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Chapter 1120 - Arrival of the Oracle

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Chapter 1120: Arrival of the Oracle

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Ximen Linglan felt that she must be crazy.

Why did she come to this place with Han Fei? The giants that looked like mountains didn’t look easy to deal with. And now Han Fei had to fight them?

However, she knew that Han Fei was very powerful, especially Han Fei who fought with the big red flower that day. At that moment, Ximen Linglan felt that Han Fei was the real king.

At this moment, a group of giants cleared the arena that was as big as a football field. One of the giants said to Ximen Linglan, “Girl, come to my hand.”


After that, Ximen Linglan sat on the shoulder of the giant, occupying the best viewing spot.

Han Fei looked at Shan Tu foolishly. Shan Tu scratched his head and said, “Come, hit me first so that I can judge your strength..”

Han Fei thought for a moment and nodded. With a flash of golden light, he threw a golden punch.

The Invincible Fist Seal was not weak to begin with, and it carried Han Fei’s Invincible Will. The Fist Seal appeared in midair and became about two meters wide. This scene made Shan Tu’s eyes light up and he immediately grinned.

Shan Tu didn’t even block it. Although he felt that Han Fei’s punch wasn’t weak, it shouldn’t be very strong.

Boom… Boom!

Shan Tu’s 18-meter-tall body sat on the ground and he looked dumbfounded.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

“Shan Tu, you are too embarrassing! Hahaha…”

“This human’s so powerful.”

“Shan Tu, the opponent is not weak. You can exert more strength.”

Han Fei was a little surprised. A golden fist mark only knocked Shan Tu into the ground? The opponent’s physique seemed to be quite powerful.

Shan Tu laughed. “Well fought, boy. I’ve come.”

Bang, bang, bang…

Shan Tu suddenly got up, ran two steps, and suddenly leaped forward. His huge fist flew across the sky and smashed down.

This speed should not be slow for a giant. However, in Han Fei’s eyes, it seemed to be full of loopholes. Han Fei used a weird footwork technique and his figure flickered. He directly avoided Shan Tu’s fist and moved horizontally to Shan Tu’s chest.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Shan Tu flew tens of meters away and rolled on the ground.

“Roar roar roar!”

“Shan Tu, you have underestimated your enemy.”

“Shan Tu, you are too weak.”

“Shan Tu, you must be slacking off.”

Ximen Linglan shouted, “Wang Han, well done!”

Even the giant leader said, “Shan Tu, don’t use brute force. Use 50% of your strength.”

Hearing the leader’s words, Shan Tu blushed. He didn’t expect Han Fei to be so powerful!

As soon as the giants heard that he was going to use 50% of his strength, they immediately dashed outwards, clearing an arena with a radius of a thousand meters.

Ximen Linglan secretly exclaimed: The giant was already very strong just now! Now, he would only use 50% of his strength?

Shan Tu shouted, “Human, get ready!”


As Shan Tu’s body shook, Han Fei acutely sensed that the surrounding energy was being absorbed crazily.

Han Fei immediately thought of something. With a buzz, the Will of the God of War appeared. In an instant, a 20-meter tall Golden Giant appeared. Tu Shan was dumbfounded and forgot what he was going to do next.

“Gasp! Humans can also become giants?”

“Wow. It’s higher than Shan Tu.”

“It’s golden and shiny. It looks amazing.”

The giant leader shouted, “Shan Tu, don’t underestimate your enemy.”

There was a trace of infatuation in Ximen Linglan’s eyes. It was just like that, that day.

Shan Tu’s expression turned serious as he shouted, “Battle King Eight Flashes!”

Swish swish swish!

In the void, seven or eight strange lights flashed. At the same time, a fist mark hit Han Fei.

Han Fei raised his hand and blocked it with his palm. In an instant, he felt tremendous power and was punched more than 200 meters away.

Ximen Linglan’s expression changed drastically. “Idiot, dodge!”

