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Chapter 1110 - My Name Is Ximen Linglan

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Chapter 1110: My Name Is Ximen Linglan

This city was called Yu City.

Outside of Yu City, there was a village called Great Wilderness Village near the reef sea. Under normal circumstances, the villagers were not qualified to enter Yu City.

The idiot was none other than Han Fei.

Even Han Fei himself didn’t know that he had entered a cycle.

His current name was Wang Han, as common as Han Fei.

He was born in an ordinary family.

Han Fei’s father was a powerful cultivator, at least in Han Fei’s opinion, who had reached the level of a hanging fisher. Han Fei’s mother died in a battle.

Han Fei’s father had been summoned to fight overseas. Usually, he would return home every few months. Every time he came back, he would bring some toys and shells for Han Fei.

Knowing that Han Fei was not very smart, his father didn’t teach him any combat skills since he was a child. He just gave him a random cultivation technique.

In the eyes of Han Fei’s father, his son was already stupid and it was not easy for him to live in this era. It was actually good that he didn’t cultivate, because he would easily die if he did.

No matter how stupid Han Fei was, he was still his son. It was good that he was still alive. Whether he could cultivate or not was secondary.

Because Han Fei’s father was often away from home, Han Fei often went to buy food with the money left by his father when he was hungry.

However, because Han Fei was very stupid, his money was usually spent by other people. Therefore, Han Fei’s father specially got two peach trees at the door of their house.

In this world, spiritual plants grew rapidly, so peaches always grew.

However, there were also many teenagers who were in the same situation as Han Fei. For example, two or three of them had similar family backgrounds as Han Fei, but they were not stupid.

Because Han Fei was stupid, the peaches were often picked up by these poor kids. So, Han Fei, who was often hungry, would go to the reef to dig crabs and catch worms alone.

Han Fei’s favorite food was Mantis Shrimp. For some reason, he liked Mantis Shrimp very much.

Also, Han Fei was always different from others when he ate. He was always picky, not liking the food he bought. He was always patient enough to get some salt, some seaweed, and some seagrass juice, and cook it. The food he made tasted delicious.

Apart from eating, Han Fei liked to do two things.

One was to poke ants. In his world, Han Fei always felt that he was holding a giant pillar that could hold up the sky. Every time he attacked, it was earth-shattering. He never got tired of it. Every time he poked the ants, he poked accurately and no ant could escape from his hands.

The other thing was that Han Fei liked to draw. When he wasn’t hungry, he would either poke ants or squat on the beach to draw. He drew all kinds of strange things, but many people thought that Han Fei drew very well because he drew things vividly.

People often came to Han Fei with fish skins. They liked to ask Han Fei to draw their appearances on the fish skins, but Han Fei didn’t like drawing people. He only liked drawing ocean creatures. Occasionally, he would have a flash of inspiration and draw complicated lines.

Han Fei knew how to draw, but he refused to draw people, so he was often bullied. The more he was bullied, the more stubborn he became. I won’t do anything that I don’t like even if you beat me to death.

Also, Han Fei was not smart, so everyone would bully him.

Of course, children’s bullying and teasing had a limit. They wouldn’t really kill Han Fei.

Occasionally, when Han Fei couldn’t find food and was starving, someone would give him food. For other people, this was like giving alms to Han Fei, which would give them a sense of superiority.

However, Han Fei was very picky about food. He would rather starve or go to the beach to find food than eat the food other people gave him.

Of course, Han Fei was not completely stupid. He knew that he should learn how to fight.

On the beach, fierce insects and gigantic crabs often appeared. If he did not know how to fight, sometimes it was difficult for him to find food on the beach.

Because his father didn’t teach him, when Han Fei grew up and saw other people teaching their children, he would always squat on the side and watch.

Those people wouldn’t mind, thinking, “What can a fool understand?”

In fact, if he hadn’t seen these, Han Fei wouldn’t have been able to find food on the beach. He would have been eaten by large crabs and worms.

Today, it was said that there was a noble lady from a large clan in Yu City who was driven to the Great Wilderness Village.

Han Fei didn’t know why those high-and-mighty people in Yu City came to the Great Wilderness Village, nor did he know the cause and effect. He only knew that the girl lived in a large house even though she was driven here.

Even the fruit tree that Han Fei’s father planted for him was enclosed in the house’s yard.

However, Han Fei was already used to being robbed, so he didn’t care. He could find food himself! He agreed to these children because of the combat skills they said.

Most of the combat skills that Han Fei learned were incomplete, and he couldn’t understand the technique that his father gave him. Every time he practiced, he couldn’t continue.

But he liked battle techniques.

