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Chapter 1119 - War Giants

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Chapter 1119: War Giants

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Ximen Linglan didn’t know what she wanted to say.

At this moment, she saw that Han Fei’s eyes were still black and white.

However, as Han Fei got closer and closer to her, the golden giant disappeared like golden powder in the wind. The glazed wings gradually faded and the black and white colors in his eyes returned to normal.


Han Fei fell on his head. Fortunately, Ximen Linglan reacted fast enough and caught him, dragging him into the Coiled Turtle Array.

“Wang Han, Wang Han… Idiot…”

Ximen Linglan looked around nervously. If that kind of big red flower appeared again, this array might not be able to stop it.

Although Han Fei was dripping with blood, Ximen Linglan let out a long sigh of relief after confirming that his breathing was stable and his heart veins were normal.

After an entire day, the pressure finally came to an end.

But Han Fei didn’t wake up, and Ximen Linglan had already heard many noises around her.

Ximen Linglan had never been so afraid before.

She was not afraid of dying, but that something would break the formation and kill them. Han Fei had killed such a powerful Red Flower. He shouldn’t have died here.

While being scared, Ximen Linglan was lost for words. Han Fei suddenly took out a spiritual fruit and stuffed it into his mouth.

Because she hadn’t slept since they came to Remote Desolate Jungle, Ximen Linglan didn’t know that Han Fei had spiritual fruits with him.

“Eh? Where did you get this spiritual fruit?”

Ximen Linglan snatched the spiritual fruit from Han Fei’s hand, but Han Fei was stunned for a moment, and then a new spiritual fruit appeared out of nowhere and was stuffed into his mouth again.

Ximen Linglan: “???”

On the second day, there were indeed living beings who dared to break into this area. Most of the living beings were initially heading in the direction of the Heavenly Red Hibiscus. They were probably going to feast on its remains.

Only, it only lasted for four hours, yet there were already creatures who arrived in front of the Coiled Turtle Array.

At first, it was a giant python, then a black-armored centipede, and then a group of porcupines, and then more and more.

At first, these living beings did not fight with each other. Instead, they came over to cultivate and absorb the spiritual energy attracted by the Spirit Gathering Array.

However, once there were more living beings, there would naturally be insufficient spiritual energy.

Then, a fight broke out outside the Spirit Gathering Array.

There were countless living beings in the forest. Blood flowed like rivers once the fight started.

There were also quite a few living beings who were fighting to the point that they didn’t know which direction they were in, and they were all colliding with the Coiled Turtle Array.

Bang, bang, bang!

Ximen Linglan’s face was pale. She clenched her teeth and hugged Han Fei tightly, curled up in the array.

“Wang Han, wake up. If you don’t wake up, we’re going to die…”


Cracks appeared on the outermost Coiled Turtle Array, making Ximen Linglan even more anxious.

Ximen Linglan immediately shouted, “Wang Han, Xia Xiaochan is in trouble! Xia Xiaochan was taken away by bad people. Xia Xiaochan…”

In Han Fei’s dream, a lot of messy images were flashing rapidly.

He saw the young Tang Ge shouting at him anxiously, “Han Fei, Han Fei, wake up!”

He saw He Xiaoyu gulping down the Spirit Swallowing Soup. “I can’t drink anymore!”

He heard Xia Xiaochan shouting, “Han Fei, help me wear it. I don’t know how to do it.”

“Han Fei! What do you want to eat today?”

“Feifei! Let me tell you, I saw an exceptionally beautiful girl today.”


Other than people, there were countless scenes of battles, warm scenes, and…

“Got it!”

Chun Huangdian’s arrogant face appeared in Han Fei’s dream and he looked at him condescendingly.

“Hmm… I can barely be considered a prodigy. Is that all you’ve got?”

“Little princess, take one last look at him. Let’s go.”

Han Fei felt that there were thousands of people calling him in his head. It was so noisy that his brain almost exploded.

However, only one person made Han Fei furious.

“Roar! Chun Huangdian, go to hell!”

