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Chapter 198: I’m gonna Marry You (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Zhu Xinyu who was specialized in refining equipment was quite familiar with ingredients. At only one glance of it he could already tell it was only refined just using some ordinary ingredients, so he felt amazed, “Little Yiyi, is there something wrong with my eyes? From any angle, I can tell it’s refined by some ingredients of level one and below level one!”

Rong Yi smiled, “You are right. It is refined with some level one common ingredients and some even below level one.”

“How is that possible?” Zhu Xinyu, Qi Yueshi and others all couldn’t believe it. But it was right before their eyes, they had to believe it.

On hearing their conversation, Wind Inducing’s daddy circled over their heads curiously. His son ever told him that Rong Yi could make advanced magic weapons and equipment using low level ingredients and he didn’t believe it. After the qualification testing of a refiner in his race, he was sure that the magic equipment on Wind Inducing was really refined with some low level ingredients but no less powerful that those of level five. If he didn’t see it with his own eyes, he still couldn’t believe it.

Maybe this person could really make their Wind Mosquito Beast race strong.

Rong Yi asked them, “At what price do you think I should sell it?”

Tang Shangru said in a low voice, “Elite magic weapon using ingredients below level one, as powerful as level two ordinary ones. As long as it’s cheaper that those level one pure ones or level two common ones, we would definitely attract a lot of cultivators at the Entry level and Qi Practicing level. That’s also a lot of money to make.”

Zhu Xinyu said excitedly, “It’d be great if we could refine some more of such magic weapons. We will definitely make our name through whole Zhonghai Prefecture! Oh no, I mean through the six prefectures! A lot of people would come buy them! But it’d be better if we could refine some with higher levels.”

Good quality magic weapons and equipment refined with low level ingredients sold at lower prices even than those no better than them. Wow! They’d definitely lead the trend like those enchanted runes!

Rong Yi then took a pile of magic weapons, “Those are all I got for now.”

Zhong Ziqiao asked, “Little Yiyi, who has refined all those?”

Rong Yi took out the magic weapon he had refined himself and pointed at the pattern on it, “Those with my surname ‘Rong’ are refined by me. And those with ‘Lv’ are refined by Xiang Lv, and those with ‘Bu’ are from Bu Qi. So you need to explain to people that they are from different refiners. So when people come again, they know who they would like to buy from.”

Qi Yueshi was surprised, “Little Yiyi, since when you started to refine magic weapons?”

Rong Yi said embarrassedly, “Life pressure! Maybe late I will also refine other spiritual runes and even formations for sale.”

Qi Yueshi then cut in, “Only selling enchanted runes could secure you live comfortably for your whole life. And you got such a handsome partner and those cute kids. You tell us it’s because of life pressure?”

Rong Yi told the truth, “But I lack of influence.”

Qi Yueshi and others immediately kept their mouths shut.

They all heard that Yin Jinye was the young master of Yin family of Dongtang Prefecture no one hadn’t heard of, enjoying his big name out there. With an order from him, he could turn half of Zhonghai Prefecture upside down. So he was really kind of beyond Rong Yi’s reach actually. Besides, Yin Family would never accept that Rong Yi had a mother of evil cultivation. Besides, there was this Qi Lan standing between. To let Yin Family accept Rong Yi, he indeed needed some influence.

Qi Yueshi patted on Rong Yi’s shoulder, “You focus on your job. We will take care of things in the shop. We’ll never allow Yin Family to look down on you.”

“Thank you guys.”

“Then we gotta go.” Qi Yueshi waved at Rong Su who was syanding by the door of the hall, “Little Susu, I’m gonna marry you when we expand our branches to Dongtang Prefecture.”

Rong Yi laughed in spite of himself.

Rong Su’s mouth corner twitched, “Get lost!”

Rong Huan curled up his lips, “I will prepare his dowries.”

“Ahuan…” Rong Su got angry, “Are you even my buddy?”

Rong Huan said, “Actually if they are not wearing women’s clothes, they are not bad.”

Tang Shangru smiled with a hand covering his mouth, “Little Huanhuan has a good taste. Actually we also like you.”

“Don’t like me ever! You only need to take care of little Susu and that’s enough.”

Rong Su threw them dagger eyes and just ignored them.

Qi Yueshi and others then left Rong Mansion, all chuckling.

After Rong Yi came into the room in the backyard, he immediately wrote a bunch of ingredients on a piece of paper and then drew a pile of patterns.

Yin Jinye then came over, “What are you doing?”

“Wind Inducing came back, he brought his daddy here…” Rong Yi then paraphrased about Wind Inducing’s father’s doom overpowering thing, “Now I’m gonna try to make something that might protect him from the thunder strike. If he could make it, then when you overpower your doom, I might also help you.”

Yin Jinye raised his brows, “Can you really weaken the thunder strike?”

He thought he was just saying it. It was not an easy thing to weaken the thunder strike for a ghost cultivator at his Wandering Immortal phase, otherwise he wouldn’t have lost last time.

“As long as I can weaken the thunder strike for Wind Inducing’s father, I can weaken yours.” Looking at those ingredients he wrote on the paper, Rong Yi thought carefully what other ingredients he still needed and added them on.

This was the first time Yin Jinye had seen he was so serious.

At this time, Xinghe came in, “My lord, the old lady has sent a letter for you.”

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