When the second fist mark appeared, the golden fist mark in Han Fei’s hand appeared and the array was instantly condensed.


Han Fei retreated another 20 meters and punched again. Han Fei blocked the same way.

In the blink of an eye, Han Fei was pushed back more than 100 meters.

Someone shouted, “Good job, Shan Tu.”

Someone laughed. “Humans are still weak.”

However, the Giant Priest frowned slightly as if she felt something was wrong. This human’s power seemed to be more than that.

The Giant Priest shouted, “Mountain Painting, use 80% of your strength.”


Ximen Linglan shouted, “Senior, 50% is enough.”

Shan Tu scratched his head. “Lord Priest, isn’t it too much?”

The Giant Priest looked at Ximen Linglan. “He has power that hasn’t been activated yet. We have to give him a little push!”

When he suddenly heard that, Shan Tun thought, “This human is still hiding his strength?” Immediately, he used the Battle King Eight Flashes again.

Han Fei’s figure flashed and he punched continuously. Instantly, golden light burst out.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The rumbling continued and the earth trembled. Although he was no match for Shan Tu in terms of strength, Han Fei was very flexible, so Shan Tu’s attack did not hit him.

The female priest shouted in a low voice, “Boy, don’t dodge. When you have no choice but to face the power that you can’t block, you have to think about what to do. Shan Tu, attack with all your strength. Don’t hold back.”

When Shan Tu heard that, he shouted, “War Fist Light!”

Ximen Linglan clenched her fists with a worried expression.

Han Fei’s eyes suddenly narrowed. What should I do if I don’t dodge? I seem to have… a secret technique.

The fist light was like a beam of light that shot over in an instant. The Giant Priest was already prepared to save him.

However, Han Fei suddenly opened his eyes and his aura suddenly soared.

The Golden Giant formed by Han Fei and the Will of the God of War suddenly raised its hand against the terrifying fist light.


The giants raised a layer of light shields. Although the full-power attack of Shan Tu couldn’t hurt them, they could not let it destroy their homes.

On the battlefield, Han Fei was still holding his hand. He didn’t move or retreat.

At that moment, the Devil Change was suddenly activated and Han Fei’s strength soared. In an instant, his strength was raised to the intermediate law-enforcer level.

On both sides of Han Fei, two fist-shaped air currents appeared, creating huge ravines.


“So powerful, he can even block this? This human actually has the power of a law enforcer?”

“Ao, ao. Use a secret technique. Otherwise, you will lose.”

“Shan Tu, the boy is a human powerhouse.”

Ximen Linglan was dumbfounded. Law enforcer? He had… already become a law enforcer?

Ximen Linglan had never thought of becoming a law enforcer before. That was a law enforcer! The level above the Hidden Fisher realm! The power of law was not something anyone could easily comprehend.

How old was Han Fei? He was only 13 this year. How could he become a law enforcer?

Shan Tu immediately became abnormally excited. “Haha, boy, since you are a law-enforcer, I will really go all out.”

The muscles on Shan Tu’s body bulged even more as energy swirled around his body. An illusory red light appeared on his body. “War God Art.”


Shan Tu’s speed became much faster.

In the blink of an eye, he punched out and his fist was like a roaring azure dragon. The void was pierced through and the sound barrier was instantly broken. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call that fist a small nuclear bomb.

The giant leader shouted, “Shield Formation.”

The onlookers pushed out a light shield together. Han Fei punched again and the array followed.


The pillar of light soared into the sky. When the scene calmed down, Han Fei and Shan Tu had both retreated more than a hundred meters away.

Han Fei calculated a number in his mind. Tu Shan was at the peak of Hidden Fisher, but his strength surpassed three waves. After using the secret technique, Tu Shan’s strength surpassed ten waves.

Han Fei didn’t know how he calculated it, but he was a little shocked. An ordinary giant could have a strength of 10 waves when he was a peak Hidden Fisher? What did that mean?

