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Chapter 177: Here Comes another Bitch (1)

Rong Yi looked at them, narrowing his eyes.

“Senior brother Rong, are you okay?” The two disciples guarding the gate rushed over to wash the filth on Rong Yi with watery spiritual technique. Then they pointed their swords angrily at the disciples flying in the air, “Liu Ding, here’s Tianxu Peak, not your abode. You’re not allowed to be licentious or make trouble here. If you don’t hurry down to apologize, you won’t be able to leave here.”

Liu Ding was the thinnest one. He sneered, “Do you think we are afraid of you?”

They had five people while they only had three including Rong Yi. So they bore no fear of them at all.

Rong Yi pressed down the sword of one gatekeeper disciple and said, “They are right. I am broad-minded and would not mind such a trivial matter.”

The two gatekeeper disciples were angry, “But, senior brother Rong…”

These people dared to bully their senior brother now. They could be more licentious and paid no respect to people in Tianxu Sect if no one gave them a lesson.

When Liu Ding and Da Guang heard this, they burst out laughing. In their eyes, Rong Yi was a mere coward. He didn’t let them apologize because he was at a disadvantage in number and was afraid.



The two guards gnashed their teeth angrily and glared at them. In their hearts, they also began to despise Rong Yi. They thought the man would have changed since he already had the mutant Thunder-fire Spiritual Root and he was the man who begged the chief to grant Bai Yunchen the master of Tianxu Peak. It turned out he was still that coward as before.

Suddenly, there was a loud banging sound.

The dung barrels in Liu Ding and other’s hands all burst open, and the beasts’ dung spattered everywhere. Several pieces of it even fell into the mouths of the five disciples who were laughing out loud.

The two gatekeepers were stunned. Then, they saw a magic weapon flying over their heads to block the droppings.

When all the dung fell to the ground, Rong Yi took back his magic weapon and said slowly, “You wish!”

They hurriedly spit out the excrement in their mouth. The foul smell made them sick to vomit.

Two gatekeepers burst out laughing, “Is it delicious?”

Standing aside, Rong Yi asked faintly, “Whose disciples are they?”

“Senior brother Rong, they are the disciples of Guard Shao. At first, the chief meant to leave Tianxu Peak to Guard Shao. However, he changed his mind because of you and let senior brother Bai in charge of it now. So they hold a grudge for us since they could no longer cultivate here. These days, they have been looking for trouble with us. Senior brother Rong, you should be careful with them. Guard Shao will not let you go so easily.”

Rong Yi sneered, “I will make them too busy to find me trouble.”

He looked at the gatekeeper disciples and asked, “Do you have time to take me to the top of the mountain?”

In a good mood, one gatekeeper disciple took out his sword and flew Rong Yi to the summit of Tianxu.

Rong Yi took the opportunity to observe the situation from a height but did not find anything unusual. Of course, it was also possible that he could not find anything unusual due to his low cultivation.

The gatekeeper disciple was very considerate and took Rong Yi to the room the original Rong Yi used to live in, “Senior brother Rong, Master Bai has been keeping the room for you all the time. You can take a bath here before you go.”

Rong Yi asked, “Is my father’s room still kept?”

“Of course, our master shifu’s room is still reserved.” The gatekeeper disciple looked at the room diagonally opposite his room and said, “We have disciples to clean the room every day, preparing for master shifu’s return. Senior brother, I have to entertain other guests, hope you don’t mind my leaving now.”

“Not at all.” Rong Yi went into the room to clean himself and dry his robe. After that, he wandered out of the room with ease.

This courtyard had only three rooms, each of which was built with green bamboo, looking quite elegant. The sufficient spiritual qi made it a good place for cultivation.

At this time, there was no one here, so Rong Yi pushed the door open and directly went into Rong Weiyi’s room.

The room was neat and simple with all its furniture made of bamboo. On the left side of the door was a resting area, inside which was a bamboo bed and a washbasin rack. In the middle were a bamboo table and some chairs for entertaining the guests. On the right side was a study. In front of the three walls were three large bookcases made of bamboo, surrounding the desks and chairs.

Rong Yi looked around. A house as simple as this did not look like a place where secrets were hidden.

He then went in. First, he moved the position of each book, desk and chair, and everything that could be moved. However, no triggering device was found. Then he thrust against the ground with his foot to see if there were any secret tunnel or secret chamber under.

Unfortunately, he turned the whole house upside down but still found nothing special.

Rong Yi went back to the front of a bookshelf, leafing through the books to see if Rong Weiyi had left any clues. Then, he looked up at the window in silence, rolled his eyes and said angrily, “Damn, it’s classical Chinese again. Can’t you consider ill-educated people like me and make it simpler? Well, it doesn’t matter, I can take them back and let daddy check them.”

He put all the books on the three shelves into his storage ring.

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