While Ximen Linglan was shouting, she suddenly saw Han Fei shout and jump up.


The two heads collided with each other. Ximen Linglan covered her head and felt that her head was about to crack.

Han Fei’s eyes were fierce, but when he looked around, he instantly returned to reality from the dream.

He saw Ximen Linglan, who was covering her head, but for some reason, the image of another girl appeared in his mind.

“Xia… Xiaochan?”

Ximen Linglan kicked Han Fei’s feet angrily. “You only know Xia Xiaochan. You got up only when I called Xia Xiaochan. I might as well change my name to Xia Xiaochan. Then you can call me Xia Xiaochan every day until you die…”

Women were easily jealous.

Han Fei forgot everything after being yelled at by Ximen Linglan.

He couldn’t help but rub his head as he looked at the surrounding living beings that had crashed into the Coiled Turtle Array. His face was filled with astonishment, but there wasn’t much fear.

Han Fei asked, “Where is this?”

Vague pictures suddenly appeared in Han Fei’s mind, as if… as if he had seen those scenes before.

“Wait, I seem to have become very powerful just now.”

“Mm? How did I become stronger?”

Han Fei extended his hand and a drop of water appeared in his palm.

When Ximen Linglan, who was still feeling jealous, saw this drop of water, she suddenly stopped talking and looked at Han Fei in fear, wondering if he had changed into a different person.

However, when she saw Han Fei’s dull eyes, she was relieved. He’s still the same fool. His memory hasn’t recovered yet.

Han Fei looked at the Infinity Water in a daze, wondering where it came from. It seemed that this drop of water could change.

Han Fei waved his hand and thousands of knives flew out. A pig-like creature outside the formation was instantly minced into pieces.


Han Fei quickly retracted his hand, and the million knives turned back into a drop of water. He was dumbfounded.

Ximen Linglan also didn’t dare to speak or ask, afraid that something bad would happen to this idiot.

However, Ximen Linglan tugged at Han Fei’s arm and reminded him, “We should run now. The smell of blood is getting stronger and stronger here. It will definitely attract powerful creatures.”

Han Fei scratched his head. “I think I remember something.”

Ximen Linglan’s body stiffened, and she said with an extremely unnatural tone, “You, what did you remember?”

Han Fei looked up and said, “Fight.”


Ximen Linglan let out a long breath, and then immediately shouted, “You only remembered that? Then hurry up and leave. Are you waiting to be eaten?”

Han Fei shrank his neck. Isn’t it good to remember how to fight? Why are you so angry at me?

However, Han Fei quickly got up, clenched his fist, and punched a path open.

With a wave of Han Fei’s hand, the law of gravity descended. Instantly, a group of creatures fell to the ground.

Han Fei killed a pig with one hand and threw the pig over his shoulder. Then he and Ximen Linglan ran away.

Ximen Linglan was speechless. “Why are you carrying a pig?”


Han Fei said subconsciously, but then he thought for a moment. Why do I want to eat pigs?

Han Fei’s eyes glittered. “Braised pork.”


Ximen Linglan didn’t understand what he meant. She shouted, “Why are you being so silly now? Give me the pig and I’ll keep it.”

Behind the two of them, many living beings chased after them.

Han Fei waved his hand and the Million Knife Art swept across, cutting out a path.

After running for dozens of miles, the two of them noticed that the number of creatures in the forest had increased since god knew when. This was the middle part of the forest, not the depth yet.

A group of large spiders appeared out of nowhere, filling the area in front of them with spider webs.

Han Fei never knew the way. Ximen Linglan was the one who guided him in the forest.

However, Ximen Linglan actually didn’t have enough experience to explore this place. Seeing such a large area covered by spiders, how could she dare to walk?

Immediately, Ximen Linglan pointed towards the depths of the forest and said, “In that direction.”

Along the way, after running for several hundred miles, when a pack of wolves appeared, Ximen Linglan knew that she might have taken the wrong path.

However, the wolves were already charging towards them.

