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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 143 - This Guy Is really Shrewd (1)

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Chapter 143: This Guy Is really Shrewd (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Rong Yi then made another few flying runes. Pity that he had low spiritual power. The rune might not be able to bear his weight and he might smash on the ground.

After hesitating for quite a while, he finally gave up using runes. He then turned to those ghosts that were circling around him, “You put me down, and I will let you smell something much better in exchange.”

These ghosts looked at each other, “What is it?”

Rong Yi blinked his eyes, saying with a mysterious tone, “You take me down first and I’m gonna tell you.”

“How do we know you are not lying to us?”

“With you guys surrounded, where can I go?”

Sensing that he even couldn’t get off the tree himself, they thought he dare not fool them. So they flew Rong Yi down to the ground slowly.

Rong Yi considered himself lucky that these ghosts were too weak to possess his body, otherwise he’d be so dead.

“Come on. Show us the awesome smell!” One ghost said.

Rong Yi answered while taking off his boots, “Do you know where the nearest exit to get out of the Evil Realm Forest?”

“You haven’t released the good smell, why should we tell you?”

Rong Yi rolled his eyes and then took off his socks, “Come on. Here it is. Smell!”

The ghosts, “…”

So this son of bitch wants them to smell his smelly feet?

But the fragrance giving off from his feet really came denser that before.

“Come on! If you don’t smell, I’m gonna put my boots on.”

“Wait, wait, wait, we’re smelling it. Don’t put them on!” The ghosts hastened to throw themselve below his feet to smell like crazy. Alas. they were really pathetic. When they were alive, they were a bunch of losers. And now after they died, they became more pathetic because they had to smell other’s smelly feet! But to be honest, they really smelled good. Besides, it made them really comfortable and they felt like their ghost power also improved a lot.

“…” Rong Yi just lied to them saying he got something that smelled better, but it turned out to be a lucky guess, “Now can you tell me where the nearest exit is?”

Those ghosts looked at each other, then one of them pointed to the west, “It’s over there.”

“Thank you.” Rong Yi put on his socks and boots and then walked to the east.

That ghost immediately shouted, “Hey, I sad west, not east! Can’t you even tell west from east?”

Rong Yi said faintly, “If I buy what you said, I’m afraid I’m gonna spend the rest of my life here.”

Those ghosts liked the fragrance on him. How would they let him leave? So the direction they pointed was actually the innermost of the Forest.”

Those ghosts, “…”

This guy is really shrewd!

They hurriedly followed him, wanting to smell more before he left.

Rong Yi stopped after only a few steps. He touched his face, felt his belly, then looked at those ghosts with their hair disheveled in white robes. He immediately took off his robe, stuffed it in the chest, and binded his legs with some cloth, making himself like a totally fatty.

He messed up his own hair, smeared his face with some mud, then stuck some flying runes inside his white underclothes and flew over to the exit with those ghosts.

Due to the insufficient light, and too many ghosts in this place, on smelling the fragrance of Rong Yi, they immediately joined, from only a few to a few hundred, both in virtual and entities.

At this time, eight cultivators wearing yellow robes flew over on their peachswords.

The one headmost holding a compass said, “According to the chief, we’re gonna meet him here.”

The other seven cultivators looked around and then saw a bunch of ghosts flying by, they immediately asked in shouting, “Did you see a beautiful young man wearing a gorgeous robe with a big stamach passing by?”

Only those who encountered Rong Yi from the very beginning knew what Rong Yi looked like. So they all shook their heads.

And those ghosts who had seen Rong Yi could tell those people were here to grab Rong Yi from them, so they also shook their heads.

“You really haven’t seen this man? If you don’t tell the truth, we’re gonna subdue you now!”

“No, we really didn’t.”

Under Rong Yi’s lead, other ghosts kept flying.

“Wait!” The cultivator holding the compass walked before those ghosts, then scanned each of them carefully. Most of their faces were too horrible even to look at, so it was really hard to tell their original look.

He then turned to their bellies. Most ghosts were skinny, only a few were extra fat, but their chests were as fast as their bellies, not that kind of pregnancy fat. He then bent over to check their feet. They were all floating in the air.

“Senior brother, what are you looking at?” One cultivator asked.

“The chief said we’d meet that person here. He wouldn’t make a mistake. Besides, the chief also said that guy tends to attract ghosts easily. Now so many ghosts are gathering together here, so I highly doubt he is among them.” The cultivator holding the compass then scanned all the ghosts.

“We’re gonna subdue all of them. The one who is left should be the one we are looking for.” His words immediately irritated all ghosts.

The cultivator with the compass said, “No?”

“Senior brother, do you want to check one by one?”

“I think I have found him.” The cultivator holding the compass, “However well disguised, you can not own the ghost qi.”

Rong Yi, “…”

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