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Chapter 168: Good Job! (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

On hearing that, Yin Sensen hurriedly shook his hand while making ‘ah ah ah’ sound, like he didn’t want her to continue.

Yan Qiushuang smiled, “Our little Sensen would feel shy already.”

No wonder every time she wiped Yin Sensen’s butt after he pooped, he would turn away and didn’t look at her.

Yin Sensen then buried his head in Rong Yi’s neck.

Rong Yi found it so funny, “He is so little and already knows to be shy.”

Yan Qiushuang tried to hold her laughing, “OK, I’ll stop it. OK?”

Rong Yi then asked, “Where are little Cherry and Jiang Mu?”

“Little Cherry went to school and Jiang Mu is learning to speak from Rong Huan.”

“Mother, you go pack your things up. We are moving now.”

Yan Qiushuang had heard from him buying a new house yesterday, “I got nothing to pack up. We can go now.”

Rong Yi then went to Yin Jinye carrying the kid. Yin Jinye was practicing calligraphy. He moved over and stuffed the kid into his arms, “Daddy, we are moving to the new house now.”

Yin Jinye responded with an “hmm” and then held up the kid.

Rong Yi took a glance at his words. They looked steady and vigorous. But it turned out Yin Jinye was not practicing calligraphy but designing cultivation courses for Yin Sensen.

He took it up and leafed through, saying with a surprising tone, “The kid is so little and you already want him to start cultivation? He even couldn’t sit in meditation now.”

Rong Yi then put the kid on the table, “Yin Sensen, you make a cross-legged position for your father.”

Yin Sensen thought he could sit legs crossed, so he just tried to do as what Rong Yi told him. Pity that his legs were too short. He couldn’t even make a sole-to-sole position, let alone cross-legged.

Watching his son trying so hard, Rong Yi couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Yin Sensen raised his head and looked at Yin Jinye pitifully, like he was accusing of his daddy of letting him do such difficult movement.

Yin Jinye, “…”

This was the first time he taught others to cultivate, and this kid was unlike a newly born kid at all. So he took Yin Sensen as the three years old Yin Tao in the first place.

Rong Yi withdrew his laughing and then said, “Daddy, no hurries for his cultivation. That’s something years later. I think since the kid understands what we are talking about, you can talk to him about cultivation whenever you have time and let him have a basic understanding of it, or maybe teach him to speak. This way, he can have some knowledge of cultivation, meanwhile, you can bond. Enough of it. We should move now.”

Yin Jinye said, “I will let Qi Lan know.”

Though Qi Lan had always been against him, they grew up together. At least he should let him know.

Rong Yi was a bit unhappy but still nodded, “I’m going with you.”

After they left Biluo Yard, he saw that Xinyue was questioning a servant grasping his arm, “Why are you all in such a hurry? I saw that some servants even put away the furniture in the storage ring. Are you all leaving?”

The servant looked embarrassed and didn’t know whether he should tell her the truth or not.

Rong Yi then said, “Today we are moving to the new house. THe Yin Mansion will be you and your master’s.”

Xinyue’s face changed a bit and then she said to Yin Jinye, “Lord Yin, are you gonna leave my master here alone?”

“Xinyue…” Qi Lan walked out of his yard and smiled at Rong Yi while leaning on the door of the yard, “Let them move. Anyway I am getting married with my junior brother Yin soon. We shouldn’t see each other before the wedding. So it is good that we live apart.”

On hearing that, Xinyue’s face turned happy, smiling, “You are right, master. I believe it won’t take long before the old madam picks a good day for master Yin and then we can go back to East Tang Prefecture. Then we don’t have to live in such a shabby place. Besides, someone would cry since he can no longer see his kids.”

Rong Yi smiled, “We are moving to Rong Mansion in Yan Street. You are welcome to come.”

Xinyue gave a cold smile, “If you really welcome us, you would invite us to move in with you.”

“There is no guard there at the gate, so it will always be open. No one would stop you. You can come and go as you want.”

Qi Lan narrowed his eyes, having no idea what evil plan Rong Yi was cooking.

Rong Yi then turned to Yin Jinye, “Daddy, didn’t you say you got some words for your senior brother?”

He had everything Yin Jinye wanted to say. What else could he say? So he just said “let’s go” indifferently and then left carrying the kid.

Yin Sensen waved goodbye at Qi Lan and others happily. Apparently Rong Yi taught him that.

Qi Lan curled up his lips, “My little son is so cute. I will teach him when I become his stepfather.”

Rong Yi and Yin Jinye came to the front courtyard and saw that Bu Qi in a mess ran over, “Master shifu, let him stop! Or you will have no disciple’s disciple!”

That goddamn peacock either pecked his mask or poked his down part with his claw. What an asshole!

White Peacock flew over and grabbed the piece of cloth over Bu Qi’s butt and tore it apart, “Take off your mask, otherwise I will let everyone see you naked.”

Seeing a few masks on the ground, Rong Yi said to Yin Jinye, “Are their cultivation on the same level?”

Yin Jinye nodded, “It’s hard for him to take off Bu Qi’s mask.”

Rong Yi raised his eyebrows, eyes moving with Bu Qi and White Peacock. Then he saw Jiang Mu who flew over the wall from the backyard. He rolled his eyes, his lips curled. Soon he had a new idea.

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