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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 193 - Can I still Get Pregnant? (1)

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Chapter 193: Can I still Get Pregnant? (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

After Yin Jinye left, Rong Yi had been staying in the room waiting. It was already two in the morning but he still hadn’t come back. Rong Yi walked up and down anxiously, guessing if Yin Jinye got in trouble.

“Daddy, why are you still up? Are you all right?” asked Jiang Mu, flying in the air.

“I am waiting for your father.” Rong Yi rubbed his little head, “it’s too late. Go sleep with your little brothers.”

Jiang Mu didn’t need any sleep, but still nodded. Then he flew by Yin Tao’s side and lay down. Seeing Yin Tao kicked the quilt open, he thoughtfully covered it for him like how Rong Yi did it.

Rong Yi then turned around and walked to the door. Suddenly he saw a shadow coming in, feeling overjoyed. Seeing it was really Yin Jinye, he quickly strode to him and held his hands, “What took you so long? Are you all right? Did you get hurt?”

Seeing that Rong Yi thought about his safety first but totally put his body thing aside, Rong Yi curled up his lips, “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Then why do you come back so late? Did you encounter something?”

After they went into the room, Yin Jinye said, “Your body is gone.”

“Ah?” Rong Yi frowned, “Gone? Is it possible my senior brother took it away?”

He guessed maybe because he found the hidden cave, so Bai Yunchen was worried that he’d know the whole thing and moved his body away.

“I don’t think so.” Yin Jinye shook his head, “Before I left, I glamored disciples of Tianxu Peak. They left after you left, the chief immediately summoned Bai Yunchen and wanted to have a look at that level three enchanted rune you gave him. And then since Bai Yunchen had just nominated as the peak leader and needed to set up his prestige, the thief sent him out to carry out missions. So he would have no time to go to the cave to move the body. Besides, I have checked around the coffin. There were footprints that look deeper than common people’s. And that person erased the footprints when he came in, only left the footprints out, which led till the side of the lake outside.”

Rong Yi popped out his eyes, “So you mean it’s cadaverization? And he went out himself?”

“That’s quite possible.”

Rong Yi, “…”

If his body was cadaverization, could he still go back into his own body?”

“Maybe some other’s soul enters into your body. Now you need to locate your body using your soul sense.” Yin Jinye then took out a paper crane, used his Soul-captivating arts to captivate a slice of Rong Yi’s soul sense and put it inside the paper crane. Then the paper crane came to life and flew up, but later froze up in the air.

Rong Yi poked it with a finger, “If it doesn’t move, it means it fails to find my body, right?”

Yin Jinye responded with a light “hmm”.

Rong Yi said sullenly, “Where has my body gone? Is it really cadaverization or someone possessed it?”

Yin Jinye asked, “Are you sure that’s your body?”

“Of course.” Rong Yi looked at him, “How is it possible I can’t even recognize my own body?”

It has short hair and wears modern clothes. Who else could it be except him?

“Since your body is still there, how did you get into this body?” Before Yin Jinye still held the thought that Rong Yi possessed the original Rong Yi’s body only because his own body got destroyed.

Rong Yi rolled his eyes at him and said, but jumping over the transmigration part, “This thing is extremely strange. My second brother showed me a painting of a man, and then I was in this body already.”

“Whose painting?”

“It happens to be yours.”

“A painting of me?” Yin Jinye was surprised. No wonder when they first met, Rong Yi who had never seen him before would say ‘it’s you’ with a shocking tone, like he had ever seen him before, “How is it possible your second brother has a painting of me? Does he know me?”

“No! The painting is from a friend of his. I am pretty sure my second brother has never seen you before. He also has no idea where the painting is from.”

Yin Jinye no longer lingered on why the painting would be in his second brother’s hand, “Is it because they used arts on the painting, so after you saw it, you would have transmigrated into this body?”

Rong Yi shook his head, “I don’t know. I have already asked my big brother and second brother to look into it.”

“Then why did your own body appear in Nine Void Sect?”

“I also wish I knew it.”

Yin Jinye then asked, “So your original name is also Rong Yi?”

“Hmm.” While responding, Rong Yi was thinking how to find his own body. He took out a cinnabar brush and wrote his birthday on the paper crane, suddenly the paper crane burnt into ashes.

Both of them were stoned.

Yin Jinye then said, “Maybe your body got sealed by something, so the paper crane burnt.”

Rong Yi said, “It’ll be fine if it’s cadaverization. But if it got possessed, things would become very complicated.”

“What does your body look like? Can’t paint it?” after thinking for a while, Yin Jinye continued, “If I know how you look like, at least when I see it some day, at least I won’t hurt him or kill him by accident.”

“…” Rong Yi now really regretted why he hadn’t learned sketch, “I don’t know how to paint. Oh right, you can search my memories through my soul.”

Soul searching souls would bring great damage to the body, because one had to extract his memories through one’s soul by force.

Yin Jinye frowned, and denied it.

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