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Chapter 1644: Apotheosis Mystique

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Chapter 1644: Apotheosis Mystique

There were a few revered dragons who were friends with Empyrean Revered Dragon.

Seeing Wu Yu arrive, they could sense his cultivation realm, and could not help but smile cynically.

One revered dragon chortled: "This kid actually broke through to become a 7-heavens immortal king within 5000 years. But he’s still too far from an immortal emperor."

Another revered dragon with a saintly air stroked his beard thoughtfully. "Indeed. Not even a 9-heavens immortal king could hope to compete, let alone a 7-heavens immortal king."

"We can’t underestimate this Wu Yu."

Another revered dragon said, his golden eyes fixed on Wu Yu with a look of respect. "Sky Heart Dragon Emperor tried to catch him twice, and fumbled twice. That’s uncanny. And now that he’s improved by another tier, Empyrean Revered Dragon will be hard-pressed to put him away."

"What are you afraid of?"

Empyrean Revered Dragon was the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor’s younger brother. He had always stood on Sky Heart Dragon Emperor’s side. He replied with a bright smile. "Things are different this time. The last time, there was no binding pact, and he could leave and sneak away as he would. He was indeed free to use all those escape techniques. But this time, he has come to challenge me."

"That’s right!" The saintly revered dragon nodded. "The circumstances are different, and Wu Yu will not enjoy the same advantages. In this agreement, he cannot prove himself if he cannot defeat Empyrean. And by extension he cannot stay at Immortal Dragon Imperial Realm. Given what I see from the kid, he will come with his full strength. Perhaps he has some unique advantages in fleeing. But how can he hope to take an immortal emperor in a straight fight?"

Such conversation was heard all across the audience.

The dragon emperors and revered dragons were all too clear about an eternal immortal emperor’s strength. It was as different as heaven from earth compared to a 7-heavens immortal king.

It was a Herculean task for Wu Yu to defeat Empyrean Revered Dragon.

Almost none of the dragon emperors and revered dragons favored Wu Yu in this. That was why no one had objected when the agreement had been set. Even Sky Heart Dragon Emperor had agreed.

They did not believe that Wu Yu could defeat an eternal immortal emperor!

Unless Wu Yu had made a miraculous breakthrough to eternal immortal emperor realm within these 5000 years. But how impossible was that? Seeing that he was just a 7-heavens immortal king, they all shook their heads privately.

The kid was doomed!

Of course, whether Wu Yu won or loss was a win for the mystical dragon tribe.

If Wu Yu lost, then he could not stay with Luo Pin. They would not let him take her away either, and they would be back to square one, with custody of Luo Pin.

Although it had to be said that the legacies which Wu Yu had Imparted to her in this time had caused her to improve much more rapidly.

But if the mystical dragon tribe were to let go of her forever, to roam with Wu Yu, then they would rather Luo Pin cultivate at a slower pace but stay with them. After all, the dragon ancestor’s legacy would see her safely to the ranks of the eternal immortal emperors anyway.

If Wu Yu won, then it went without saying that Wu Yu’s potential was colossal. If he could defeat an eternal immortal emperor as a 7-heavens immortal king, then how dominating would he be when he became an eternal immortal emperor himself?

The entire mystical dragon tribe could pin their hopes on him!

To be able to make ties with such a genius would not be a bad thing for the mystical dragon tribe.

Therefore, Wu Yu had risked everything on this fight. If he lost, all would be lost. The mystical dragon tribe only looked at results, not potential.

No matter how high one’s potential was, what use was it if it was never realized?

"This battle is like one between mortal and immortal. They’re on completely different levels. It’s too hard for Wu Yu to win!"

The 9 Great Dragon Emperors were also discussing the battle together.

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor directed a cold smile Wu Yu’s way. He did not say anything, but his eyes showed an eagerness to kick Wu Yu when he was down, after he lost the battle. He did not believe in Wu Yu at all.

As to what the Sky Heart Dragon Emperor had planned, Wu Yu did not know.

But it did not change what Wu Yu sought - a victory here. Win, and he would earn the respect of all the dragon emperors and revered dragons here. Win, and Sky Heart Dragon Emperor would have no choice but acknowledge him.

"Where is Empyrean Revered Dragon? Come on, let’s get to it."

Wu Yu had not been waiting for too long after arriving, before he yelled his challenge at the Revered Dragon Council. A young man in long robes of red and blue stepped out.