It wasn’t just the wolves. There was also a large swarm of bugs that had appeared out of nowhere and were crawling everywhere.

Ximen Linglan gritted her teeth and looked at Han Fei. “Idiot, I’m afraid I won’t be able to walk out. Leave by yourself.”

Right after Ximen Linglan finished speaking, Han Fei spread his wings and flew into the sky with her in his arms.

Ximen Linglan had never flown before. She saw Han Fei charging around in the forest, and there were Lightning Mink, centipedes, and pythons on the trees.

Ximen Linglan tried her best to calm herself down. “Fly into the sky. Fly to the top of the forest.”

Han Fei obediently flashed away, scaring Ximen Linglan so much that she didn’t even know where she was. Anyway, she only knew that they appeared 100 meters away with a whoosh and then lost her sense of direction.

When the two of them flew into the sky, they saw a bunch of birds circling in the sky.


Ximen Linglan was dumbfounded. What should they do? For some reason, there were so many creatures in the forest, and there were so many huge birds in the sky. There was really no way out. Were they going to die this time?

However, Ximen Linglan thought for a moment, ‘That’s not right! It’s been five years, and we’ve never encountered such a situation in the Remote Desolate Jungle. Why did something suddenly go wrong today?’

While they were panicking, a group of birds rushed over. The figures of the Wind Sky Wings appeared in Han Fei’s mind, and then he remembered a common method, to ride the birds.

The Void Line stretched out and caught a bird. Han Fei felt that a lot of messy images appeared in his mind again.

Suddenly, a group of special people appeared in the countless images. They were all very tall.


At that moment, Han Fei couldn’t help but look into the depths of the forest.

He had a desire to know something.

As for Ximen Linglan, she was dumbfounded.

Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?

Before she could get used to the feeling of flying in the sky, she was already sitting on the back of a big bird and flying deeper into the forest.

After they rode the bird for half a day, Ximen Linglan finally determined the direction of the flight through the position of the sun.

Ximen Linglan said, “Idiot, the direction is wrong. We need to go back…”

However, when Ximen Linglan looked back, she realized that there were countless birds chasing after her.

Ximen Linglan was desperate and leaned into Han Fei’s arms. “Fine, fly wherever you want.”

Ximen Linglan felt that Han Fei was always able to overturn her understanding of the world. She didn’t know that he was so capable before, but now Han Fei seemed to be able to even control other creatures.

She was used to it. She wouldn’t be surprised if anything happened to Han Fei.

Right now, Ximen Linglan felt that these past few years had really been too exciting. Especially today, it had stimulated her so much that she wanted to give up on herself.

There was no other reason.

In the past, Ximen Linglan had always been enduring silently, always telling herself, “Actually, my talent isn’t bad. It’s just that this idiot’s talent is too monstrous.”

However, when Han Fei left her far behind in strength, she realized how disappointed she was.

She was just a slightly talented girl. Why did she have to compete with a peerless monster?

However, as they flew, even Han Fei felt that something was wrong.

Deep in the jungle, strange beasts were roaring.

After more than 3000 miles, Han Fei and Ximen Linglan saw a giant bear dozens of meters tall roaring and pounding the ground with both paws. For a time, grass and trees flew and the earth shook.

Ximen Linglan cried out in alarm, “It’s a bear, a dire beast from the distant wilderness. It’s extremely powerful.”

Hearing Ximen Linglan’s exclamation, Han Fei didn’t know why, but the image of a bear the size of a human appeared in his mind.

That bear was running and even raised its head to look at the sky. It let out a roar, and the sound waves rolled and shook the void.

Han Fei hurried to pull the bird higher, but at this time, several black spots appeared in the sky and swooped down like green arrows.

Ximen Linglan shouted again, “Not good, it’s the Conch Eating Sky Condors. Their claws and sharp beaks are incomparably powerful, capable of splitting gold and rocks. They can kill the Blue Sea Great Conch.”

The Void Line stretched out. When the Conch Eating Sky Condors appeared a thousand meters away, Han Fei hugged Ximen Linglan and disappeared on the back of the bird.

