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Chapter 1118 - At This Moment, He Is The King

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Chapter 1118: At This Moment, He Is The King

Ximen Linglan looked at Han Fei in astonishment. Why can’t we run away? What is Heavenly Red Hibiscus?

But at this moment, Han Fei’s muscles were tense and his face was solemn.

He did not know why he recognized this plant that he had never seen before. However, when he saw the red pistils that filled the sky, it was as if the door of memory had been opened.

It was a huge flower that occupied a whole mountain. Every petal of it had an astonishing defense. Every fruit of it was terrifyingly powerful. Its red pistil stole life force and soul. Within the area of its pollen, there was a strange bug called “Blood Demon Bug”.

All this information appeared in Han Fei’s mind in an instant.

Out of instinct, Han Fei forgot everything in the face of such a terrifying crisis. He only knew that a desperate battle was waiting for him.

But deep in Han Fei’s heart, there was still someone he needed to protect, Ximen Linglan.


Taking advantage of the fact that Heavenly Red Hibiscus was only in full bloom and hadn’t launched an attack yet, Han Fei unconsciously stepped out a Coiled Turtle Array.

One, two, three…

Gradually, the large Coiled Turtle Array appeared, the giant turtle laying horizontally.

Ximen Lingln was dumbfounded. Was this still that Wang Han she knew?

Suddenly, her heart skipped a beat. Could it be… could it be that he had awakened? Could it be that he had remembered everything in his mind?

For some reason, Ximen Linglan felt her heart sink.

To be honest, although she knew that Han Fei was extraordinary and might be the reincarnation of a super strong cultivator, she didn’t want Han Fei to remember his past.

Because once Han Fei remembered it, the names that once appeared in Han Fei’s life, such as Xia Xiaochan, Luo Xiaobai, Fatty, Zhang Xuanyu, Tang Ge, and so on would all be remembered.

Was Wang Han, who had regained his memory, still the fool she knew?

However, this battle was not something Ximen Linglan could stop.

She saw that Han Fei’s eyes suddenly turned black and white, which she had never seen before.

She saw two beautiful and pure glass wings grow on Han Fei’s back. She saw Han Fei walking in the air, holding a kitchen knife.

It was this kitchen knife that brought Ximen Linglan back to reality. Wang Han was still the same Wang Han. Even the weapon he used was a kitchen knife.

Han Fei’s momentum was getting stronger and stronger. Spiritual energy from all directions gathered crazily. The spiritual energy vortex rushed to his head and poured into his body.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Within the red mist, red fruits could be seen flying over.

Han Fei slightly tilted his neck. The Myriad Saber Stream formed by the Infinity Water spiraled up and swept in all directions like an azure dragon, exploding continuously.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Every time there was an explosion, Ximen Linglan felt her body tremble. She didn’t even need to look. Every explosion in the void could tear her into pieces.

The Coiled Turtle Array was flickering. No matter how the violent impact washed over it, it could not get past it.

Ximen Linglan murmured, “Is this the real ability of a spirit gatherer?”

At this moment, Han Fei hadn’t attacked yet. The red stamens hadn’t attacked yet. Heavenly Red Hibiscus, who was hiding in the red mist, tried to blow Han Fei up.

Han Fei naturally wouldn’t die in such a probing attack. With a crack, Ximen Linglan knew that Han Fei had broken through again.

Over the years, she had heard most the sound of making a breakthrough in addition to the names Han Fei called out.

Heavenly Red Hibiscus was not in a hurry, nor was Han Fei. He just unconsciously felt that he might not be able to defeat the Heavenly Red Hibiscus now, so he chose to break through.

Spiritual energy was still pouring in crazily, and Han Fei even ignited a trace of the essence of the sun. Fortunately, Han Fei couldn’t absorb the essence of the sun directly in the Remote Desolate Jungle, or Han Fei would be in a different state now.

Boom boom boom…

The Heavenly Red Hibiscus seemed to have realized that the exploding fruits could no longer hurt this person, so thousands of red pistils shot out from the void.

Han Fei narrowed his eyes. He was still breaking through and needed more time. He clenched his hand and the Million Knife Art instantly exploded.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The extremely terrifying explosions instantly pulverized all of the plants within a radius of several dozen kilometers, leaving behind only scorched earth.

The Coiled Turtle Array that Han Fei laid down for Ximen Linglan collapsed layer by layer until the last layer of the array had many cracks.

Ximen Linglan covered her ears and sat on the ground. It was too terrifying. Was this the power of a Hidden Fisher? Even a Hidden Fisher would be torn apart instantly!

In the terrifying impact, Han Fei created several Coiled Turtle Arrays for himself at the same time. In the blink of an eye, however, they were torn apart by the self-explosion of the Infinity Water.

Han Fei fell heavily to the ground, leaving a long ravine. If he was still conscious, he would have realized that the world of reincarnation did not limit his strength.

