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Chapter 100: They Are Pretty Fierce (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

“I also like them. Daddy, I want them, too!” Yin Tao slipped off Su Gu’s body and threw himself into Rong Yi’s arms, “Daddy, I want them too.”

Rong Yi rubbed his little head, “When you grow a little bigger, I’m gonna buy you an evil beast. Rong Su, I want them. You can pay.”

Then the other two beast sellers said, “Young master, you haven’t seen ours. Maybe you and the little master would both like them.”

Rong Yi pulled off the black cloth. Both were Snake Bug Beast of Intelligence phase, not so adorable, “I still want the Wind Mosquito Beast and the Bone Mantis Beast.”

Rong Su then said to the Bone Mantis Beast seller, “How much are these two?”

The man said, “Two thousand upper spiritual stones.”

Due to their small bodies, people would have no desire to buy them, otherwise they could be sold at least over ten thousand.

Rong Su nodded, “Keep the Wind Mosquito Beast and the Bone Mantis Beast, others can go to the butler to claim your reward.”

Yin Jinye withdrew his Spiritual Pressure and asked Rong Yi, “What are you gonna do with them next?”

Rong Yi said to Rong Su, “Asu, bring me Bu Qi and Xiang Lv.”


Wind Mosquito Beast tried to pick itself up and exclaimed, “You hypocritical human race! You claim to eliminate all evils and beasts while you enslave us to kill your enemies! I will never yield to you!”

Bone Mantis Beast said approvingly, “Right, we will never be enslaved to your human race who are weaker than us!”

“Wow! Wow! Wow! Daddy, they are talking!” Yin Tao cried while staring at those two little evil beasts closely.

Rong Yi said, “When they advance to the Shapeshifting phase, they could even turn into human shape.”

“Will they play with me then?”

The Wind Mosquito Beast said grumpily, “I’m gonna fucking kill you!”

The Bone Mantis Beast said, “You damn silly kid, are you taking us as toys?”

“Daddy, they are so rude” Yin Tao turned to Yin Jinye, “Father, please use your Spiritual Pressure on them.”

The Wind Mosquito Beast and Bone Mantis Beast, “…”

A kid who had his backing was really troublesome.

Yin Jinye, “…”

Does the kid take him as a beast tamer?

Rong Yi also felt a little embarrassed. The kid was really a fast learner.

He then put the cage on the table and sat down, saying to those two evil beasts, “What are you names?”

The Wind Mosquito Beast sulked, “Bah! You human race don’t deserve to know our names.”

Seeing that every word of those evil beasts was full of disdain and contempt to Rong Yi, Su Gu really couldn’t believe Rong Yi really had a way to control them.

Rong Yi just ignored its words, and pinched its chin and said, “Since you got no name, I can give you one.”

Yin Jinye couldn’t help giving him a glace. Would it be some kind of quirky names?”

Rong Yi pointed at the Wind Mosquito Beast and said, “You are called Phoenix from now on. And the Bone Mantis Beast is called Dragon.”

On hearing that, the two evil beasts were both angry and anxious, “How can give us Holy Beasts’ names? No, definitely no! You can not show disrespect to them! Human race, you can’t call us that!”

Except that, those evil races who had inherited the blood of Phoenix and Dragon would also hunt them and their races down. Plus, they would also get laughed at by other evil races.

Yin Tao giggled, “Phoenix, Dragon! I like them!”

The Wind Mosquito Beast said anxiously, “You silly kid, don’t call me Phoenix! Call me Wind Inducing!”

The Bone Mantis Beast immediately said, “And don’t call me Dragon. Call me Mantis Wave!”

Rong Yi then said smilingly, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You know I even cracked my brain to think of those suitable names for you two.”

Wind Inducing and Mantis Wave, “…”

Su Gu couldn’t help smiling. It seems the young master really knew how to deal with them.

“Master shifu, are you looking for us?” Bu Qi and Xiang Lv directly jumped in over the wall.

Rong Yi asked Bu Qi, “How is your rune burning practice?”

Bu Qi answered, “Three out of ten failed. I still need more practice.”

“Already good enough.” Rong Yi then asked Xiang Lv, “Can you refine magic weapons and equipment for evil beasts at Evil Elixir phase?”

Xiang Lv found that his talent could finally come in handy, he instantly answered excitedly, eyes beaming, “Of course, that’s what I am good at. What evil beasts would like me to refine those things for??

Rong Yi then pointed at the two little evil beasts in the cage.

Xiang Lv frowned, “So little?”

Wind Inducing and Mantis Wave, “…”

Human race would refine magic weapons and equipment for them???

“Can you?”

“Of course.”

Rong Yi looked at Wind Inducing and Mantis Wave again and again, “These two little things are too fragile. You need to refine them with the hardest ingredients of level one, two, three and four.”

To him, evil beasts of Evil Elixir phase were still too weak. So they needed magic weapons and equipment to improve their abilities and cover their shortages.

Xiang Lv knew it was not any formula he had used before, so he immediately took out a brush and a piece of paper to write it down.

Mantis Wave ridiculed, “You human race is so stingy to use level 1 ingredients to refine magic weapons for us! They can’t even compare with those we are wearing now.”

Wind Inducing said, “I will never wear anything human race has refined for me!”

Rong Yi cast a glance at them, and then told Xiang Lv a series of ingredients’ names. After observing them for some time, he then drew some paintings and gave them to Xiang Lv.

Xiang Lv took the paintings excitedly, “I’ll do it now!”

Rong Yi then said, “I’ll take the ingredient fees as your tuition.”

Xiang Lv hurriedly thanked him, “Thank you, master shifu.”

All ingredients together, it was 100 upper spiritual stones at most. An absolute bargain compared with a divine spiritual stone for a formula of master shifu!

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