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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 181 - You Are Forcing Us to Die (1)

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Chapter 181: You Are Forcing Us to Die (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

The disciple who knew how to make runes looked at the patterns and said after thinking for a while. “The pattern is a bit like those on the enchanted runes sold out of stock in the clothing & makeup shop.”

Discussions immediately burst out around the hall.

“You mean the patterns of the enchanted runes? A closer look convinces me. They are quite similar from its drawing to its writing.”

“Is it really an enchanted rune?”

“The disciples from Baiyue Peak said Rong Yi have already admitted to the chief in person that he refined the enchanted runes. I don’t think he has the guts to lie to the chief.”

Everyone was focusing on Rong Yi with surprise. Someone asked with an expecting face, “Master uncle Rong, do you really know how to refine enchanted runes?”

Before Rong Yi could speak, Shao Xingjiang immediately refuted, “It can’t be an enchanted rune. The pattern of the one in clothing & makeup shop is not like this at all.”

Disciples who had seen the similar one nodded, “It’s really different. Only four kinds of runes are available in the clothing & makeup shop: attacking rune, defense rune, solidifying rune, and enchanted rune, the last of which was launched for ghost cultivation.”

The disciple who came with Shao Xingjiang then ridiculed, “I think master uncle Rong just scribbled according to the enchanted rune so as to make master uncle Bai happy. Anyway, he will not blame master uncle Rong.”

Jin Yueyao only prayed in her heart that the rune was a fake one. If Rong Yi and Bai Yunchen lost face in front of people, Bai Yunchen might no longer protect him.

Bai Yunchen asked Rong Yi while giving that disciple a faint look, “Is it an enchanted one?”

Rong Yi nodded, “Level 3.”

“A level three enchanted rune?”

“Yes, only suitable for a level three magic weapons. You are a Golden Elixir who can well wield it.”

Shao Xingjiang scoffed, “But the clothing & makeup shop only has level one enchanted runes.”

Guo Caiqing said, “They don’t sell does not mean they are not able to refine some. Enchanted runes are like other runes, also varying from level 1 to 9.”

Rong Yi’s lips upward, “Yes, that’s why I said it’s unique in the world. No amount of divine stones you spend can buy it.”

He sent this to Bai Yunchen because he had no idea what was an ideal gift. Thus, he asked Bu Qi to refine several level three enchanted runes for him.

Shao Xingjiang, “…”

The disciple who came with Shao Xingjiang said, “We could not tell if it’s a real enchanted rune until master uncle Bai uses it.”

Bai Yunchen did not like to see them belittle Rong Yi. Without saying anything, he took out a magic weapon and pasted the rune onto it, “So I only need to wait until it comes off itself?”

Rong Yi nodded.

Other people whispered, “You see, master uncle Rong look so calm. Maybe he didn’t lie. I always thought there was only level one enchanted rune, but actually, level three exists.”

“If this is the case, is there level four, level five, and even level nine?”

Their eyes glistened as they thought that the enchanted runes had nine levels.

One disciple who came with Shao Xingjiang scoffed, “Don’t be too happy so early. We yet to know it’s fake or not. In case it is a fake one, someone will lose face.”

Rong Yi looked at him and did not speak.

At this time, the yellow rune fell off Bai Yunchen’s magic weapon to the ground.

Everyone immediately felt that his magic weapon is sending out much stronger spiritual power though it looked the same as before.

“It’s really an enchanted rune!” The crowd was excited.

Shao Xingjiang and other disciples who came with him all looked particularly gloomy.

Bai Yunchen touched the pattern on the weapon, unable to hide his delight. “The pattern has been engraved on the magic weapon so it could not be erased. What’s more, its power has been greatly improved, capable of competing with the level four magic weapons. It’s indeed an enchanted rune. Thank you, little Yi. I really like this gift.”

Seeing Bai Yunchen smiling at Rong Yi, Jin Yueyao’s eyes turned red with envy.

Guo Caiqing, standing beside her, glanced at her and smiled, “No wonder Yunchen treats Rong Yi differently. Such a junior fellow brother is everyone’s ideal partner.”

Jin Yueyao sneered, “Why have you never praised him when Rong Yi had no spiritual root?”

“How do you know I didn’t? Or, should I do it in front of your eyes?”

“I think you are a fence-sitter. You’re on his side now only because Rong Yi could refine enchanted runes.” Jin Yueyao disdained to say more with her, walking to another side with Su Si for a drink.

Guo Caiqing’s curled up his lips with sarcasm.

At this moment, a disciple asked, “Master uncle Rong, do you have any extra enchanted rune on you?”

“No.” Rong Yi knew they wanted to take advantage of him, getting his runes without pay.

Hearing this, everyone felt disappointed.

Shao Xingjiang laughed grimly, “I think master uncle Rong is just reluctant to share with us.”

His words were somewhat convincing to those disciples.

Rong Yi pushed a face, “From the meaning of your words, you must be willing to share yours with everyone. It’s very generous of you. Remember to share with us if you have any good stuff.”

“You…” Anger stuck in the chest of Shao Xingjiang.

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