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Chapter 503: Await His Return!

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Chapter 503: Await His Return!

The expressions on Lin Yuan, Liu Jie, and Zhou Luo’s faces changed in that instant.

The problem that they had all worried would arise had now truly appeared.

The fact that they could feel such a violent spatial fluctuation from so far away proved that the evolving Class 3 water world spatial rift had now, for whatever reason, already reached Class 4.

It had even begun its promotion to Class 5.

The current situation was so severe that it was necessary to race against time to retrieve the source-type items from the dimensional hub.

A typical dimensional rift required around 12 hours to evolve.

Hence, Lin Yuan, Liu Jie, and Zhou Luo had still had time to plan and prepare.

However, now affected by external factors, the dimensional rift was suddenly undergoing a leap-forward evolution. Moreover, acute spatial fluctuations were still coming from not far away.

This meant that the dimensional rift’s evolution from Class 4 to Class 5 could be completed any time now.

Lin Yuan knew that even after he and others were sucked into the dimensional rift; the Mother of Bloodbath, Endless Summer, and Listen would definitely realize it and be on high alert.

Yet, no matter how much preparation was done, if the Class 5 dimensional rift really opened in the coastal sea so close to Indigo Azure City, then the entire city would be destined to fall into ruins at the seabed.

Just as Lin Yuan and Liu Jie’s expressions grew increasingly heavy, Zhou Luo raised his head and looked into the distance.

He then turned his head back and gazed at Liu Jie before casting a deep look at Lin Yuan.

The faintly determined expression between Zhou Luo’s eyebrows now thickened, as though he was solidifying the decision he had made in his heart at that moment.

Lin Yuan inhaled deeply and did not stop until his lungs were swollen and painful.

Then, Lin Yuan expelled all of this breath again, suppressing the urgency that had arisen in his heart.

Gazing calmly at Liu Jie and Zhou Luo, he said, “We will rush directly towards the dimensional hub’s position. Whatever the cost, we must stop the dimensional rift’s evolution.”

Just after Lin Yuan’s had spoken, before Liu Jie could respond, Zhou Luo shouted, “Alright!”

This one yell seemed to contain all of Zhou Luo’s solitary bravery.

Zhou Luo did not understand why the blood in his heart was surging at this time.

He also could not tell if Lin Yuan’s thoughts caused this surge of blood. As a servant, Zhou Luo had to obey Lin Yuan’s orders in order to repay the latter’s kindness in giving him a new lease of life.

Perhaps, it was simply caused by the sight of the determined light twinkling in Lin Yuan and Liu Jie’s eyes.

Liu Jie did not say anything. He was focused on quickly manipulating the insect swarms in the sand under the seabed into ingesting the dead Diamond Giant Cattle with all their strength.

Liu Jie knew that a tough battle would be fought next.

In this crisis, even replenishing the depleted energy in the Insect Queen’s body was considered a huge luxury.

Liu Jie raised his head and said, “It will take some time for these Diamond Giant Cattle to be completely consumed. I have left around 500 Flesh-Mincing Blade Insects here to finish ingesting the feys under the sea of sand.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Yuan stopped concealing the Source Sand’s large amount of yellow sand under the seabed.

Lin Yuan did not channel his spiritual power into the Source Sand. It was only because the Source Sand sensed his instructions that it drove the entire ocean of sand and gravel by itself.

Looking around, one saw that the surrounding environment was instantly transformed into a world made of gravel.

Before Zhou Luo and Liu Jie could register their shock, everyone had once again mounted the Lava Dragon Lizard.

The billowing sand grains pushed the Lava Dragon Lizard to thrust itself forward. Although not obvious, this truly increased the lizard’s running speed.

At the same time, at the coastal sea close to Indigo Azure City, outside the evolving dimensional rift, a woman dressed in moon-colored long robes was bathing under the blood-tinted moonlight. Murderous intent and worry were written on her face in equal parts. Her body’s imposing manner was exposed without concealment.

This woman was the Moon Empress, who had just arrived an hour ago.

The dense moonlight cast a heavy curtain behind the Moon Empress. Beneath this curtain, there was only the Moon Empress, Mystic Moon, and the blocked entrance to the dimensional rift.

Outside of it stood the Mother of Bloodbath, Endless Summer, and Listen.

The trio’s bodies were also enveloped by rich moonlight, obscuring their figures.

Behind them stood countless experts who had come from areas within and close to Indigo Azure City upon learning of the Moon Empress’ arrival.

A vast majority of these experts were Creation Masters.

Yet, most of them stood with their bodies bowed and their eyes gazing only at the ground.

It was as though even lifting their eyes would be considered overstepping their authority.

Amongst them were the two Guard Envoys, who stood five positions behind the Mother of Bloodbath, Endless Summer, and Listen.

Behind the curtain of moonlight, Mystic Moon looked at the Moon Empress’ expression and understood more deeply how much Lin Yuan weighed in her heart.

In the many years that he had followed the Moon Empress, he rarely saw such worry written on her face.

Moreover, this anxiety had already cast a shadow over her face for many hours.

Mystic Moon lowered his head and glanced at the bright red Ethereal Jellyfish in the Moon Empress’ arms.

He then cast another gaze at the small rabbit at her feet that looked like it had fallen into disfavor, with its drooping ears and lack of energy.

Mystic Moon then understood that the extent of the worry in the Moon Empress’ heart was not at all as simple as that which was revealed on her face.

However, at this time, as one of the Moon Empress’ Moon Envoys, Mystic Moon still had matters to attend to.

Suddenly, he thought of something and asked the Moon Empress softly, “Moon Empress, on Cold Moon’s side, would you like to...”

Before he was finished speaking, the Moon Empress already understood his words.

She raised her brows and thought about it for three seconds before replying, “Yes.”

Naturally, the Moon Empress knew that when Mystic Moon had mentioned Cold Moon, he had actually been referring to Chu Ci.

The Moon Empress was very clear about the sibling bond between Lin Yuan and Chu Ci. At this moment, it could be said that Lin Yuan was in a life-and-death situation. Putting herself in Chu Ci’s shoes, the Moon Empress felt that Chu Ci had to be informed of Lin Yuan’s plight.

After all, as Lin Yuan’s master, she would consider it unacceptable if she was the one who did not know about this matter.

When it came to the ways of the world, it was better to say more rather than less. In the face of true familial relations, these slick and sly ways appeared more like falsehoods and heresies.

Besides Chu Ci, Cold Moon, as one of the Moon Envoys, should also have been standing there, awaiting the return of the Young Lord of Radiant Moon Palace! His return!

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