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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 113 - You Are the First Person Who Dares to Provoke Me (1)

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Chapter 113: You Are the First Person Who Dares to Provoke Me (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Bai Yunchen said crossly, “Sheer nonsense!”

Rong Yi took a look at Yin Jinye who was at the door and then wiped off the soup at the corner of his mouth.

Yin Jinye then walked in and sat next to him, saying with a deep tone, “Qi Lan, you can stay, but if you keep putting the whole mansion in a big turmoil, don’t blame my rudeness.”

“Junior Yin, you have changed. Whatever I did before, you have always stayed behind my back silently and given me your support. But since he was here, you’ve changed. You always speak for him and defend him. But does he appreciate a bit of it? In his heart, he only has his senior brother. No room for you at all.” said Qi Lan sadly. But in a split second, he already wore a smiling face and looked at Yin Jinye, “But, there is one condition if you want me to behave. You use a knife to cut open Rong Yi’s belly and take out of the baby, and then marry me.”

Everybody in the hall gasped. Qi Lan was so heartless! He even wouldn’t spare an unborn baby.

Bai Yunchen, “…”

This person is insane!

Rong Yi lowered his eyes, letting no one notice what he was thinking.

Yin Jinye squinted and then pinned his eyes on him, then a strong spiritual pressure enveloped Qi Lan.

Qi Lan still looked at Yin Jinye smilingly. But slowly, the smile became kind of unnatural, and he even got cold sweat oozing out of his forehead.

At this time, the house started shaking.

Yin Tao then threw himself into Rong Yi’s arms, “Daddy, the house is moving.”

Rong Yi patted his back gently to ease him.

Xinyue was a little worried, “My lord.”

Qi Lan gave her a look, and then pounded the desk suddenly, bang, the desk got cut into pieces and the dishes on the table also fell onto the ground.

Yin Jinye then withdrew his spiritual pressure.

Qi Lan cast a glance at Rong Yi coldly, “Yin Jinye, you ignore our so many years’ brotherhood for an outsider. You are really as heartless as your father. But, the more you protect him, the more I’ll let him suffer.”

He tossed his sleeves and then strode out of the hall, saying, “Senior Bai’s white hair is so special. This is the first time I see a cultivator growing a head of white hair at such a young age.”

Speaking of which, Qi Lan left.

Bai Yun put wrinkles in his brow on hearing him.

Some servant in the hall whispered, “It seems Childe Qi wouldn’t go easy on the young master. Pity that the young master is at such a low spiritual phase. He would never be Childe Qi’s match.”

“Alas, it’s always been so. Childe Qi would be hard on anyone our lord tries to protect.”

“I’m really worried that he would really cut open the young master’s belly and take out the little master directly.”


Yin Yan then fulminated, “Why don’t you go change another table and make some new dishes to entertain the guest!”


The servants quickly swept up the food on the floor and changed a new table before Rong Yi and others.

Actually they had already anticipated that Qi Lan would never let them have a single comfortable meal, so from the very beginning, those cooks had prepared extra share of each dish, just in case of such situations. So right after they set the table, hot dishes were already laid on it.

Rong Yi immediately picked some turnip strips and put it into Bai Yunchen’s bowl, “Senior brother, my bad. I meant to treat you a big meal, but something unhappy just happened.”

Bai Yunchen frowned even tighter. His intuition told him that with Qi Lan here, Rong Yi’s days would never be smooth.

He then looked over to Yin Jinye who was sitting on the opposite side, “Lord Yin, I want to take my junior brother back to the sect for some time.”

Yin Jin’s hand which was stretching out to pick some dishes froze there, and he asked Rong Yi while looking at Bai Yunchen, “Do you want to go?”

Rong Yi shook his head, “I don’t think Nine Void Sect is better than here.”

On hearing his answer, Yin Jinye curled up his lips slightly.

“Rong Yi…” Bai Yunchen wanted to persuade him, while Rong Yi picked another piece of meat for him, “Senior brother, you don’t have to worry about me. I’ll be good. And I promise I’m gonna give birth to the baby safely. No one can bully me here, because I’m let the one who bullies me pay.”

Bai Yunchen didn’t think someone who was only at the entry level of cultivation could deal with someone at a pretty high phase of cultivation. But seeing he was so determined, he was not in the position to say more.

After lunch, he gave Rong Yi a Communication Rune, “If anything happens to you, send me a message, and I will be here as soon as possible.”

Rong Yi teased him, “If it’s someone at the Mahayana Phase who is beyond my ability, can you deal with him?”

Bai Yunchen nodded, “Sure. If there’s anyone or anything you can’t deal with, just let me know.”

Rong Yi thought Bai Yunchen was really good to the original owner. Even if he said it might be a cultivator of Yamahaha phase, his senior brother still nodded without any hesitation. But there was one point which bewildered him.

“Senior brother, since you are really good to me, why didn’t you take me to run away when my mother asked me to conceive babies for Yin Family?”

Bai Yunchen, “…”

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