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Chapter 178: Here Comes another Bitch (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

After rummaging through Rong Weiyi’s room and making sure that was no problem, he made a big circle outside the room and then came to the room next door. Judging from the white robes hanging on the clothes rack, he thought its owner should be Bai Yunchen.

His room was simpler than Rong Weiyi’s. There were no more surplus items except a bamboo bed, some bamboo chairs, a writing desk, and clothes hangers.

He felt inappropriate to touch Bai Yunchen’s personal articles so he just checked randomly whether there was any triggering device. He thought the treasures of Tianxu Peak Rong Weiyi had been guarding should not be easily taken away. Perhaps they might be hidden under the peak.

After careful consideration, he felt the possibility was very big.

Rong Yi gave up searching in other rooms and followed the busy disciples to the main hall.

One wave after another of people coming to congratulate, but few with sincerity.

Noticing Bai Yunchen was greeting guests, he didn’t go to bother him.

However, other people seemed not to have the consciousness he held.

When they saw Rong Yi, they immediately shouted to Bai Yunchen, “Master Bai, your junior brother Rong is here.”

Hearing this, Bai Yunchen quickly turned around. When he saw Rong Yi, his mouth curved up, revealing a faint good-looking smile. The female disciples around him were immediately enchanted.

Bai Yunchen finished his talk with the guests in a hurry and then walked towards Rong Yi, “Yi.”

“Congratulations for becoming the new leader of Tianxu Peak, senior brother Bai.” Rong Yi said with a smile.

“Thank you.” In fact, Bai Yunchen didn’t have much interest in being the leader of Tianxu peak. However, as long as he took the position, his fellow apprentices could free from being assigned to other peaks to be bullied.

He looked at Rong Yi’s flat stomach and asked, “How are you and your child?”

“Good.” At the thought of Yin Sensen, the smile on Rong Yi’s face grew brighter, “My kid is sensible and intelligent. He already has a sense of shame at an early age.”

When focusing the topic on his kid, he would talk nineteen to the dozen and praised his boy like an ordinary mom.

Bai Yunchen just listened to him quietly and didn’t interrupt until Rong Yi felt like to stop, “It seems you like this child very much.”

“Little Cherry and Jiang Mu are my sweethearts, too.”

“You’ve really changed a lot,” said Bai Yunchen.

In the past, whenever the word ‘children’ was mentioned, Rong Yi would turn gloomy, either wearing a straight face to stop the topic or directly losing his temper, while now his face was full of smiles under the same situation.

“I feel the same way.” Rong Yi admitted it but he was talking about the current Rong Yi who was from the modern world. He used to have a headache at the mention of ‘children’. How he had wished that he could stuff his younger brothers and sisters back into his mother’s belly. But now, he only wished that he could stay close to his children every day.

“His name?”

“Yin Hui, and Yin Sensen (as mentioned before, Rong Yi only gave this name to mock Yin Jinye who is a ghost cultivator, since Yin Sensen in Chinese means ‘creepy’) is his infant name.” Rong Yi could not help but smiled mentioning this.

“Yin Sensen?” Bai Yunchen’s lips upward, “It’s quite an interesting name. Who gave him this name?”

Rong Yi said with a proud face, “It’s me, isn’t it easy to remember and sounds fun?”

Bai Yunchen chuckled.

Not far away, Jin Yueyao was so jealous that her eyes were reddened seeing the two were chatting so happily. She even wanted to rush over and slap Rong Yi right in his face.

Worrying Jin Yueyao could not restrain her temper, Su Si said in a low voice, “Senior sister, there are too many people around. Shall we take a seat in the corner?”

Jin Yueyao withdrew her eyes and gnashed her teeth, “People in Taiyuan Sect are all ‘no-hopers’. Last time I helped them trick Rong Yi to Jinlin Garden, they just let go of that bitch.”

“I heard there was a master who saved him.”

Jin Yueyao said angrily, “That son of a bitch really got good luck.”

“Good luck can’t follow him every time, sis. Let’s sit and watch the drama. You don’t need to do it yourself or get angry because of that little rat.”

Jin Yueyao took a deep breath and nodded.

At this moment, the disciples outside the hall shouted, “Cultivator Guo from Taiyuan Sect is here to congratulate.”

A sudden silence struck the hall, and everyone could not help looking at Bai Yunchen.

Jin Yueyao felt even more offended, “Here comes another bitch.”

Si Su said, “Sis, keep calm.”


Hearing this, Bai Yunchen withdrew his smile and said to Rong Yi, “Come with me to receive the guests.”

Rong Yi asked, “Cultivator Guo from Taiyuan Sect? The one who proposed marriage to you?”


“…” Rong Yi thought his presence would only let the contradiction expand, even resulting in fights between the two sides.

“There’s something that needs to be clarified,” said Bai Yunchen.

Rong Yi came to the gate with him and saw a beautiful woman with a lovely complexion leading ten men to the main hall. The moment she saw Bai Yunchen, she was like a blooming lotus, beautiful and charming, and all the men around her felt overwhelmed by her beauty.

“Master Bai and Cultivator Guo are well-matched,” sounded whispering.

“Hmm. Unfortunately, it’s unrequited love. Master Bai obviously doesn’t like Cultivator Guo. He is even reluctant to fake a smile seeing her.”

Guo Caiqing turned a blind eye to the people around her and stared at Rong Yi beside Bai Yunchen while walking to them with a smile.

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