If he were a human, he would be a true prodigy.

Ximen Linglan kept swallowing her saliva, so were the other giants around her.

Quite a number of children were shouting. “Wow! Humans are so powerful. Brother Shan Tu actually didn’t win.”

A child shouted, “Brother Shan Tu, cheer up!”

A giant shouted, “Shan Tu, fight!”


Shan Tu roared. He was so big, yet he could not even beat a small human? It was too embarrassing. In that instant, his skin flushed red.

The giant leader shouted: “Mountain Control Array.”

“Roar roar roar!”

The entire battlefield was enveloped by the light. Shan Tu seemed to have unleashed 120% of his power.

Han Fei still looked stupid, but he didn’t retreat.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions continued to erupt in the arena, and smoke and dust filled the air. Ximen Linglan could no longer see. She could see the huge figure of Shan Tu, but she couldn’t see Han Fei because he was too fast.

Bang, bang, bang!


A loud shout sounded in the arena as the female priest said, “Remove the array. Shan Tu is about to break through.”

The giant leader said, “Humans, retreat from the battlefield.”

Han Fei flashed through the air like a phantom and appeared beside Ximen Linglan, standing on the shoulder of a giant.

That giant immediately tilted his head and laughed. “Good job, human. You actually defeated Shan Tu. From now on, you are the best friend of Shan Tu.”

Han Fei scratched his head and looked at the dumbfounded Ximen Linglan. “I feel that my body is too weak.”

Ximen Linglan :”…”

Ximen Linglan gritted her teeth in anger. Weak? Have you considered my feelings?

“I was the one who taught you when we were young. But now you’ve become my teacher. I can tolerate this, but now you’ve even become a law enforcer. And you still say that your body is too weak?!”

A giant’s breakthrough was no different from a human’s breakthrough.

After all, the giant was essentially a branch of the human race. It was just that the giant was a little bigger, stronger, and might require more energy.

Because it was a scene of someone becoming a law enforcer, everyone did not leave and instead observed it together. After all, while observing, the bystanders could actually sense a trace of the law essence.

Ximen Linglan was too weak to sense it. She looked at Han Fei. “Idiot, when did you become a law enforcer? What law did you enforce?”

Han Fei scratched his head. “I… haven’t become a law enforcer.”


“Then why did you suddenly become so strong?”

A giant said, “Girl, he hasn’t become a law enforcer. He used a secret technique, a very powerful secret technique.”

“Secret technique?”

Ximen Linglan held her breath and was depressed. Why was there such a powerful secret technique? The Hidden Fisher had become a law-enforcer, and she could no longer keep up with this idiot’s speed. She was so unhappy.

Others said that Han Fei hadn’t become a law enforcer, but Han Fei was puzzled. Have I?

Han Fei knew that he hadn’t become a law enforcer, but he felt that he could, or rather, he had.

When Han Fei sensed the arrival of a law, the mysterious power was reflected in his mind. For some reason, Han Fei suddenly felt light and fell off the giant’s shoulder with his head in his arms.

Fortunately, the giant caught Han Fei in time.

In Han Fei’s dream, he saw an angry Vajra glaring at him.

For some reason, Han Fei and he kept looking at each other. However, he found it strange that the golden Glaring Vajra seemed to be looking at him.

“Wang Han, Wang Han, fool, idiot… Are you awake? I saw your eyelids trembling.”

A familiar voice echoed in his ears. Han Fei opened his eyes sleepily and saw a huge head hanging a few meters above his head.


Han Fei shivered and shouted subconsciously.

Shan Tu: “???”

Ximen Linglan: “???”

Unfortunately, Han Fei only shouted this and scratched his head. “Why am I asleep?”

Shan Tu’s thunderous voice said, “Brother, the priest said that you were too tired from fighting and fell asleep.”

Han Fei thought to himself, When did I become your brother? My mother can’t give birth to such a big guy like you!

