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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 112 - I don’t Want a Stepdaddy (2)

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Chapter 112: I don’t Want a Stepdaddy (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Rong Yi was very happy and called Rong Huan here, asking him to tell the kitchen to prepare some more decent dishes.

Yin Jinye, who was standing before the window, frowned on seeing this scene. He then turned around and sat on the bed, muttering, “Didn’t you say you will be all mine for the rest of your life? It’s only a few days and…”

On hearing him, Yin Yan instantly kneeled down, “I will always be yours, my lord, be it I’m alive or dead. I will never leave you and I believe others will also think it the way I do.”

Yin Jinye squinted, “I guess someone is going to go back on his words later.”

Yin Yan pulled his face and said, “Who dares to be unfaithful to you, my lord? I’ll go finish him.”

Yin Jinne gave him a cold look, just ignoring his words.

Yin Yan, “…”

Did he say something inappropriate or what?

At noon, Yin Tao ran in, “Father, father, lunch time.”

Yin Jinye ignored him.

Yin Tao pulled his sleeve, “Father, lunch time. Daddy is waiting for us.”

Yin Yan said, “Little master, I heard the young master’s senior brother is here, so he has to have lunch with his senior bother. The lord shouldn’t go disturb them.”

Yin Tao was still little, so he had no idea what the word ‘disturb’ meant. He only knew his father wouldn’t go have lunch with them, and his eyes immediately reddened, “Father, you dumped daddy, right?”

Yin Jinye, “…”

When did he say such words?

Yin Yan hurriedly asked, “Little master, who told you that?”

“They all said grandma asked father to drive daddy away…after…you…getting married with the big villain, and…and asked me to call the big villain daddy. No, no!” Yin Tao cried while saying that, “I don’t want a stepdaddy. I don’t want a stepdaddy. Father, I don’t want a stepdaddy. I want daddy. If daddy leaves, I’ll leave with daddy.”

“…” Yin Yan secretly peeped at Yin Jinye.

Yin Jinye drew his black and thick brows together in a frown.

After having cried for quite a while, Yin Tao stopped, “Father, will you marry that big villain?”

Yin Jinye didn’t answer him.”

“Big villain is going to bully daddy. I’m going to help daddy.” Yin Tao then ran away while crying.

Yin Jinye then called with a deep voice, “Rong Huan.”

“Yes, my lord.” Rong Huan instantly came in, “At your service.”

“Where is Qi Lan?”

Rong Huan immediately answered, “He heard that the young master’s senior brother is here, so he said as half-master of the mansion, he is bound to entertain the guest.”

Yin Jinye then walked out of the room, saying, “Don’t you teach the kid to talk nonsense next time.”

He didn’t believe that without someone teaching the kid, Yin Tao would know the word stepdaddy, and he even asked whether he would marry Qi Lan or not.

“…” Rong Huan lowered his head, saying nothing. Only after Yin Jinye walked out of Biluo Yard, he breathed a big breath of relief.

Su Gu then jumped out from the darkness, wiping off the cold sweat on his forehead, “How did the lord know we taught little master to say those words?”

“Use your knee to think and you’ll know a three years old kid would never say such words!”

“Fortunately the lord didn’t get mad.” Su Gu sighed with emotions, “I also hope the lord wouldn’t marry Childe Qi, otherwise we’d be so dead.”

If Qi Lan had used a little more strength, Wen Chuan would have been dead on spot today.

Rong Huan heaved a sigh, “I hope so. Now it depends on whether the young master has a way to keep the lord’s heart.”

Yin Jinye came into the hall, only seeing that Xinyue was stuffing some nourishment into Rong Yi’s mouth with a spoon, “Eat! My lord said you have to eat it.”

A cold light flashed in Rong Yi’s eyes, and he instantly took out his magic weapon and pricked at Xinyue.

Xinyue never expected he would prick her, and at such a fast speed! She immediately got a cut on her arm.

On seeing Xinyue being so rude to his daddy, Yin Tao rushed forward angrily and cuffed and kicked Xinyue with all his strength, “Bad villain, so bad. Don’t bully my daddy.”

Qi Lan who was sitting aside looked at the sword in Rong Yi’s hand, “Rong Yi, your magic weapon is not bad. But however good it is, it still can not change the fact that your cultivation phase is low. So you better open your mouth, eat more nourishment, and then you’d have the strength to give birth to the baby for me.”

He raised a finger and flipped Rong Yi’s sword gently, and his sword immediately broke into five pieces. He then sneered, “Low level magic weapon is low level magic weapon. So vulnerable!”

Rong Yi snorted, “I don’t think so.”

The next moment the other four pieces of the sword on the ground flew back onto the sword handle in Rong Yi’s hand and gradually fused into a sword again. Then some kind of green crystal water was sprayed onto the broken sword out of his bracelet. And then one could clearly see the sword got into shape again, like it had never been broken before.

Everybody was thunderstruck.

They had never seen that broken magic weapons could restore its original shape. This was unbelievable!

Qi Lan curled up his lips, “Your magic weapon is kind of impressive.”

Xinyue avoided Yin Tao and walked toward Rong Yi.

Bai Yunchen narrowed his eyes, then took up a chopstick and threw it at Xinyue’s wrist, then the spoon in her hand fell down. And the soup splashed all over Qi Lan’s face.

“My lord, are you OK?” Xinyue quickly wiped Qi Lan’s face with her silk handkerchief.

Qi Lan then turned over to Bai Yunchen, “You are Rong Yi’s senior brother, aren’t you? This should be the first time we met. Nice to meet you. But even his partner didn’t do anything while you lent him a hand. Those who have no idea what’s happening would think you are a couple. Am I right, junior Yin?”

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