The Infinity Water burst into its strongest state, and its power far exceeded his imagination. Even the Coiled Turtle Array protecting Ximen Linghan was almost torn apart, although it was quite far away. It could be imagined how great a shock Han Fei, who was in the center of the explosion, had taken.

The Heavenly Red Hibiscus didn’t expect Han Fei’s attack to be so powerful. Half of its strength was swept away, and the Void Red Stamens, the Explosion Fruits, the Blood Demon Bugs, and even the red mist were instantly destroyed.

“Wang Han, Wang Han, how are you?”

Ximen Linglan rushed out of the Coiled Turtle Array and rushed at Han Fei.

However, she was only halfway there when she saw white light beams descending. Under the light of the Divine Healing Technique, Ximen Linglan was shocked to see that Han Fei’s injuries were healing at a visible speed.

Han Fei suddenly had a green battle suit on him. The green light flowed and looked extraordinary.

Han Fei suddenly stood up and glanced at Ximen Linglan. He stepped on the ground again, and one Coiled Turtle Array after another appeared. This time, there was not only the Coiled Turtle Array, but also a Spirit Gathering Array, which was used to maintain the defense of the Coiled Turtle Arrays.

After that, Han Fei disappeared a hundred meters away.

Han Fei stood proudly in the air again and looked up.

All of a sudden, the Sun Essence Flames enveloped Han Fei and terrifying energy poured into his body crazily.

The flesh on Han Fei’s body was shed and then regenerated. The process was very fast.

Ximen Linglan could only stare blankly.

After about ten seconds, Han Fei stopped this crazy behavior, because he might not be able to hold on any longer.

However, without the Sun Essence Flames, the surging spiritual energy was still there.

At that moment, the red pistils filled the sky once again.

The Void Line stretched out and split into a hundred strands. He was still not strong enough, because he still had the petals of the Heavenly Red Hibiscus in his consciousness, as well as a stamen in the petals.

In terms of how fast one could break through, it depended on how fast one’s realm grew and how fast one could absorb spiritual energy.

Han Fei didn’t know that he was in the reincarnation cycle, but his realm was quite high, and his soul was in the Law Enforcement stage.

It was just that he was too weak back then. It was as though everything of his was sealed. And right now, everything seemed to have been unsealed.



In the end, when the Void Line tangled with the red stamen, a huge red flower appeared in front of Ximen Linglan.

Han Fei had just broken through to advanced Hidden Fisher. He knew that he had to fight.

Han Fei dared to fight, because this Heavenly Red Hibiscus didn’t seem as powerful as he had seen before. It was half the size of that one he had once seen, but it was terrifying regardless of its size.

Swish swish swish!

In the sky, Han Fei left afterimages and appeared a thousand meters away in the blink of an eye.

The petals were like a cage, and they joined together on all sides. Han Fei waved his hand again, and the Infinity Water returned.

Han Fei tapped his finger and the Million Knife Art changed. The Million Knife Art combined into one and slashed at the Heavenly Red Hibiscus.

At this moment, he used Ten Thousand Knives in One.

The petal cage was torn apart, and Han Fei flashed forward again. However, the petals and the Fruit of Explosion failed his attack.

Images appeared in Han Fei’s mind.


A golden giant appeared, and Han Fei followed up with a punch. There was an array on his fist.

The explosion of the Sacrificing Punch made Heavenly Red Hibiscus feel a great sense of danger. At that time, more than 30 petals blocked the attack, and a large number of fruits scattered.

The sky was as dazzling as fireworks.

In Ximen Linglan’s eyes, Han Fei was like a golden-armored war god at this moment. Although she was born in a large clan, it was impossible for such a big battle to happen in the clan, so she had never seen such a scene.

In the face of this power, Ximen Linglan felt that she was like an ant under the tree of Han Fei, not worth mentioning at all.

“He is a powerhouse, he has always been a powerhouse. He must have stepped onto the mountain peak before. Now he is only at a low ebb. I just need to awaken the memories in his mind.”

At this time, Ximen Linglan made a decision. She decided to bravely uncover Han Fei’s memories and let him recognize himself. As for what would happen after he remembered everything? That kind of a powerhouse wouldn’t belong to her anyway, right?

The battle in the distance, with Ximen Linglan’s strength, could no longer be seen clearly. In the void, there was a hundred-meter long saber mark slicing through the air, and a heaven-shaking fist shadow shattering mountains and splitting rocks.

However, the exploding petals let Ximen Linglan know that Han Fei was still fighting fiercely.

That battle lasted for half an hour.

Then, Ximen Linglan saw the sky full of black and white lights. All the knives turned black and white, spreading out like a wheel, as if they were going to cut through this desolate forest.


A terrifying explosion swept the surroundings once again.

However, this was no longer a threat to Ximen Linglan. The battle was tens of kilometers away. Although there was still some aftershock, it was blocked by the Coiled Turtle Array.

At that moment, that little boy walked out of the aftershocks of the explosion towards her like the loneliest soul in the world.

Ximen Linglan realized that there wouldn’t be another person in her life who would give her such a feeling.

At this moment, he was the king.

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