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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 144 - This Guy Is really Shrewd (2)

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Chapter 144: This Guy Is really Shrewd (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

If it hadn’t been due to his limited capacity, he would have already refine a ghost qi rune to cover himself.

The cultivator holding the compass came before Rong Yi and said, “Stop pretending.”

The other seven cultivators then flew over and looked at Rong Yi, “Senior brother, are you sure it’s him?”

“100% sure.”

Rong Yi then stopped pretending. He brushed off his hair, grinned at them, and then quickly threw the flashing rune and illusion rune which he had used when he saw Qi Lan the first time at them.

Those cultivators were caught unprepared for this. Under the flashing light, they all had illusions.

Those ghosts had the illusion the cultivators were trying to attack them using the peachswords, while those cultivators had the illusion that those strong vicious ghosts were pouncing at them and hurriedly counterattacked using their arts!

Two bunches fought hard until the illusion was gone about an hour later. Though they all knew they got the illusion, but they just could not stop the fight already, so the cultivators could only subdue all those hundreds of ghosts.

One of them sulked, “Son of a bitch! We really belittled that guy. What kind of arts did he use just now? So dazzling!”

The cultivator with the compass said in a low voice, “My compass is gone!”

“What? Without it, how are we supposed to find that man?”

The cultivator with the compass curled up his lips slightly, “Don’t worry. The chief has already anticipated he would take away our compass, so he put a tracking rune in it.”

“The chief really has the foresight!”

“The chief is like a prophet! There is nothing he couldn’t predict!”  The cultivator with the compass then took out a yellow rune, cast a spell, and the yellow rune immediately flew to the east.

They immediately flew on their swords to follow.

After an hour later, the yellow rune slowed down, then dashed forward and made circles around a red figure.

The cultivator with the compass cried, “Rong Yi, you have nowhere to go. Our chief can predict your track. He knows every step of you. So you have nowhere to hide!”

But the red figure didn’t turn around at all.

“Senior brother, it’s not right. Rong Yi didn’t have ghost qi before. But this person has extremely heavy ghost qi.”

The cultivator with the compass sneered, “We got him busted saying he has no ghost qi, so he is fool enough trying to use that to fool us. We can’t fall for it!”

“Hmm, let’s go check it out.”

Then the eight cultivators flew over.

The red figure then turned around, relealing that grisly face with heavy makeup. The eight cultivator nearly wetted their pants and fell off their swords.

The female ghost made dreadful laughing sound, “She really didn’t lie to me, saying there’d be eight men coming this way.”

“Senior…senior beother, she’s got heavy ghost qi. I don’t think it’s Rong Yi!”

The man with the compass frowned, “No way, the chief never makes a mistake. See? The tracking rune is on her!”

The female ghosts grinned, “Do you mean the one in my hand? A girl gave it to me, saying that as long long I got this, eight men would come for my entertainment.”

“A girl?”

The female ghost didn’t explain more, she just lipped her red lips, “You all look so strong. You’ll definitely satisfy me sexually.”

The eight cultivators quickly took out their peachswords, “What do you want?”

The female ghost tossed her sleeve slightly and knocked off all their peachswords.

“Senior brother, her cultivation is above all of us.” Now those cultivators knew to be scared and immediately hid behind the one with the compass.

“Don’t be afraid. I can handle this…” Before the cultivator with the compass finished his words, the robe on him already got torn to pieces by the female ghost.

“Nice body!” The female ghost immediately pounced up and kissed on that cultivator’s Adam’s apple.

The cultivator with the compass was not the female ghost’s match at all, only a few moves and he got subdued, “Ah, what do you want?”

“What do I want? Isn’t it obvious?? The female ghost stretched out a hand to his down part and grasped his thing.

“Ah!” The cultivator with the compass groaned.

The other seven cultivators all cried, “We meet a raping ghost! Run!”

The female ghost snorted, “Do you think you can run away from me? Sisters, come out. Enjoy those men now!”

Then a bunch of female ghosts flew down the trees and aimed at those seven cultivators. The next moment the whole woods was filled with miserable but enjoyable groaning.

Rong Yi, who was hiding in the dark, felt much relieved, feeling so lucky that those raping ghosts really took him as a woman, plus he was pregnant, which earned their sympahy for him. So those ghosts who only wanted men let him go. Otherwise he’d also have ended up like those cultivators.

He then took up the compass, sneering. Hiding the tracking rune inside the compass? Their Rong Family had done too much of that! The moment he got it was to check whether there was any problem. And he happened to meet those who were thirsty for men. So he showed some ‘kindness’ and gave the tracking rune to them.

Now Rong Yi finally got rid of those cultivators. But the one behind all this would send more people to hunt him down. And then no one could tell if he would be so lucky.

So he dared not stay for too long. When he was about to fly away, the compass started revolving crazily.

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