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Chapter 1109 - The Fool Under the Peach Tree  

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Chapter 1109: The Fool Under the Peach Tree

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Ximen Linghan kicked Han Fei and sent him flying. Han Fei rolled on the sea surface dozens of times before slowly stopping.

Han Fei was lost for words. “Damn, Is this woman so violent? The beauty in my dream is even stronger than me?”

“Eh! Wait… Why do I feel a little pain? Can I still feel pain in my dreams?”

Ximen Linghan’s expression changed slightly, and she asked, “Why have you become so shameless now? Why were you so cowardly in the past?”

Han Fei thought, “Before? I’ve never dreamed of you before! Otherwise, I would’ve f*cked you long ago.”

Han Fei was about to go up and teach the woman in the dream a lesson when he found that he couldn’t move anymore.

“F*ck, don’t! Did I hurt my legs when I’m sleeping? Shit, at such a critical moment, a beauty is right in front of me, but my legs are numb. This is outrageous.”

However, Han Fei thought that it made sense.. He didn’t seem to have succeeded in doing things in his dreams. Forget it. When he woke up, he would go to a tavern and have a drink with a girl.

However, Han Fei found that he couldn’t wake up. The girl was still there.

Then he heard Ximen Linghan say, “The moment my original body saved you, it had already shattered. Unfortunately, the City of Justice is already hopeless! However, when I see you, the feeling in my heart becomes even stronger. This world might be fake.”

Han Fei rolled his eyes. Of course, a dream is fake!

Ximen Linghan let out a long sigh. “If not for that, I wouldn’t have met you till today. I had thought that you were already dead.”

Han Fei really wanted to say, What are you talking about? I’m just having a dream.

Ximen Linghan pointed at a stone tablet not far away, and said, “I discovered this place a long time ago. I’ve tried countless times, wanting to go in and take a look, but I’ve never been able to enter. This time, when I see you again, I’m sure that this world is fake. So, I’ve always been trapped in the trap… Perhaps, I’m already dead!”

Han Fei followed Ximen Linghan’s gaze and looked over. He found that there was indeed a stone tablet standing not far away, quietly standing on the sea.

More importantly, Han Fei saw a lot of names on the stele. The first one was “Han Fei”.

“Huh? Han Fei, I’ll go… Isn’t my name Han Fei?”

Han Fei was surprised. Yes, my name is Han Fei. Hehe, I’m dreaming indeed. No wonder I couldn’t remember my name just now!

“Eh! This stone tablet… Why does it look familiar? Li Daxian? Tang Yan, why do these names sound familiar?”

Han Fei saw the girl walking towards him, but he couldn’t move or do anything!

Ximen Linghan gently hugged Han Fei, looking very tired.

Han Fei blushed. In my dream, I was actually seduced by the woman in my dream? Why do I feel a little excited?

However, he heard Ximen Linghan say, “The Beast King said that you won’t come back. He said that you’ve crossed the river of time and returned to the place you should go. But even if you want to come back, why must you wait until I die before coming back? How can you be so cruel?”

As he spoke, Han Fei felt a cold liquid sliding down his neck. For some reason, Han Fei suddenly felt sad.

He thought: Although I don’t know why such a beautiful girl appeared in my dream, there must be a story behind it, right? Could it be that I seduced her in my previous life?


Han Fei put aside his wild thoughts. Since he was held, he could only look at the stele.

For some reason, the more Han Fei looked at the stele, the more familiar he felt that he had seen it somewhere before.

Han Fei wanted to recall where he had seen this kind of stone tablet before, but his head almost exploded at the thought of it.

The woman was still hugging him as she spoke into his ear. “Although you came back very late, it’s enough. It’s good that you came back. At least, you made me realize whether this world is real or fake. I can finally rest for a while. Perhaps, I will rest for a very long time, a very long time… but you, you seem to still be alive. How hateful. If I die, why are you, a fool, still alive?”

Han Fei was dumbfounded. What are you talking about? What’s real and fake? What do you mean you’re dead and I’m alive? I’m just a virtual character, okay? I’m almost touched by this sad play.

After a long, long time…

Han Fei felt that the woman released him and looked at him seriously. “I can’t hold on much longer. You! You’re like a traveler in time and space. You came here at this time… I don’t know how to save you. I can only think of this place… Although there’s another stone tablet at the end of this sea, it scares me. I can only bring you here. Maybe you can leave here. If not, it’s good that we can die together.”

When the woman finished speaking, Han Fei suddenly found that he could move.

Han Fei thought to himself, Okay! You’ve been hugging me for so long, I… have to hug back.

However, before Han Fei could do anything, he appeared next to the stele.

“F*ck! I can teleport?”

Behind the stele was a vortex in the sea. Han Fei thought, I’m familiar with this… But why is there no suction force?

