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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 171 - Who on earth Wants to Sleep with Whom? (1)

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Chapter 171: Who on earth Wants to Sleep with Whom? (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Rong Yi called Jiang Mu to his room.

“Daddy…” On seeing Rong Yi, Jiang My immediately flew over and held his neck happily, then sniffed on him. Daddy smells so good!

Rong Yi praised him with a smile, “Not bad. You can call me daddy now.”

Rong Huan who was following behind said, “Sometimes little master Mu can say some simple words. As long as we can talk him often, one month later, he would clearly express what he thinks like little master Tao.”

Actually it was just that Jiang Mu hadn’t talked to people for too long, so he couldn’t speak fluently.

Rong Yi then put Jiang Mu on his lap, “What about do daddy a favor?”

Jiang Mu immediately replied without thinking, “OK.”

“Take off Bu Qi’s mask for me. You have to be very quick, you got it?” Rong Yi didn’t ask Jiang Mu to do it right away, but instead, he taught the kid some arts to deal with Bu Qi and asked him to practice it in the yard first.

While watching Jiang Mu practice, Rong Yi asked Rong Huan, “Who arranges me and your lord living in one yard?”


Seeing Yin Jinye was standing by the window to watch Jiang Mu practice, Rong Yi used a voice he could hear to talk to Rong Huan, “This guy is quite smart sometimes. But sometimes he’d be dumb at critical moments. Now we are living in a new house. Why does he still let us sleep in different rooms? If people heard of it, they’d think we are not partners. Asu is so unreliable. What do you say?”

“…” Rong Huan didn’t know what to say but could only smile. Why didn’t he just say he wanted to sleep with the lord?

Rong Yi then shouted at Yin Jinye, “Daddy, am I right?”

Yin Jinye cast a glance at him but didn’t say a word.

Rong Yi turned to Rong Huan again, “Your lord is really a surprise package. Everyone can tell he wants to sleep with me but he just wouldn’t admit it.”

Yin Jinye, “…”

Who on earth wants to sleep with whom?

Rong Huan said, “Young master and the lord are partners. Of course you should live in one room. I will put your pillow in the lord’s room tonight.”

As for the quilt, that was not his concern, because they could share one quilt.

“I trust you, so I let you teach Jiang Mu.” Then Rong Yi quickly whispered in his ear, “Remember! Move away all the chairs and desks in his room, in case he keeps meditating the whole night. If so, it’d be no fun even if I move in with him.”

He had never really liked someone before. Now he got to know he couldn’t control himself at all when he loved someone. He would only want to get close to him, and closer. But deep in his heart, he felt quite contradictory. He wanted to transmigrate back into his modern world, but also would like to stay with Yin Jinye.

Rong Huan nodded with a smile.

Noticing Jiang Mu was kind of proficient with the arts, Rong Yi let him go to Bu Qi.

Jiang Mu directly flew to the yard next door. The next moment, Rong Yi heard some fighting sound.

He and Rong Huan quickly climbed onto the wall to watch, only seeing Bu Qi was rushing out of his room as fast as he could.

Bu Qi shouted, “Master shifu, how could this kid be so powerful?”

He was pretty sure Jiang Mu was no ordinary kid.

Hearing the fighting, Xiang Lv also ran out and ridiculed, “Senior brother, have you offended our master shifu? Why are you being chased after these days?”

Right after he finished his words, Jiang Mu already moved before Bu Qi in an instant, stretched out his hand and grabbed the mask on his face.

Jiang Mu looked at the mask in his hand, blinking, and then looked over to Bu Qi, only finding that he was still wearing the mask. Then he threw the mask in his hand in the air and then that mask changed into a few hundreds!

Rong Yi clapped his hands, “Great! You took off so many masks one time. Jiang Mu, explode all these masks.”

Jiang Mu then released some black gas to cover on those masks.

No one could see what was going on inside the black gas. But after Jiang Mu took it back, all the masks turned into a pile of pieces.

“My nine level magic weapon!!!” Bu Qi could hear his heart breaking into pieces. But he felt more unbelieving what he saw. How could Jiang Mu such a little kid could break his nine level magic weapon!

“Level nine magic weapon? Seriously? Are you stressing that because you want master shifu to compensate you one?” Xiang Lv also didn’t believe a kid could break a level nine magic weapon.

While trying to avoid Jiang Mu, Bu Qi shouted, “If you don’t believe it, you can pick a piece and check.”

Xiang Lv then walked over and picked a piece. It was really made of level nine ingredients. He was astonished, “How is it possible? Master shifu, what elixir have you given him? How could he be so powerful?”

“I will tell you if your senior brother could defeat him.” Rong Yi smiled and then shouted, “Bu Qi, come on. Use your arts and magic weapons to fight my son. And he could also learn some fighting experience.”

Bu Qi said, “Master shifu, aren’t you afraid I may hurt him?”

“I will consider that when you really make it.”

Seeing Rong Yi was so happy, Jiang Mu also giggled. He moved before Bu Qi instantly and then grabbed his mask and pulled it off again. Then another few hundred of masks were torn off.

Bu Qi then said, “Then don’t blame my rudeness.”

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