This was Empyrean Revered Dragon, the younger brother of Sky Heart Dragon Emperor.

Empyrean Revered Dragon had been quite indifferent about it, but now Wu Yu’s shout soured his mood. He had not expected Wu Yu to shout his name directly. It was brash and disrespectful.

He, the Empyrean Revered Dragon, had not been treated by a junior in such a way for a long time. Everything else aside, Wu Yu’s shouted challenge had rubbed him the wrong way.

Did the kid really think he could win?

Empyrean Revered Dragon replied coldly: "If you want to die so badly, let me grant your wish!"

With that, he turned into his dragon form, his aura bursting forth. He came at Wu Yu with all his might!

The mystical dragon was a resplendent cross of red and blue. He warped the void itself with his speed, appearing as a blur in Wu Yu’s vision.

"Just a first tier eternal immortal emperor has such strength. No less than I expected of the Apotheosis Realm!"

Wu Yu was immediately pressured by his opponent’s aura. The pressure was suffocating.

The Empyrean Revered Dragon’s moveset was related to the void. His aura came laced with the power of the void, and made Wu Yu feel confined at every turn.

The battle had begun.

Wu Yu had been hit with the Empyrean Revered Dragon’s suppression unprepared. However, it had been him who had issued the challenge, and so he immediately responded to the attack.

He instantly transformed into the golden monkey, the golden scripture of the Invincible Vajra Body twisting around his body. He dispersed the oppressive aura’s effects.

Wu Yu had faced eternal immortal emperors before, but this was his first time in a straight fight!

Whether it was the corpse puppet or Sky Heart Dragon Emperor, he had easily evaded them with the Somersault Cloud. Now that he had to confront one, he found the power too overwhelming. It was far more than he had imagined.

"I can’t let this go on. I have to find a way to beat him!"

Wu Yu knew that this restrictive situation would undoubtedly lead to his demise. Therefore he roared and grew his golden monkey body to a gigantic size. He used his newly learnt Structural Manipulation Heavenly Rule to focus his power.

Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth, in the form of Structural Manipulation Heavenly Rule, swelled his strength tenfold!

"Incandescent heavenly rule!"

Wu Yu gritted his teeth, his concentration intense. His incandescent heavenly rule burst out in a waterfall, gushing through the void towards Empyrean Revered Dragon.

"Puny tricks!"

Empyrean Revered Dragon scoffed. He could feel the power that Wu Yu had put into this move. It was well able to destroy a 9-heavens immortal king.

But he was an eternal immortal emperor, and this was far beneath him.

Although he was but a first tier eternal immortal emperor, he had already completed his Apotheosis Realm, and could use apotheosis immortal techniques and apotheosis Mystiques!

"Let me show you, what an immortal emperor truly is!"

Empyrean Revered Dragon twisted his body, and a blue sphere appeared, hurtling towards Wu Yu’s incandescent heavenly rule completely.

"Apotheosis Mystique, Blue Skies!"

Empyrean Revered Dragon shouted. The blue sphere burst upon contact with incandescent heavenly rule.

Within the blue sphere was a huge world that instantly destroyed the void within the space. Even Wu Yu’s incandescent heavenly rule was swallowed completely. Their first head-on clash, and Wu Yu had come off worse.

Incandescent heavenly rule had been strengthened to the maximum, bolstered by his Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. And yet it had been easily dealt with by Empyrean Revered Dragon.

Empyrean Revered Dragon did not stop. More and more blue spheres continued to appear, streaking towards Wu Yu’s position and exploding near him.

These spheres were all part of Empyrean Revered Dragon’s apotheosis Mystique, Blue Skies. Each blue sphere was a field that would smash even the void within it!

If Wu Yu was caught in one of them, not even the Invincible Vajra Body would save him from their destructive power. Therefore, he could only flee.; Even with the Somersault Cloud, he barely managed to evade them, having a few narrow misses.

Wu Yu fled far away, and saw that his initial position had been absolutely sundered. Such was the might of an eternal immortal emperor.

Sky Heart Dragon Emperor had not used as strong a move against him before.

"An immortal emperor is truly something!"

Just one exchange, and Wu Yu was left sweating.

Empyrean Revered Dragon’s might was far beyond his expectations. It seemed like his past encounters with eternal immortal emperors had only been the tip of the iceberg.

Now just one Apotheosis Mystique alone could create blue spheres that would end Wu Yu immediately.

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