Ximen Linglan rolled her eyes. “Did you dream about something again?”

Han Fei blinked. “I dreamed I was staring at a golden statue.”

Seeing Han Fei’s stupid look, Ximen Linglan sighed and said, “Forget it. You’ve slept for the whole afternoon.”

Shan Tu laughed. “Brother, you woke up at the right time. Tonight, our clan will hold a bonfire sacrifice and we can have a good meal. Get up quickly and let’s go.”

Ximen Linglan covered her nose. The smell coming out of Shan Tu’s mouth was really unbearable.

Han Fei didn’t seem to want to see Shan Tu’s big mouth either. He sat up and said, “I’m hungry. Let’s eat.”

Shan Tu followed Han Fei and Ximen Linglan. Every few steps forward he made, he would stop and wait for them, fearing that they couldn’t catch up with them.

Ximen Linglan said in a low voice, “The giants are at war. The marine race has indeed attacked the Grand Myriad Mountains. It’s said that there are venerables among the enemies. Therefore, this battle is unprecedentedly grand. The beast race, the sky race, the war giants, and the demonic plants have brought all the mountain giants from the Grand Myriad Mountains to the battlefield… The remaining ones are all reserve forces. If anything happens to the battle ahead, these people will have to leave the Grand Myriad Mountains and head towards the human world in the direction of the Remote Desolate Jungle…”

Ximen Linglan explained the current situation of the Grand Myriad Mountains to Han Fei. Although she reckoned that Han Fei didn’t understand what she said, she still had to tell Han Fei.

What was a venerable like? Ximen Linglan knew and had seen one before, but she had never seen a venerable fight.

However, after reaching that level, it meant that this battle was truly vast, making these clans start to prepare their own paths of retreat.

This was why the Heavenly Red Hibiscus had appeared in the middle of the Remote Desolate Jungle. There were living beings migrating from the Grand Myriad Mountains, and the commotion was so great that all the plants that could move had begun to avoid them.

As for the ordinary creatures, they didn’t dare to fight the creatures in the Grand Myriad Mountains. They could only migrate to the center of the Remote Desolate Jungle and waited for the creatures from the Grand Myriad Mountains to return to the Grand Myriad Mountains.

The so-called bonfire sacrifice was an activity of half offering sacrifices and half eating. According to Shan Tu, such activities were often held.

From time to time, giant children rushed to Han Fei and shouted, “Human, are you awake?”

“Human, why are you so small but so powerful?”

“Human, did you faint from hunger today? Don’t worry, there will be a lot of delicious food later.”

“Human, is the human world fun?”


Han Fei didn’t know how to answer their questions.

Shan Tu said, “Go, go play yourselves. Prepare to eat.”

There was a special altar for the bonfire sacrifice. It was the closest place to the giant city, an enormous square half pyramid platform.

When Han Fei and the others arrived, many people greeted them and made way for them, telling them to sit at the front.

Because the altar was too big and there were not many people left behind to guard the clan, there was only one giant sitting every 30 meters or so, and the giants surrounded a huge bonfire.

Because everyone attributed the breakthrough of Shan Tu to Han Fei, including Shan Tu himself, everyone felt that Shan Tu was obligated to take Han Fei and Ximen Linglan to have a meal and act as their guide.

At this moment, Shan Tu pointed at a bonfire in the front row and said, “We are sitting here. Look, it’s already being roasted.”

Ximen Linglan was flabbergasted. What were they roasting? A 30-meter-long squid, a row of 7 or 8-meter long white shrimps, and a 10-meter-long Inferno Fish. Beside the fire pit, there was also a circle of spiritual energy clams.

The corners of Ximen Linglan’s mouth twitched. Although she could eat a lot now, but this, this war giant race could really eat!

Ximen Linglan sniffed. “We don’t have enough garlic on us!”

However, then she saw Shan Tu take out a box filled with spiritual fruits from somewhere.

