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Chapter 212: Visit Qi Lan (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Qi Lan curled his lips up, “You can make prescriptions, refine enchanted runes, and even the formation set in your mansion is from your hands. You really know a lot of things. No wonder my junior brother would fancy you.”

He heard from his master shifu that the formation in Rong Mansion was so powerful that even his master shifu could not break it. Fortunately he didn’t go, or he’d get trapped in it and could never come out.

“You overpraise me.” Rong Yi looked at him and said, “Would you like to try one? It could repair your damaged dantian (the pubic region). Though you wouldn’t recover at once, at least you wouldn’t feel so awful like now.”

On hearing him, Xinyue hurriedly said, “My lord, don’t listen to him.”

Qi Lan played the elixirs in his hand. He could not believe Rong Yi would be so good to him, so he handed the elixir to Xinyue, “I’ll take it later.”

Xinyue gave Rong Yi a stare and then put the elixirs away.

Qi Lan then gave a look at Jiang Mu who had been standing there well-behaved, “You only bring Jiang Mu with you? Aren’t you worried that I might harm you or what?”

Actually he already heard from the two elders that Jiang Mu’s cultivation was even higher than them. As for which phase he was at, they still couldn’t tell.

Rong Yi said, janus-faced, “Of course not. Jinye got some errands to run to, little Cherry is learning how to refine magic weapons, Yin Sensen is still sleeping. Only Jiang Mu got nothing to do. So I brought him with me for some fresh air.”

“Jinye is out? Where has he gone to? When will he come back?”

Rong Yi shook his head, “I don’t know. He didn’t say.”

Noticing he was not lying, Qi Lan no longer pushed him, because he knew that Yin Jinye didn’t like telling people his whereabouts.

Qi Lan looked at Jiang Mu and then said, “He is Jinye’s adopted son, so he is also my son. Shouldn’t he call me daddy?”

Rong Yi patted Jiang Mu on the shoulder, “Call adoptive father.”

Instead of calling him, Jiang Mu just flew around them.

Rong Yi then said to Qi Lan apologetically, “He is shy with strangers.”

Qi Lan didn’t care whether the kid would call him or not, but what surprised him was Rong Yi would let Jiang Mu call him that without hesitation. If it had been before, Rong Yi would never agree. Or maybe because Jiang Mu was not his own kid, so he would not mind.

Rong Yi took out a fruit knife and peeled one of those fruit and cut them into pieces. Then he ate one to show it was not poisonless.

Qi Lan only found Rong Yi was behaving too weird today, but couldn’t tell what he was up to.

Suddenly someone shouted outside.

Xingyue frowned and asked the guard outside, “What’s that sound?”

The guard ran in hurriedly and said, “My lord, someone outside said the lord killed his family and would take the revenge.”

Xinyue’s face sank, “Get rid of him!”

“But his cultivation level is much higher. We are not his match at all.” Before his voice died away, someone having wrapped himself in total black broke into the yard. Anyone who stood in his way would be kicked away, but he didn’t kill any of them. When he saw Qi Lan in the hall, he immediately rushed towards him.

But before he rushed in, the guards hiding in the dark stood in his way.

Qi Lan narrowed his eyes and then turned to Rong Yi, “Did you send him here?”

Rong Yi rolled his eyes at him, “If I want to kill you, I could let him disguise as my guard. Then he could get closer to you. Isn’t it easier?”

Qi Lan thought it was reasonable, and turned his eyes to Jiang Mu.

Rong Yi knew what he was thinking, so he said, “Do you think I would let a kid kill you?”

“A kid?” Qi Lan curled up his lips, “Who knows whether he is really a kid, or something else…”

“He calls me daddy, of course he is my son. I will never allow such a pure kid to be a murderer.” Rong Yi then pulled Jiang Mu into his arms, “Senior brother, are you having paranoid? I know there’s some misunderstanding between us. But not that serious that I would kill you. If I want to kill you, I could have done that last time.”

Xinyue said furiously, “How dare you mention last time? If it had not been because of you, our lord…”

Before she finished her words, boom! The whole house got shaken.

Seeing that their people were not the other party’s rival, Xinyue hurriedly called others in the yard to help.

Qi Lan then got up, “I also haven’t had a fight for a long time.”

Xinyue hurriedly said, “No, my lord, you can use your arts now, or your dantian could never recover.”

Qi Lan puckered his brows, “The other party should be at Mahayana phase. You are not his rival at all.”

“But it doesn’t have to bother you.” Xinyue took out her magic weapon and said, “I will take care of him!”

While saying so, she rushed outside and pricked at that person.

The man in black flexibly dodged her sword, then swung his sword and threw all of them away in the air.

Rong Yi hurriedly asked, “Isn’t there anyone else who could fight him?”

Qi Lan wore a bitter face, “I didn’t bring a lot of people with me here.”

Rong Yi said, “They might know that you didn’t bring too many people, so he would dare to assassinate you.”

Suddenly the man in black jumped in the air and wielded his sword at them.

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