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Chapter 1108 - Who Am I

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Chapter 1108: Who Am I

No one expected Luo Xiaobai to rise so quickly.

Chu Qingyan also admitted that Luo Xiaobai was not weak. However, that was only because her overall strength was not weak. Her ability to escape was strong, but her attacking methods were relatively poor.

Therefore, in Chu Qingyan’s impression, Luo Xiaobai was good at defending when she faced real experts. However, Luo Xiaobai was not very strong when it came to attack.

However, at this moment, Luo Xiaobai’s danger level increased exponentially with the help of the Luo Family’s Divine Technique. Her threat level was almost comparable to Han Fei’s. After all, the entire Divine Manipulators’ family relied on the Luo Family’s Divine Technique to become independent of the big clans in Thousand Star City.

That was not all. Chu Qingyan clearly noticed that the seed between Luo Xiaobai’s eyebrows seemed to be extraordinary. If she was right, it might be an ancient seed. What level was it? She did not know, but it must be extraordinary to be able to activate Luo Xiaobai’s divine power.

As Luo Xiaobai raised her head, countless flowers blossomed and looked extremely beautiful.

Taking a step forward, Luo Xiaobai had already appeared a thousand meters away. She was standing on a dark blue flower with the plants following her. Roots extended in the void.

Chu Qingyan held her longsword as her figure flashed in the sky. This was the unique ability of her spiritual beast, the Butterfly Star Insect. Its speed was no slower than anyone else’s.

“Shadowless Life Devouring Sword.”

In fact.

At this moment, Han Fei was being bombarded by countless people. There were punches, arrows, palm strikes, and many armorists’ Torrents of Sabers and Swords.

Only, these attacks were all shattered by the Supreme Yin-Yang Diagram, not a single one able to harm his foundation.

Puff, puff, puff!

For the first time, Diwu Weiguang retracted his cynical attitude. He tapped the water with his foot and shot himself out with the wave as a bow.

A large white fish flew through the air. It was his spiritual beast, the Holy Light Fish.

“Holy Light Descends!”

In the sky, a beam of light shot at Han Fei.

Because it was light, even the Supreme Yin Yang Wheel could not dodge it. Furthermore, the Supreme Yin Yang Wheel did not dodge. When the holy light shone, one could only see that the crack on the Supreme Yin Yang Wheel had actually healed quite a bit.


“Armor Dao Divinity Rune.”

HNot far from Diwu Weiguang, a large number of runes appeared, forming an armor.

Diwu Weiguang let go, and the arrows shot out like a stream. In the blink of an eye, thirteen arrows followed one after the other. With a single point, they shattered the strange armor.

Unfortunately,Diwu Weiguang had just broken through the armor.

Seven swords combined as one, bringing with it an unparalleled sword wave as it thrust forward.

Diwu Weiguang turned around with a jerk. “Sword Seven, I’ll remember you.”

“You can’t leave here today.”

Zhang Xuanyu had arrived and shouted, “Fei!”

“Son of a b*tch! Chu Sect’s little b*tch, do you really think I’m a freeloader?”

Zhang Xuanyu turned around and threw the spear out of his hand. He roared, “Heaven Gate Knocking!”

This was the only spear technique Zhang Xuanyu had learned in the Prehistoric Soul Realm. Mortals could open the Heaven Gate too. Even if he couldn’t, so what if he knocked on it?


Chu Qingyan’s Life Devouring Sword landed on the Supreme Yin-Yang Wheel. She twisted her other hand and time changed. One could only see the power of Zhang Xuanyu’s spear twisting in the air and attacking the Supreme Yin-Yang Wheel.


Zhang Xuanyu roared and quickly took it back. However, the rule of time had been changed, and he couldn’t take back the shot.

At the same time, Chu Qingyan directly spat out a mouthful of blood at the Supreme Yin-Yang Wheel. “Time Annihilation.”

Everything happened in a flash.

Chu Qingyan intended to kill Han Fei by destroying time.

At this moment, time seemed to have frozen. Luo Xiaobai was chasing after Chu Qingyan. She was more than 3000 meters away from Chu Qingyan. It seemed very close, but she could not move any faster.

Diwu Weiguang was blocked and could only treat Han Fei a bit with his Holy Light.

Cao Qiu threw a punch, but it was shattered by Chu Qingyan.

Zhang Xuanyu’s spear, which was far away, failed to hit Chu Qingyan. Instead, she turned it at Han Fei with Time-Twisting Technique.

Moreover, at the same time, many people used soul attack techniques.

For the current Han Fei, he was surrounded. Chu Qingyan’s eyes lit up. Her blood essence broke through the trace of Dao runes and fell on the Yin-Yang Diagram.

“In two breaths, Han Fei will die.”

At this moment, Chu Qingyan was also on the verge of going crazy. She was about to make an outstanding contribution, and this genius who was very likely to become a king was about to die in her hands.

Space began to distort. Although the Supreme Yin-Yang Diagram was resisting, it began to gradually distort, as if it would be destroyed at any moment.


At this critical moment, a giant hand suddenly reached out from the void.