There were all kinds of fruits, replenishing spiritual energy, energy, mental power or even soul power. Of course, besides that, there were also a lot of messy fruits. For example, Han Fei saw pineapple and fire peppers.

Shan Tu chuckled and put the fruits in front of Han Fei. “Brother, eat.”

Since he was asked to eat the fruits, Han Fei began to eat!

Han Fei immediately grabbed a spiritual energy fruit and stuffed it into his mouth. Then he grabbed a handful and stuffed it into Ximen Linglan’s arms.

Ximen Linglan winked at him. “Hey, idiot, he’s being polite. How can you just eat like this?”


Speechless, Ximen Linglan glanced at Shan Tu and realized that he was also a simpleton. Even though he was so big, he was still a simpleton.

Ximen Linglan felt that Shan Tu could swallow this basket of spiritual fruits in a single mouthful.


The giant priest on the sacrificial altar shouted, “Everyone must pray and be pious.”

Then Shan Tu and all the giants who gathered around the campfire pressed a finger to their brow and leaned forward, their necks raised.

Han Fei was still eating when he was tugged at by Ximen Linglan. “Let’s do it together.”

Han Fei swallowed the last spiritual energy fruit and made this strange gesture too.

The Great God of War

Grand Myriad Mountains

Eyes of the Earth

The Sound of the Ancient Waves

In the distant gaze of Blackstone City

Beneath the holy city of giants

Pray for triumph in the war

Pray for the peace of my king

Pray for the safe return of soldiers

Pray for the eternal existence of the mountains

May you listen to the pious prayers of your people

May your light be eternal,

Please give us your oracle

All the giants around the bonfire muttered, “Please give us your oracle.”

Han Fei and Ximen Linglan raised their heads and shouted along with Shan Tu. In the next moment, when they thought the ritual was about to end…

With a whoosh, several hundred meter-tall flames appeared on the altar, lighting up the sky with incomparable heat.

Han Fei reached out and grabbed a wall of water, protecting Ximen Linglan.

Ximen Linglan grinned. Idiot, why are you being so proactive at a time like this? It’s not like the fire is burning me.

After waiting for a while, Shan Tu muttered, “Sigh! Great War God didn’t give us an oracle again.”

Han Fei shivered. War God? What a familiar name.

Although the God of War and the War God had similar meanings, the feeling they gave was completely different.

Therefore, when Shan Tu mentioned the War God, a vague image of a fatty suddenly appeared in Han Fei’s mind.

Suddenly, a child shouted, “Words, there are words.”

Originally, even the Giant Female Priest had no hope. This was because such sacrifices had been carried out countless times, but the God of War had never responded.

When a child said “yes”, the priest suddenly turned around and saw a shadow within the flames.

That shadow resembled the word “human.”

It was dead silent. Everyone was staring blankly at the blazing fire.

At the next moment, the scene exploded.

“Roar roar roar!”

“God of War, God of War did not abandon us.”

“Your pious people have always been here.”

The crowd went crazy.

For example, Shan Tu stood up and pounded his chest with his fists, his voice shaking the heavens.

Han Fei removed the water barrier and he and Ximen Linglan looked at each other.

Han Fei scratched his head. “Human?”

Ximen Linglan’s eyes lit up. Shan Tu had told her in the afternoon that the tradition of bonfire sacrifice had been going on for thousands of years but they had never got any oracle.

It was precisely because of this that the ceremony had become a regular feast. But why was there a revelation today?

Ximen Linglan’s face darkened slightly. Coincidence? Impossible, how could there be such a coincidence?

Today, just as he and the dummy had arrived here, an oracle had appeared at night.

Moreover, the Oracle only had the word “person”.

No matter how stupid Ximen Linglan was, she would connect it to the two of them.

No, connect it to Han Fei.

Ximen Linglan looked at Han Fei and found that this guy had already opened a spiritual energy clam and was pouring spiritual fruit juice on it. She was lost for words.

