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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 135 - Why Ask since You already Knew

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Chapter 135: Why Ask since You already Knew (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Yin Jinye turned sideways, held his head with a hand and asked him smilingly, “Mommy…”

“I am a man. Don’t call me that!” Looking at that tempting pretty face, Rong Yi felt his heart speed up again. He then instantly raised his hand to cover Yin Jinye’s face, “Besides, don’t wear such spooky smile!”

“Oh.” A quick smile flashing under Yin Jinye’s eyes, “Is my smile really so spooky? Even your heart paces up?”

While he was talking, his two thin lips were moving, which made his palm itchy, even his heart. Rong Yi instantly withdrew his hand as if it got burnt.

He felt that he was totally screwed. How could he be tempted by a man? Apparently he hated gay. How is it possible he has feelings for men now???

“Mommy, why don’t you talk?” Yinjin leaned close to him, with his hot breath spraying on his face.

Rongyi’s heart was about to jump out of his throat. He saw the other party was about to kiss him, but he didn’t feel disgusted at all. Instead, he kind of enjoyed it.

Yin Jinye curled up his lips, “You don’t need to talk actually. Just open your mouth.”

Rong Yi then really opened his mouth obediently.

Yin Jinye then kissed on them with his head hung down.

“Ah…” Rong Yi frowned. Why are these lips so hard this time? Then a deep voice sounded by his ears, “What are you doing?”

As the voice sounded, the handsome man changed into a hard pillow.

“Ah???” Rong Yi was stunned. How did Yin Jinye turn into a pillow?

Then that deep voice sounded again, “Why are you holding and kissing a pillow?”

Rongyi turned to look at the direction where the voice came. Yin Jinye was still lying there. He looked at him and then the pillow in his arms, and then back to Yin Yinye who was apparently trying his best to hold his laughing. He immediately got what was going on.

His face sunk, “Yan…Qiu…Shuang…”

This should be another kind of charming arts.He’d have illusion as long as he had the desire to have physical contact with Yin Jinye. Her purpose was to let him realize his true feelings, so he could not avoid it. Also he’d clearly know actually he might really like this man.

But he also couldn’t tell why he liked Yin Jinye. One could only say he was attracted to his appearance, even now, which meant that was not true love.

Rong Yi felt frustrated on thinking that he might fall in love with a man. So he turned his back towards Yin Jinye, holding the pillow in his hands.

Actually Yin Jinye knew what he was thinking. On thinking that Rong Yi held a pillow to kiss, he felt so hilarious, and then poked his back with a finger, “Mommy, why don’t you talk?”

Rong Yi was furious, thinking, “If I talk to you now, I’d be a fool.”

But Yin Jinye didn’t plan to go easy on him. Him keeping silent made Yin Jinye want to tease him more, “Mommy, you still didn’t tell me why you were holding and kissing a pillow.”

Seeing he still ignored him, Yin Jinye took out a rune and said to it, “Mommy, talk now!”

After his words, the rune flew before Rong Yi. And then the rune kept repeating Yin Jinye’s words, “Mommy, talk now…Mommy, talk now…Mommy, talk now…Mommy, talk now…”

“…” Rong Yi rolled his eyes at the rune. He wanted to think about life quietly, while the man behind kept pushing him to admit that he was into men.

“Mommy, talk now…” It was like it would never stop before he made a reply.

Rong Yi suddenly turned over and fell upon Yin Jinye’s body and kissed on his lips hard.

This time, people got quiet, so did the rune.

“A cornered beast will do something desperate, a cornered man will kiss people. It tastes good. I will have a careful taste next time.” Rong Yi felt it as good, even wanted to keep kissing on. He didn’t hate it, on the contrary, he kind of liked it.

He never expected he would take his second brother’s road. Now he no longer got entangled on it, but lied back satisfactorily, eyes closed.

Yin Jinye touched the swollen lips. He meant to tease this guy, but didn’t expect he really kissed him.

He then turned back, and looked right into that pair of big and pure eyes on the ceiling.

Yin Jinye picked his brow. The little zombie’s cultivation was really higher that him. he even didn’t notice when the kid came in.

The little zombie just followed the sound here.

He flew down slowly and then stopped about one chi away from Yin Jinye, then stared at his lips curiously. He didn’t know why Rong Yi would suck Yin Jinye’s mouth so hard. Was it something yummy?

“…” Yin Jinye had no idea what the kid was thinking about, so he just let it be.

The little zombie then flew closer and closer.

Yin Jinye subconsciously turned his face sideways.

The little zombie then pouted sullenly.

Yin Jinye quickly held Rong Yi into his arms.

Rong Yi saw it was the little zombie and closed his eyes again.

The little zombie suddenly smelled something good, and immediately left Yin Jinye behind.

Watching the scene Rong Yi holding the kid, sleeping, Yin Jinye raised his eyebrows, “You look like a virtuous wife and loving mother more and more.”

If Rong Yi was awake and heard this, he would definitely fly into a rage.

Early the next morning, Rong Yi and Yin Jinye came into the hall. On seeing Yan Qiushuang who was smiling at them, they both snorted slightly.

Yan Qiushuang asked, “Did you sleep well last night?”

“Do you even need to ask?”

“Leader.” Liao Yuan came in at this time, face sunk, “Head Shui is here.”

Yan Qiushuang’s face immediately darkened, “What is she doing here?”

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