and prevented Xuan Shenji from being killed.

The Dragon Sturgeon was irritated and he tore the void apart with his huge claws. With the furious winds and brutal aura, he made a blow, aiming Xuan Lang. Xuan Lang was not able to dodge the strike and was shattered into pieces by the Dragon Sturgeon immediately. The scene was horrifying. Xuan Qing shivered in fear and lost his battle strength completely. He fled immediately as he was afraid of the Dragon Sturgeon’s strike.

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