In addition to Ximen Linglan, the Giant Leader and Giant Priest also looked at Han Fei.

They automatically ignored Ximen Linglan, because the strength Han Fei displayed at noon had obtained their recognition. However, this didn’t mean that they recognized Ximen Linglan. In their eyes, Ximen Linglan was too weak.

As the Giant Priest looked at Han Fei, many giants looked at Han Fei too.

Slurp… Slurp…

Ximen Linglan blushed and pulled Han Fei up.

Han Fei looked at her dumbly. Seeing Ximen Linglan’s strange expression, he looked around and found that everyone was looking at him strangely.


Han Fei scratched his head. “Why are you looking at me?”


Shan Tu roared, “Brother, you will be my dearest brother in the future.”

Han Fei: “???”

Then, a large group of people surrounded him. Shan Tu had already picked Han Fei up with his big hands and threw him into the sky.

Han Fei: “???”



Three times.

Shan Tu and the others found that Han Fei was gone.

Looking up, he found a pair of Phantom Glass Wings stretching in the sky. Han Fei was lying in midair, flapping his wings to prevent himself from falling.

Han Fei scratched his head. Ximen Linglan kept saying that he was stupid, but in fact, the big guys on the ground were the real fools.

When Shan Tu and the others saw that Han Fei disappeared, they began to throw Ximen Linglan into the sky.

Ximen Linglan :”…”

“Idiot, catch me. I can’t fly.”

Shan Tu shouted into the air, “Brother, come down.”

Han Fei shook his head and refused to go down.

“Roar! Get lost!”

The giant leader roared angrily, “You bunch of idiots are scaring our esteemed guests!”

To be honest, the giant leader felt completely different when he saw the oracle. At this time, Han Fei was no longer a passerby in his eyes.

After a series of punches and kicks, the giant leader kicked these giants until they all fell on the ground. Then, these people rolled back to their campfire.

At this moment, the giant leader revealed a smile that he thought was perfect but was in fact horrified. He looked at Han Fei and Ximen Linglan. “Wang Han, my dear friend, come down.”

Ximen Linglan reminded him, “Idiot, go down.”

Hearing Ximen Linglan’s words, Han Fei finally landed.

The leader pointed to Shan Tu furiously. “You, sit down. Don’t move.”


Shan Tu sat on the ground without moving.

Then the giant leader looked at the female priest, as if waiting for her to speak.

The female priest said in a low and firm voice, “From today onwards, our two human friends, Wang Han and Ximen Linglan, will be the guests of our war giants. No one is allowed to offend them.”

With that, the priest pointed at the giant leader. “Tomorrow, bring some men to the battlefield and find a way to call the king back.”

Han Fei said, “I want to go to the battlefield.”

Ximen Linglan frowned and pinched Han Fei’s waist hard. What’s wrong with you? Why are you going to the battlefield? Even venerables are fighting there. If you go, you’ll be killed!

Han Fei felt that he had seen battlefields many times. For some reason, he just wanted to go there.

The Giant Priest was stunned. She thought, ‘Is the God implying that Wang Han can change the situation of the battlefield? Although this possibility seems small, what if it’s really possible? This is the instruction of God.’

The giants were not very smart.

If this happened to human beings, they wouldn’t let Han Fei go even if they tied him up. If he went to the battlefield and got killed, where should they do then?

The female priest said, “Tomorrow, we will select 200 people to escort our honored guests to the battlefield.”

Han Fei scratched his head and looked at Ximen Linglan as if asking, Why did you pinch me?

Ximen Linglan let out a long sigh. There was nothing she could do about this idiot.

“Fine, fine. I’ll go too.”

The bonfire party had begun. Han Fei had already eaten a spiritual energy clam. At this moment, he was holding a giant squid tentacle, which was going to be eaten soon.

He glanced at the greasy prawns and saw that Shan Tu placed the prawns in front of Han Fei.

Shan Tu: “Hehe!”