There were still two lines of tears on Ximen Linghan’s face. Seeing Han Fei’s silly look, she burst into laughter. This is more like you, a fool.

Han Fei was annoyed. You are a fool! Your whole family is fools!

But Han Fei found that the woman stretched her head over, and he felt a chill on his lips.

“D*mn, I’ve been molested again? Sigh, this feels so good. If only I could have this dream every day.”

Han Fei was still feeling it when the woman finished kissing him. He hurried to ask, “Hey! Beauty, what’s your name? I’ll order you in my dreams next time.”

Ximen Linghan tittered and said in a low voice, “Fool.”

Han Fei was furious. “Hey! Woman, can you stop calling me a fool? This is my dream, so can you please give me some face? What do you want me to do?”

Ximen Linghan suddenly took out a golden page and stuffed it into Han Fei’s arms. “I got this by accident. I haven’t understood it yet. I’m going to die. This is for you.”

Ximen Linghan smiled gently and said, “Me! My name is Ximen Linglan. Remember, there was once a woman in this world who waited for you for a very, very long time…”

After she finished speaking, Ximen Linghan gave a gentle push, and Han Fei’s body flew into the vortex.

Han Fei wanted to turn back, but he found that he couldn’t. The woman behind him said, “Don’t look back. Dying people look ugly. I don’t want you to see me ugly.”

At that moment, Han Fei was overwhelmed with grief, as if he had lost something important.

However, before he could think further, he was sucked into the vortex. He was truly unable to turn around to take another look.

Luo Xiaobai went crazy.

The Void Root continued to pierce through one person after another until Chu Qingyan was fleeing.

Nearly 160 people entered the timeline. Han Fei killed a batch, Cao Qiu killed a batch, and now it was Luo Xiaobai’s turn. Less than 50 people were still alive. Of course, not including Yang Nanxi’s group.

At this moment, Yang Nanxi looked at the battlefield in the distance with a dumbfounded expression. She was completely dumbfounded.

“Miss, is Han Fei dead?”

Yang Nanxi immediately said angrily, “Are you blind? Is that death? He was clearly saved by someone.”

“Ahem… Miss, what should we do now?”

Yang Nanxi thought it was an opportunity. She was still proud of her decision, but Han Fei was saved?

In fact, she wanted to save Han Fei just now, but she held back when she saw Luo Xiaobai go berserk.

At this moment, Luo Xiaobai was on a killing spree. Now that the divine technique of the Luo Family was out, she did not dare to go up.

After a long silence, Yang Nanxi suddenly said, “No, I have to kill one of them. Han Fei has been rescued, so… I’ll kill Chu Qingyan.”


The Yang family’s subordinates were dumbfounded. What kind of way is this?

Yang Nanxi said, “We have to destroy one, either the Thug Academy or the Chu Sect. Han Fei has already run away. Who else can I kill but Chu Qingyan? She has the potential to become a king. In the future, she will definitely be my competitor.”

The group of subordinates looked at each other. Where did you see that Chu Qingyan had the bearing of a king? And where did you see that you had the bearing of a king?

However, Yang Nanxi didn’t care. She rushed out with her sledgehammers.

However, before they could cover more than a thousand meters, the four seas were shaking and the void was shaking. Everybody flew up involuntarily, including Luo Xiaobai and the rest.

In the normal timeline.

Le Renkuang was still sprinting.

However, he suddenly found that he couldn’t run anymore. His body was involuntarily pulled into the air by a suction force.


It was as if there was muffled thunder in the sky, and the entire sky was shaking. Everyone realized that something was wrong. Something was wrong with this space.

In the outside world.

Outside the fifth soul realm, Han Fei’s name appeared at the top of the list.

Someone exclaimed, “What the hell? He directly made it to the top! What did Han Fei do?”

Someone was stunned. “How… can this be possible?”

Someone sucked in a deep breath and exclaimed, “Look! The fifth soul realm is closing!”

Buzz buzz buzz!

Figures flew out from the entrance. This was something that had never happened before.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Endless vines spread out. Luo Xiaobai’s cold voice echoed, “All of you must die.”

On the other side.

In the corner of a small village, in front of a dilapidated house, were two peach trees.

At this moment, there was a seven or eight year old child squatting under a peach blossom tree. His face was dirty and he was holding a small branch in his hand. He was poking an ant with an extremely serious and focused expression.

From time to time, the child would wipe his snot with his sleeve.

At this moment, a group of children whizzed past and stopped when they passed by the peach trees.

“Fool, fool. A noble lady from the Ximen family has been driven out. Let’s go and peek at her bathing.”

The youth who was poking the ants tilted his head. “I’m at war.”

A child rushed up and stomped the ant nest flat. “Fool, if you succeed this time, I will teach you combat skills.”

When the child heard the battle technique, his eyes lit up. “Okay.”

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