At this moment, Han Fei responded to the children, threw down the “towering pillar” in his hand, and ran towards the big house.

After all, this was a village. No matter how good a house was, there would always be loopholes.

For example, Han Fei and the other wild children knew where the stones could be moved and where there were tunnels.

At this moment.

It was already nighttime.

Han Fei followed a group of children into the tunnel. The five of them crept into the house.

A child said, “I heard that the noble lady of that large family was in a terrible state when she was chased out. It was her mother who sacrificed herself in exchange for her to come out. It’s said that she only had a servant and didn’t have any cultivation base. However, this is all hearsay. We mustn’t make a sound.”

Someone patted Han Fei. “Idiot, do you hear it? Don’t make a sound.”

Someone sighed and said, “I heard that even crabs can’t stand on the clothes worn by the big clans in Yu City. They will slip and fall directly.”

Someone chuckled. “More than that! I heard from my father that the descendants of the Yu City’s major clans grew up eating spiritual fruits. Unlike us, we eat peaches the most.”

Han Fei was a little suspicious. Peaches are also delicious! Are those spiritual fruits better than peaches?

After chatting for a while, they sneaked into the house and climbed out of a hole in an abandoned rockery.

Someone said in a low voice, “Idiot, go scout ahead and find out which room that noble lady is in?”

Someone reminded him. “Idiot, don’t make a sound.”

Someone said, “Yes, remember to get back and call us when you find her.”

Han Fei asked, “What about combat skills?”

Someone nudged Han Fei. “I’ll teach you the combat skills when we get back. Go!”

Han Fei was relieved.

Immediately, he crept into the house. In the dark, Han Fei treated the ground as the beach and walked lightly.

From time to time, Han Fei pricked up his ears.

Nobody knew that Han Fei’s hearing was very good, which was why he had been able to find Mantis Shrimp on the reefs and beaches.

Han Fei heard the sound of water. He curled his lips and thought to himself, It’s so strange for the descendants of the big families in Yu City. Can’t they just take a shower in the river?

Soon, Han Fei reached one of the rooms in the house. Following the water sound, Han Fei tiptoed and moved closer.

Han Fei listened carefully and felt that he shouldn’t make any sound, so he approached.

However, when he reached the window, he stuffed a blade of grass into the window and opened the window without any sound. However, he did not find anyone but a big bucket.

“Huh? No one? Did I hear wrongly?”

Just as Han Fei was about to listen again, he smelled a strange fragrance. It was very nice.

Han Fei almost drooled. There’s good food!

For a foodie who hadn’t had enough food all year round, the temptation of delicious food was far greater than watching a girl bathe, although Han Fei didn’t know what was so nice about watching a girl bathing.

Han Fei tapped his toe and jumped into the house. Soon he found a small red fruit on a table in the corner.


No one had taught Han Fei if it was good or not to steal, but he was used to being robbed, so he felt that stealing was natural.

The food is right there. Are you going to take it or not? How can you refuse not to take it?

Han Fei not only took it but also ate it on the spot. He grabbed the fruit and stuffed it into his mouth.


Suddenly, the sound of water sounded behind Han Fei.

Han Fei looked back quickly, and then…


“Shameless thief, who are you?”


Han Fei was stunned. What was that white thing? In the blink of an eye, a person hurriedly wore a layer of clothes and slapped him.

“No, you haven’t started to cultivate. You can’t eat that.”

Han Fei lay on the ground and was knocked out by the slap. Five red finger marks appeared on his face.

When he woke up in a daze, he saw a young girl dressed neatly and staring at him coldly. Han Fei felt that he had never seen such a beautiful person before. There was no dust on her face.

“Who are you?”

The little girl drew a knife from her back and pointed at Han Fei.

Han Fei sat up in a daze. “Wang Han.”

The little girl asked again, “Why did you come here to steal?”

Han Fei replied, “I’m here to scout.”

The little girl was puzzled. “You have to scout ahead to steal things?”

Han Fei said, “I’m just hungry. I didn’t steal anything. They want to sneak a peek at the noble lady’s bathing. I’m here to scout ahead.”

The girl was stunned. Is this guy a fool?

However, she was even angrier.

Fortunately, she was smart enough to ask, “Who sent you here? Who are they?”

Han Fei pursed his lips. He couldn’t tell her their names, or they might be beaten.

Seeing that Han Fei was silent, the girl gnashed her teeth. “Do you know who I am?”

Han Fei shook his head.

The little girl huffed and said word by word, “Remember, my name is Xi! Men! Ling! Lan… I am a demoness who kills without batting an eyelid.”

Han Fei blinked. “OK! Do you want to continue? I’ll ask them to come and watch.”


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