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Chapter 202: Doom Overpowering (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Seeing that Wind Inducing’s father’s body was gradually becoming bigger and bigger, Rong Yi pulled Yin Jinye backwards for a few steps, “Wind Inducing, your father is shapeshifting!”

Wind Inducing also noticed it, making circles in the air excitedly.

His father’s body became bigger and bigger, and all parts of the body also had changes. His thin and tiny four legs slowly turned into human’s hands and legs, and his skin also turned human yellow.

Seeing that his father naked, Rong Yi hurriedly covered Yin Jinye’s eyes before his lower body finished the shapeshifting.

Meanwhile he also felt dark before his eyes. Yin Jinye also covered his.

Rong Yi asked, “Why are you covering my eyes?”

Yin Jinye said, “The reason you covered my eyes is why I cover your eyes.”

Rong Yi grinned, “I don’t want you to look at any other man naked. You also think it that way?”

Yin Jinye didn’t make a comment, which meant he agreed with him.

Mantis Wave looked those two, speechless.

Wind Inducing then took out a cloth to wrap on his father’s body.

Mantis Wave hurriedly said, “You can look at him now.”

Rong Yi and Yin Jinye then put down their hands and saw that Xiang Lv and Bu Qi flying over.

Bu Qi asked, “Wind Inducing, how is your dad?”

Wind Inducing said, “My dad is still too weak. It needs some time before he could wake up.”

Then everyone waited patiently for an hour and his father finally woke up.

Wind Inducing hurriedly asked, “Dad, are you all right?”

His father lowered his head and looked at his own body, asking surprisingly, “I have overpowered my doom?”

Wind Inducing also felt happy for his father.

Wind Inducing’s father quickly changed back to his original shape. For beast cultivators, if not necessary, they would only feel it was a shame to turn into human shape.

Xiang Lv asked, “When the thunder strike hit on your body, what did it feel?”

“Not very strong. When the first thunder strike hit on me, it felt like nothing. I didn’t have any feeling. And when the second time it hit me, I felt numb all over, not very painful. And when the third one, it felt like something hit me in the chest. And the fourth one, it felt like I got my limbs cut off. And the fifth one, I passed out before I could feel any pains. And when I woke up, here I am.” His father then looked over to Rong Yi, “I can say if I use this method next time, I would definitely make it to my next phase-Soul-condensing.”

Wind Inducing and Mantis Wave were surprised, “Really?”

Wind Inducing’s father nodded and then said to Rong Yi, “Since I came here, I haven’t introduced myself officially. My name is Yin Su (Wind Inducing’s name in pinyin is Yin Feng), elder of the Wind Mosquito Beast Race. I’m going back now to persuade my people to come here.”

Wind Inducing said worriedly, “Dad, do you think the chieftain would believe what you said?”

“Now I got promoted and overdoomed my thunder doom safe and sound. They will believe what I said.”

Mantis Wave said, “Elder, I’m going back with you, maybe I can help you.”

Though he might not be able to persuade his own Bone Mantis Beast race, at least he could try to help Wind Inducing’s race.

Yin Su nodded, “OK. Maybe I can also help you.”

After they left, Rong Yi and others went back to the mansion.

As they all left, Elder the Second and Elder the Third who were hiding in the dark peeping flew to the spot where Yin Su overpowered his doom and looked at the half left formation, “Old man, this Rong guy has average cultivation, but it seems he is quite capable. He has even weakened the thunder strikes successfully.”

Elder the Third snorted, “Just some outlandish tactics.”

“How I wish we could also weaken our thunder strikes when we overpower our doom.”

“Old man, don’t be fooled by his little tricks. Remember! We are here to persuade the lord to marry Childe Qi and strengthen our Qi Family. Forget about all other things.”

Elder the Second cast a glance at him, “I don’t need you to remind me. I know why we are here. I just want to how to weaken the thunder strike before we drive Rong Yi away.”

“The lord should know how.”

“Hope so.”

Suddenly, the sky darkened.

Elder the Second and Elder the Third raised their heads, seeing that the place where they were became clouded, while other places were all cloudless.

Elder the Third was confused, “Someone else is going to overpower his doom?”

Then they heard someone giggling. Following the sound, they saw that Jiang Mu was hovering over their heads holding a half-a-year old pretty boy.

Yin Sensen pointed at Elder the Second and Elder the Third angrily, “Ah…Ah…Ah…”

Jiang Mu nodded, “OK.”

Elder the Second, Elder the Third and their disciples, “…”

Maybe only kids knew what kids were talking about.

Elder the Second said, “This kid resembles Rong Yi. It should be the lord’s kid, our little master.”

Elder the Third asked Jiang Mu, “Hey kid, do you know what our little master is saying?”

Jiang Mu replied, “My little brother said you are trying to drive my daddy away. You are all villains! He asks me to kick your asses!”

Yin Sensen then nodded his little head hard.

Elder the Second, Elder the Third and others, “…”

And the next second, a booming sound was heard above their heads. Then a thunder lightning even a few times thicker than before flashed in the black cloud and then hit on Elder the Second and Elder the Third, so fast, even giving them no time to react and already got burnt all over.

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