Swish swish swish!

Ximen Linglan realized that her position was changing rapidly. She was dizzy and couldn’t differentiate north, south, east, and west.

She heard the sound of a ding-dong rippling through the air.

Soon, Ximen Linglan found that she was only seven or eight meters away from the Conch Eating Sky Condors. However, Han Fei’s flashing speed was too fast each time. Before she could react, she was either too far away or the Conch Eating Sky Condors were too far away.

By the time she reacted, she was once again riding on the back of the bird. However, this time, Ximen Linglan discovered that the mount she was riding had already become a Conch Eating Sky Condor.


Ximen Linglan swallowed and looked at Han Fei behind her. Suddenly, she saw that Han Fei’s shoulder was bleeding.

Ximen Linglan hurriedly said, “You’re injured? Hurry up and heal.”

A white light suddenly fell and Han Fei’s wound was healing rapidly.

Han Fei murmured, “Something happened.”

Ximen Linglan rolled her eyes. Did you just realize that something had happened?

A creature like Heavenly Red Hibiscus should never have appeared in the middle of the Remote Desolate Jungle. And why wasn’t that giant bear in the depths of the jungle?

Nothing special happened in the last five years but it happened today. This meant that something had happened in the depths of the Remote Desolate Jungle or even the Grand Myriad Mountains.

They traveled another 5,000 kilometers.

At this time, Ximen Linglan discovered that there were already not many living beings running towards the outer perimeter of the Remote Desolate Jungle. In fact, this place was surprisingly quiet. Even the sky was much quieter, and the birds had disappeared.

Ximen Linglan was slightly pleased. “Wang Han, are we going to enter the Grand Myriad Mountains? It’s said that the Grand Myriad Mountains are extremely dangerous. The legendary Mountain Giants and giant race live there.”

Han Fei scratched his head. “I… want to go.”

For some reason, Han Fei felt that a voice in his heart was calling him, telling him that he must not let go of this opportunity. If he missed this chance, he might never have another chance.

That was Han Fei’s long-cherished wish. He wanted to learn the secrets of this world and the secrets of that world-shaking war in the Age of Doom.

In the later generations, there was no such thing as the Grand Myriad Mountains. There were many mountains in the sea, but these underwater mountain ranges were usually occupied by large numbers of marine creatures.

When Han Fei controlled the Conch Eating Sky Condors and flew into the Grand Myriad Mountains, everyone, including Ximen Linglan, was shocked. As they flew in the sky, they could see the mountains hidden in the clouds.

There were peerless cliffs that were even higher than the sky they were on. After flying for a short while, the situation changed.

They rushed into the mountains. There were mountains in front and behind them, some even reaching into the clouds.

Han Fei sensed that all kinds of creatures were gathering but not fighting each other.


There was a giant wolf standing on the mountaintop, howling towards the sky. There was far more than one such giant wolf.

Han Fei suddenly said, “They are going to war.”


Ximen Linglan didn’t know what was going on. She had been stunned by the beautiful paradise in front of her. After all, the creatures in the mountains couldn’t fly into the sky, so she wasn’t that afraid.

In fact, Ximen Linglan felt that with Han Fei around, no place was scary. Han Fei always had a way to survive in these places.

However, Han Fei said that there was going to be a war. Who was going to fight whom?

A voice suddenly sounded in Han Fei’s mind. “Human, why are you here?”

Han Fei swept his perception and found a goat standing on a high cliff, watching him.

Han Fei murmured, “I want to come here.”

The goat said, “The humans have their own battlefront, and the Grand Myriad Mountains have their own battlefield. For so many years, the humans and the Grand Myriad Mountains have never gotten along, so all of you should withdraw!”

Of course, Han Fei refused to retreat, so he said, “I want to go to the giants.”

Ximen Linglan was surprised. “Idiot, who are you talking to?”

Han Fei pointed at the distant cliff. “The goat.”

