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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 182 - You Are Forcing Us to Die (2)

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Chapter 182: You Are Forcing Us to Die (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Rong Yi looked at the others, “I don’t have any extra on me, but in the future, the disciples of the Nine Void Sect can buy them from me without lining up, and they are cheaper than those in clothing & makeup shop. The store sells them at 500 medium spiritual stones, but I only sell them at 400.”

Although the disciples thought Rong Yi was stingy for his unwillingness to share with the runes with them for free, his offer of cheaper enchanted runes sounded also appealing to them. The more they bought, the more spiritual stones they could save, much better than expecting Rong Yi’s alms.

“Thank you, master uncle Rong,” said the disciples in the hall uniformly and excitedly. Bai Yunchen should be the main character of today, but now Rong Yi was the one who dominated the banquet.

Rong Yi went on to say, “There’s a limit on the number of enchanted runes sold each month: 200 for level one, 20 for level two, and 1 for level three and level four. Everyone has limited purchases. No one could buy the runes for two consecutive months unless the supply surplus the demand.”

Those disciples were not very satisfied, “Huh? That’s so little.”

Rong Yi turned a supercilious look, “I’ve already offered you a lot. I can’t keep refining runes and do nothing else.”

Anyway, he was right. His offer was at least better than lining up and never being able to get one they wanted.

A disciple asked, “Master uncle Rong, why don’t you make enchanted runes of levels five to level nine?”

Rong Yi smiled, “I can, but it depends on how much you are willing to pay. Enchanted runes above level five are much more expensive.”

“…” Hearing this, the disciples knew in an instant that given their status, they could never be able to afford it.

Rong Yi took a glimpse of Shao Xingjiang and added, “Before buying enchanted runes from me, you need to meet one condition.”

Shao Xingjiang suddenly had a bad feeling.

“What condition?” Some disciples were worried,” Is it hard to reach?”

“It’s easy.” Rong Yi’s lips upward, “I only sell them to those who oppose Guard Shao together with his relatives, friends or disciples.”

Everyone was stunned and looked over to Shao Xingjiang and his companions.

Their gazes made Shao Xingjiang and his fellow disciples’ face all turn pale.

“Rong Yi, what do you mean?” Shao Xingjiang yelled angrily.

“‘What do I mean?’” Rong Yi laughed, “Literally, I only sell them to those who go against your Xing Family. People with any good relationship with you are banned from my buyer list, understand?”

This was the price of their prank-a bucket of faeces. Those who offended him should take the consequences.

At that moment, Shao Xingjiang and his fellow disciples became the eyesore of all the other disciples, who involuntarily distanced themselves from Shao’s group.

Rong Yi went on to say, “If anyone sees Guard Shao or people related to the Shao family using my enchanted rune, please break it no matter what. As long as the owner is confirmed as people related to them, I will award the one who breaks it an enchanted rune of the same level.”

Those disciples stared at Shao Xingjiang and others. How they wished he had an enchanted rune on his magic weapon now so that they could smash it and get a free one.

Shao Xingjiang and his fellow disciples retreated involuntarily to the door, “Rong Yi, don’t forget, you are related to us, too.”

Rong Yi asked him, “Are you reminding me that I need to break off all relations with you right here right now?”

“You…” Shao Xingjiang was so angry that he almost wanted to kill this man, “Rong Yi, you are really vicious. You are forcing us to die.”

Rong Yi looked at him innocently, “How come? I never meant that.”

Shao Xingjiang, “…”

Rong Yi had changed a lot, no longer the coward as before, thought Guo Caiqing. He was also secretly glad that he showed his kindness to Rong Yi. Otherwise, the future of Taiyuan Sect might not be better than Shao Xingjiang and his sect. If that was the case, they might be pushed out by the whole cultivation world, not just the Nine Void Sect.

“Senior Bai…” Jin Yueyao thought it was time for Bai Yunchen to see Rong Yi’s real malicious side. But before she had time to say anything, Su Si already covered her mouth and dragged her out of the hall.

Jin Yueyao shook off her hand and said angrily, “Su Si, why did you drag me out? Do you know what a good chance I missed just now to show senior Bai what kind of person Rong Yi really is?”

Su Si pulled her face long, “Sister, I dare to say if you really did that just now, we would also end up like Shao Xingjiang, becoming the public enemy of the Nine Void Sect.”

“…” The unexpected words made Jin Yueyao stunned and she said angrily, “My, my grandpa is the chief. Rong Yi doesn’t have the guts.”

“I’m afraid when the time comes, even the chief and his lady will not take on your side.”

“:…” Seeing Shao Xingjiang and his people hurriedly flew the swords away, Jin Yueyao kept her mouth shut.

The disciples in the hall could no longer sit still after knowing that Rong Yi could really refine enchanted runes. In the excuse of getting some air outside the hall, they hurriedly sent messages to their own master shifu about this matter.

Looking out of the window at the Spiritual Paper Cranes flying out of the Tianxu Peak, Bai Yunchen turned to Rong Yi, “Did you really make the level three enchanted rune?”

“No.” Actually it should be rendered as a lie. The one he gave Bai Yunchen was not made by himself, “But I can let someone else do it for me.”

Bai Yunchen said in a light voice, “In a few hours’ time, everyone in Nine Void Sect would know about this.”

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