As the hand stretched out, its flesh and blood were stripped away, leaving nothing but bones.

Moreover, cracks were appearing on the white bones, as if they could collapse at any time.

After all, Ximen Linghan was only at the peak level of the Venerable Realm. Logically speaking, it was impossible for her to cross the river of time. However, these two timelines were too close, so close that even Ximen Linghan could sense them.

Chu Qingyan was shocked. “Impossible! Who? Who can cross the time barrier?”

The giant hand grabbed the Supreme Yin-Yang Wheel and forcefully pulled it into the unknown. Then, it disappeared.

In the normal timeline.

Le Renkuang, Li Luoluo, Cao Tian, Cao Jiaren, and Luo Jiutian were chasing into the deep sea at full speed.

Halfway there.

They passed by large fragments of the ship’s wreckage.

Le Renkuang roared, “Hurry up, go at full speed… They must be in great danger.”

Cao Jiaren shouted coldly, “Calm down, this is already our maximum speed.”

Cao Tian’s eyes turned cold. “If anything happens to Qiuqiu, everyone will die.”


They saw that above the sky, a hand that covered the sky stretched out from the sky and entered the void.

The speed was so fast that it took less than a breath of time. By the time the giant hand came out, it was already devoid of flesh and blood. All that was left were ghastly white bones covered in cracks that looked like they could shatter at any moment.

Cao Jiaren’s pupils constricted. “A Venerable? Who could have injured a Venerable so quickly?”

Luo Jiutian cried out in shock, “Impossible, there is no such thing in the story of the City of Justice.”

Everyone turned to look at Luo Jiutian. What the hell are you talking about? We’ve seen this scene, and you’re saying that there’s no such thing?

Luo Jiutian didn’t know what was going on either, but his expression was extremely unsightly. “Something’s not right. By right, Ximen Linghan should have been attacked by the three Venerables at this time, and should be on the verge of death. At this time, it should be impossible for her to make a move, but if it wasn’t Ximen Linghan, whose hand would it belong to? In the history of the City of Justice, this definitely didn’t happen.”

Li Luoluo said, “Could it be that you guys missed it? After all, ordinary people might not be able to watch Venerables fight!”

Luo Jiutian replied, “Impossible. This isn’t a history that I know alone. This is a history that all the big clans know.”

Cao Jiaren concluded, “This means that something special happened over there.”

Le Renkuang said, “Stop it. Can someone drag me a bit? Hurry up.”

Han Fei didn’t know where he was, but he felt a splitting headache. A series of fragmented images appeared in his mind, as if there was a crimson awl piercing his brain.

The moment the red light pierced into his mind, the Demon Purification Pot started spinning crazily. The green barrier was like a thick barrier that forcefully blocked the red light and gradually crushed it.

However, the moment the red light entered his body, Han Fei’s soul was thrown into chaos. All of a sudden, countless random things flashed.

Han Fei struggled and slowly opened his eyes.

“Where is this? Who… am I?”

Han Fei covered his head, feeling that his brain was too chaotic. All kinds of images and fragments appeared, making his brain chaotic.

“It really is you. I knew you would return.”

Suddenly, Han Fei raised his head and saw a valiant woman staring at him. Who else could it be but Ximen Linghan?

Han Fei shivered and exclaimed, “Holy sh*t! Who are you? Where did you come from?”

Ximen Linghan’s eyes were filled with sorrow. “So that’s how it is. So it was this time that your memories were scattered. Sigh, could this be fate?”

Han Fei quickly stood up. “Well, girl, what are you talking about?”

Ximen Linghan said, “I’m a Venerable. Although I’m still unable to discover the mysteries of this world, I keep feeling that something is wrong. This world is wrong.”

Han Fei smiled. “What’s a Venerable? I’m a King… Damn!”

Han Fei looked down and found himself standing on the sea. He immediately raised his feet. “F*ck, f*ck… I’m standing on the sea? I don’t even fall?!”

Seeing Han Fei’s surprised look, Ximen Linghan was a little speechless. “You didn’t talk so much before.”

Lying on the sea, Han Fei looked around curiously and said casually, “I used to? I used to be a fisherman… Huh, my boat? Where’s my boat? Wait, who am I…”

Ximen Linghan looked at Han Fei and pointed a finger at him. Han Fei was rendered speechless and his mouth was sealed.

Ximen Linghan said, “It’s better for you to be quiet. It’s just that my memories are messed up, so I can slowly put them back together. What I don’t understand is what I should do now. What I don’t understand is, why did you appear so late? What I don’t understand is… are you really you?”

Han Fei felt that he must be dreaming! He couldn’t speak. Where did this woman come from? She was so mysterious…

“Yes, I must be dreaming. How can a person stand on the surface of the sea… Eh! This woman seems to be very hot. Hehehe… Anyway, it’s all a dream. Can I tease her a little?”

Thinking of this, Han Fei immediately walked up to the woman and looked into her eyes.

Ximen Linghan: “???”


Han Fei suddenly kissed her, and Ximen Linghan’s eyes widened. This guy… How dare he?

“Hmm? It’s quite real. I’m really lucky. Let me lick her lips…”

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