Ximen Linglan’s eyes widened. However, she couldn’t help but feel a little helpless when she thought about how strong people could sense things far away. Of course, Ximen Linglan knew that Han Fei wasn’t good with words, so she immediately shouted to the air, “Senior Goat, we don’t mean any harm. We were expelled by the human race and just came to the Grand Myriad Mountains to seek survival.”

The next moment, a voice rang out in Ximen Linglan’s mind. “You can fly east. The war giants might accept you. Don’t go to the battlefield of the beasts in the west.”

“Yes, Senior.”

Ximen Linglan was curious. Could there be a battlefield here too? Did the marine race start a war with the Grand Myriad Mountains?

Ximen Linglan hurriedly said to Han Fei, “Idiot, go east. Let’s go east.”

Ximen Linglan was no fool. The beasts had always been at odds with humans during peacetime. She had never heard of the war giants, but she had read about them in books.

After flying for a whole day, they didn’t know how many mountains and rivers they had passed. However, the deeper they went into the Grand Myriad Mountains, the more strange it felt.”

A flood serpent soared into the sky and stared at them.

The flood serpent asked, “Humans, why have you come?”

Ximen Linglan quickly replied, “Senior, the two of us have something important to do. We are heading to the war giants.”

Perhaps the flood serpent treated the two of them as messengers, so it did not stop them. Instead, it helped to roar, causing many restless creatures to calm down. After all, this flood serpent could tell that the two of them were only average in strength, and it did not wish to be disturbed frequently. Therefore, it simply roared for them.

The two of them had even encountered a giant eagle that covered the sky.

That Mad Eagle flew over and questioned, “Humans, you’re controlling this Conch Eating Sky Condors. Will you harm its life?”

Ximen Linglan swallowed and looked at Han Fei.

Han Fei seemed to know how powerful the giant eagle was, so he shook his head. “No.”

Ximen Linglan immediately heaved a sigh of relief. “Senior, once we reach the war giants, we will release this Conch Eating Sky Condors.”

The giant eagle flapped its wings and flew into the sky as it warned, “Humans, remember your words. Or else, you will become the enemies of the Sky Clan.”

Such things happened almost every once in a while.

Ximen Linglan was numb. She had never seen these creatures before. Some of them had never even appeared in books before. Perhaps they saw that the two of them were too weak, or perhaps they saw that they had been flying east all this time and thought they were really looking for the war giants, so they didn’t do anything to them.

Otherwise, Ximen Linglan felt that it was enough for the two of them to die 100 times.


The next morning, Ximen Linglan fell asleep in Han Fei’s arms. Suddenly, she was woken up by a noise.

When Ximen Linglan opened her eyes, she saw that above the nine heavens, hundreds of thousands of sky birds were actually flying together with them.


Ximen Linglan gasped in shock and exclaimed, “This, what is going on here?”

Above them, the sky blotted out the sun as if it were covered by black clouds. Countless birds traveled with them.

Of course, the altitude was different. Soon, a golden eagle flew over.

Ximen Linglan hurriedly said, “Senior, we’re only going to the war giants.”

The golden eagle’s gaze was cold. “Release the Conch Eating Sky Condors when you arrive.”

Ximen Linglan quickly nodded. “Yes, Senior.”

The figure of a Sky Survey Golden Hawk appeared in Han Fei’s mind. This one seemed to be bigger than the one he had seen.

The Sky Survey Golden Hawk flew away and said, “The sea tribe is attacking the Grand Myriad Mountains. You two humans are too weak. When you reach the war giants, don’t participate in the battle. It’s best to inform the human powerhouses of this matter.”

Han Fei and Ximen Linglan arrived at the war giants’ place at noon.

It was a huge mountain range and grassland. There was a huge city that was comparable to a tall mountain. The vast mountain range in front of the city was filled with huge tents.

Han Fei sensed that many braided giants in animal skins or fish skins were refining weapons.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

There weren’t many giants that appeared on the mountain ridge grassland. Most of them were refining weapons. The relatively short giants might be the children of giants.