Han Fei: “Hehe!”

Ximen Linglan :”…”

That night was destined to be a sleepless night.

Han Fei and Ximen Lingman were arranged to stay in the largest tent. The tent was 50 meters high, and a huge straw mat was spread on the ground. The tent was filled with food provided by the giants.

Han Fei hadn’t stopped eating since the bonfire party. Ximen Linglan had long discovered that Han Fei had one special ability—to keep eating.



Ximen Linglan couldn’t eat so many high-energy creatures. Listening to Han Fei chewing, she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Wang Han, shut up and stop eating.”

Ximen Linglan grabbed Han Fei and pushed him onto the huge bed. She put one hand on her waist and pointed at Han Fei with the other. “Sleep.”


Han Fei swallowed the last mouthful of shrimp meat in his mouth, which made Ximen Linglan speechless. This guy was like a different person from the one who fought in the afternoon and two days ago.

Ximen Linglan angrily sat down on the large meadow, counting on her fingers and saying, “Tomorrow, don’t be rash. Don’t fight recklessly. Don’t run around. Don’t… you have to protect me. If someone poked me with their finger, I would die.”

Han Fei hurriedly shook his head. “No, you won’t.”

Ximen Linglan snorted. “Why won’t I? I’m only an intermediate Dangling Fisher. I can’t even defeat a giant child. If you don’t protect me, I’ll die.”

Han Fei scratched his head. “Then I’ll protect you.”

Seeing that Han Fei promised, Ximen Linglan was relieved. As long as Han Fei agreed! Otherwise, she might not be able to control him now. After all, she was only an intermediate fishing master.

Night fell.

Han Fei was lying flat on his back, staring at the top of the tent.

After so many years, Han Fei didn’t have time to sleep, nor did he dare to. Once, he had a headache in the Remote Desolate Jungle and fell asleep.

When he woke up, he found that Ximen Linglan’s entire body was dripping with blood. She was in the middle of a battle, and many parts of her body had been pierced.

It was also at that time that the Divine Healing Technique truly awakened and saved Ximen Linglan from death. Since then, Han Fei didn’t dare to sleep or even have a headache.

Ximen Linglan rolled two times and rolled to Han Fei’s side. “Hey, why aren’t you sleeping?”

Han Fei scratched his head and chuckled. “I want to guard you.”

Ximen Linglan’s heart ached.

After all these years, they were used to living together. Not only did Han Fei not dare to sleep, but she also didn’t dare to sleep. She was afraid that Han Fei would suddenly have a headache.

Han Fei felt an arm around him and then he was hugged.

Ximen Linglan said in an extremely soft voice, “Idiot, I don’t care who you are. In any case, let’s find your memories first and then go to my family to take revenge. After I take my revenge, why don’t we come back to the war giant tribe to settle down? I think Shan Tu and the others are very nice.”

Han Fei murmured, “Revenge first, then find my memory.”

Although Han Fei still spoke dumbly, his tone was very determined. For some reason, even Han Fei himself was a little afraid of what was in his head.

“Alright! I’ll listen to you.”


Suddenly, a biting sound was heard, but the sound quickly stopped. Then, the smacking sound became chewing sounds.

“Snore ~”

“Snore ~”

Listening to the sounds of chewing nearby and the distant snores, Ximen Linglan let out a long sigh. She couldn’t sleep anymore.

The next morning.

Ximen Linglan and Han Fei didn’t sleep for the whole night. Firstly, they couldn’t sleep, and secondly, they were used to not sleeping and didn’t dare to sleep.

The two of them only hugged each other for the entire night and neither of them spoke.

Bang, bang, bang!

The sound of an earthquake rang out. Ximen Linglan knew that the giants were all up. They had to go to the battlefield.

Although she didn’t want to, she still took a deep breath. “Idiot, wake up. Remember what I said last night. Don’t fight. Protect me.”

Han Fei: “Okay!”

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