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Chapter 192: Immortal Guiyi (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Xinghe murmured, “I’m afraid he also mistook the old lady’s meaning.”

He guessed that in the letter it should be that the old lady was asking Immortal Guiyi to persuade Qi Lan to give up the idea marrying her son, while Immortal Gui only noticed the first few words saying that his two disciples were getting married, but didn’t read till last. Due to great joys, he falsely believed that the lord and Childe Qi were really getting married.

That was not his random guessing, since such things often happened on Immortal Guiyi.

Yin Jinye, “…”

Immortal Guiyi then put away the wedding card and said, “Oh right, where is my Lan’er? Where is he? I haven’t seen my Lan’er for long.”

Yin Jinye said blandly, “He is not here.”

“Then where is he?”

“Yin Mansion, Tonggu Street.”

“I’ll go there to see him then.” Speaking of which, Immortal Guiyi already jumped on his sword and flew away through the window.

Xinghe hurriedly cried, “Immortal Guiyi, you can’t fly through the window. There is seal…”

Before he finished his words, Immortal Guiyi’s screaming already came into everyone’s ears.

Xinghe held his forehead, embarrassed.

Yin Jinye, “…”

Rong Yi smiled, “I like this formation.”

Yin Jinye cast a glance at the gloating Rong Yi, “He is my master shifu!”

“But he never takes me as his disciple-in-law! Hum!” Then Rong Yi left with the kids.

Yin Jinye, “…”

At this time, Rong Su walked into the yard. Seeing Rong Yi, he immediately called him, “Young master, Childe Qi and his friends are here.”

“My little cuitie Yi…” Qi Yueshi who was following behind Rong Su immediately ran to him and said with a sobbing tone, “Screwed! We are so screwed!”

Rong Yi was confused, “What happened?”

Zhong Ziqiao said with knitted brows, “The competition is in a few days. The rouge and pearl powder we make are almost the same quality with the rouge shop, we don’t have any advantage on it. Only a little better in embroidering. Yiyi, you like wearing makeup before. Do you have any good idea to beat them on rouge and pearl powder?”

Rong Yi, “…”

He was neither the original Rong Yi nor his second brother. What good idea could he come up with?

Suddenly Rong Yi remembered that he confiscated a box of rouge and pearl powder from his second brother in the hidden cave that night. He tried to look for that big box of makeup from his storage ring. It was still there!

Zhu Xinyu then asked, “Little Yiyi, what is in this big box?”

“Something good fo you guys.” Rong Yi then walked into the pavilion and sat down. He opened the box and then all colors of lipsticks and eye shadow appeared before everyone.

He knew little about makeups. So he just took the one he was most familiar with, “This is lip rouge…”

“Lip rouge?” Tang Shangru and others were all amazed, eyes wide open, “Why is the lip rouge in a stick? How to put it on the lips then?”

Rong Yi opened the lid and twisted it out.

When Tang Shangru and others saw it was color purple, they looked even more amazed, “Is there purple color of lip rouge?”

“Not only the color purple. There’s also yellow, green. So I guess you can try to make breakthrough on the colors. If you can accept these colors, you can make some similar to those you usually make.” Rong Yi then took out peach pink, pink and soft red ones and showed them, “So the rouge used on face can also have different colors.”

Qi Yueshi hurriedly asked, “Little Yiyi, where did you get those things?”

“I got them by accident. But I can guarantee you that there is no such rouge through the whole cultivation world. You can take them and study carefully.” Rong Yi thought as long as they could refine a few more colors, they would win easily.

“This is awesome! We will definitely defeat the rouge shop this time.” said Zhu Xinyu with rejoicing.

Qi Yueshi twitched his mouth, “I don’t think so.”

Zhong Xiqiao darkened his face, “They might use some dirty means. Even if we can win them, they will still judge that we lose, otherwise they wouldn’t generously invite us this time.”

Tang Shangru then asked Rong Yi, “Little Yiyi, Immortal Yunyi is little Cherry’s master shifu. Can you ask him or let him invite some female cultivators with prestige of Nine Void Sect to host it?”

Zhong Ziqiao said, “Right, with people of Nine Void Sect there, they would at least behave and wouldn’t dare use dirty means saying that there’s something wrong with our rouge.”

Rong Yi knew the dark side of business, so he nodded, “I’ll go ask Immortal Yunyi tomorrow.”

“Thank you so much, little Yiyi! Mua~”

Rong Yi smiled, “Don’t stand on ceremony. Don’t forget I also got a share of the shop. If you lose, I will also suffer.”

Qi Yueshi then giggled, “Then we’re going back and wait for your good news.”

“OK.” After sending them away, Rong Yi first asked Bu Qi to take care of this thing, and then asked Rong Su to find a place to hold a decent funeral for Jiang Mu’s mother.

At that very night, Yin Jinye left Rong Mansion and sneaked into Tianxu Peak according to the map Rong Yi draw for him.

With his high cultivation, plus Rong Yi’s identity token, he found Rong Yi’s room without alerting anyone.

According to Rong Yi’s description, he found the trigger and went into the cave smoothly.

Rong Yi had experience since he had already gone into it once. Of course he would not let Yin Jinye touch any trigger inside. So he smoothly found that stone room Rong Yi told him.

Yin Jinye hurried moved over by the coffin and opened it, but the body was gone!

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