Of course, even the children were much taller and stronger than Han Fei.

When the flock of birds flew across the sky, they saw the giants roaring. Some of them were holding huge axes and howling wildly.

There were giant children chasing after the flying birds that filled the sky, running crazily through the mountains and plains.

Ximen Linglan looked at Han Fei. “Idiot, we’re at the War Giant Tribe.”

In the sky, Ximen Linglan’s world view had been completely overturned by Han Fei. Because she already knew where they were going to and had imagined countless times what giants looked like, when she really saw them, she was only curious and not surprised.

Han Fei didn’t know why he came here, but he wanted to land when he saw the giants.

So, the Conch Eating Sky Condors swooped down and Han Fei landed under the gazes of a group of giants.

In the sky, the Sky Survey Golden Hawk was circling. Han Fei put away the Void Line. The Conch Eating Sky Condors flapped its wings in panic and soared into the sky, fearing that it would be controlled by Han Fei again if it ran too slow.


Ximen Linglan grabbed Han Fei’s clothes. She had never seen such a scene before! She didn’t know how to face it.

Bang, bang, bang!


They saw a group of giant children chasing towards them.


Han Fei and Ximen Linglan, of course, couldn’t understand their language. They stood on the ground in a daze. The giant children looked at them curiously, dancing and gesturing as if they were measuring their height.

Han Fei looked up at these giant children and felt that they were huge. He and Ximen Linglan were both more than one meter tall, but the shortest one among these giant kids was probably more than six meters tall and looked very cute.

The tallest child was more than ten meters tall. Even if he squatted down, they still had to look up at him. Han Fei could even see the dust inside through the thick pores on the faces of the giant children.

The giants had braids on their heads, their lips were thick, their noses were big, and animal bones or fish teeth hanging from their necks and hands. They were barefoot and muscular.

Han Fei and Ximen Linglan were surrounded by a group of giant children. One of the giant children seemed to want to tap Han Fei with his finger, but he seemed to think that his finger was too thick and was afraid that Han Fei would fall, so he froze in midair.

Breathing heavily, Ximen Linglan grabbed Han Fei’s arm tightly. She really couldn’t communicate with the giants!

Han Fei tilted his head and stretched out his hand. A large hand of spiritual energy appeared in midair and tapped the child’s finger.


These children jumped up and down in joy, shaking the earth and mountains.


An angry roar rang. An adult giant seemed to be berating them. He held a huge mace and shouted a few times. Then, he used the mace to drive these children away.

The adult giant said a few words. Han Fei scratched his head and murmured, “I don’t understand.”

Ximen Linglan was speechless. Then why did you want to come here?

As an adult giant, that giant seemed to understand what Han Fei meant. He immediately roared at the vast mountain ridge. “Hoholaka…”

They scanned Han Fei and Ximen Linglan with their perception, but they didn’t care. Most importantly, this was their territory, and none of these giants were weak.

Han Fei could clearly feel that even the giant child who just stretched out his finger was as strong as a junior fishing master.

In fact, in terms of strength, he might be stronger than a junior fishing master.

It meant that with Ximen Linglan’s current strength, she probably couldn’t even defeat a giant child here.

Bang, bang, bang!

A large group of adult giants surrounded them. The average height of the giants was 15 meters. They simply looked like hills!

Moreover, there were always some taller ones in a tribe. The tallest one here was probably twenty meters tall, so tall that they couldn’t even reach his knees even if they jumped up.

In the crowd, a giant wearing a furry animal hide walked through the crowd. As he walked, he shouted at the giant beside him, “Kakayawu…”

Then, many giants dispersed and went back to refining weapons. There were only about ten giants left.

The man was obviously the giants’ leader. He stood twenty meters away from Han Fei and said in the unfamiliar human language, “Human… Humans… Why are you here?”

Seeing that the giant could speak human language, Ximen Linglan looked at Han Fei excitedly. She didn’t know why he wanted to come here, but since Han Fei wanted it, they came.

Han Fei looked at the giant and sensed the power of the man. He didn’t seem to be his opponent now.

“Why did you come? Why?”

Han Fei frowned. Suddenly, he clutched his head and some messy images appeared in his mind. It was a giant mural. He seemed to have seen the death of the giants.

Ximen Linglan’s face changed. She knew that Han Fei was having a headache again. He must have remembered something.

However, the giant opposite him was dumbfounded. I didn’t even move!

Ximen Linglan said, “Wang Han, don’t think about it. If you can’t remember, don’t be anxious.”

Ximen Linglan hurriedly said to the giant leader, “Senior, we’re from Yu City, and we came through the Remote Desolate Jungle. My name is Ximen Linglan, and his name is Wang Han. Wang Han seems to be related to the giant race, but he lost some of his memories.”



Seven or eight giants immediately began to talk at the same time. The giant leader raised his hand, silencing everyone.

The leader said, “Too weak. He’s… better… Wait, when the king returns, he will know what to do. I’ll teach you guys some giant language first…”

Han Fei and Ximen Linglan were escorted to a huge tent.

The giant leader said a few words to the people in the tent, and then a female giant walked out of the tent. She was holding a walking stick that looked like a pillar.

The female giant was obviously a little old. She looked at Han Fei and Ximen Linglan and said, “Open your mind. I’ll teach you our language.”

The giant pointed at Han Fei.

Ximen Linglan was still a little nervous, but Han Fei knew that she meant no harm, so he stood still.

When the thick finger gently rested on Han Fei’s head, a series of strange and obscure words entered Han Fei’s mind.

It was like a spiritual imprint. Han Fei closed his eyes and let the giant characters flow in his mind.

A moment later, when Han Fei opened his eyes again, he saw a group of giants looking at them.

Ximen Linglan woke up soon after Han Fei.

At this moment, the two of them heard someone say, “Humans, do you understand what we said now?”

Ximen Linglan was stunned for a moment, then said in shock, “Wang Han, I understand, I understand. It’s amazing.”

Ximen Linglan pondered for a moment before speaking in the giant language, “Thank you, Senior.”

“Hahaha! Her voice is so soft.”

“It’s not as loud as my daughter’s voice.”

“Humans are tiny.”

The group of giants were teasing her when they heard the female giant say, “Girl, did you say there’s something wrong with his memory?”

Ximen Linglan nodded. This was something that couldn’t be helped. If she didn’t say so, they wouldn’t even know why the two of them came here. Then they might just kill them.

The female giant nodded slightly. “Judging from his dull expression, he is either a congenital idiot or his soul is injured. However, this boy’s strength is not bad. Let’s see if we can get any information from the way he fights. Shan Tu, fight with this boy.”

The giant called Shan Tu was stunned. He said with a stunned expression, “Priest, I… I fight him? What if I kill him?”

The female giant harrumphed. “Whether or not you can beat him is a question. Let’s see if you can beat him. Make the little boy show his true strength.”

As a priest, she was wiser than other giants.

It was impossible for Ximen Linglan to pass through the Remote Desolate Jungle and the Grand Myriad Mountains to come here. Since it wasn’t her, Han Fei must be extraordinary.

Ximen Linglan looked at Han Fei. “Idiot, can you handle it? Shall we wait for the Giant King to come back?”

Han Fei scratched his head. “Fight!”

He heard Shan Tu say with a buzz, “Human, you are so tiny. Will you really not be killed by me? Hit me first and let me see your strength.”

“Yes, Shan Tu is right.”

“Yes, he can’t fight the boy directly. It’s not easy for us to see two humans. We can’t kill them.”

“Shan Tu, you have to control yourself. Don’t make things too difficult for the human dolls.”

Han Fei scratched his head. “Okay!”

Seeing that the priest and the leader didn’t object, many giants, who had long been listening attentively, immediately ran over, including many giant children.

The giant leader shouted, “All of you, move aside. Clear a piece of land… Shan Tu, don’t beat the human boy too heavily.”

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