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Chapter 215: He Remembered It (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

In the Secret Realm Puzzle Formation, Qi Lan said bitterly, “Serpent melon…”

Pia! Qi Lan got another slap right in his right face.

He covered his face, furious, then used his sorcery to hit all around, but, hit no one, which meant that either the other party had higher cultivation than him, or there was no one else except him here.

“Rong Yi, Rong Yi, Rong Yi…” Now Qi Lan widened his red eyes, wishing that he could skin Rong Yi and drink his blood!

Suddenly, pia! Pia! Qi Lan got another two slaps right in the face, and then a kick on the knees from behind! And immediately Qi Lan threw himself on his knees.

Then two words shown up in the air: Wrong answer.

Qi Lan clenched his fists. In three months he got insulted for three times by the same person-Rong Yi! He remembered it!

He grinded his teeth and said, “Green cucumber.”

Suddenly he got a punch in the belly. It was impossible to defend himself at all! He even couldn’t see where those punches and kicks came from, nor feel it. And his defending seal didn’t work in here at all.

The worst thing was each punch or kick was killing him. He had already been already at the Mahayana phase and his body had already been tempered to resist any physical pains but still didn’t work here at all.

“Fuck!” As disciple from a big family, Qi Lan had a decent background, and received noble teaching. He who had never used any abusing words now couldn’t help using F word.

Then he got punched on the back.

Qi Lan dare not open his mouth randomly, or the formation would only think he was giving an answer.

While Qi Lan was cracking his brain of the answer, Xinyue and others were just standing next to him, shouting, “My lord, my lord, can you hear us?”

One of her subordinates asked, “Guard Xinyue, what’s wrong with the lord? Why is the lord keeping changing his position? Standing a moment ago and now kneeling down? Apparently he is speaking, but we can’t hear him. Is he being controlled?”

“Being controlled?” It reminded Xinyue of Rong Yi, “Rong Yi! It must be Rong Yi! Come on! Go get Rong Yi back now!”


Not long after the guards ran out of the hall, they hurriedly got back, “Guard Xinyue, we are trapped. We can’t get out!”

“We are trapped?” Xinyue couldn’t believe it. She ran out of the gate, and immediately got bounced back by a powerful seal. However hard she and others worked together to attack the seal, it had no sign of being broken at all.

“Rong Yi, you son of a bitch! Next time when I see you, I swear I’m gonna kill you!” Xinyue went back into the hall angrily and tried to wake up Qi Lan.

But after a few days, she still received no response.

Rong Yi had been waiting for a few days. But Yin Jinye neither came back nor sent him a message.

He asked Wen Chuan and others, but they all said they had no idea where Yin Jinye had gone.

So Rong Yi could only wait at home every day, worried,

Now the most carefree people should be the kids. It seemed they had infinite energy to spend, playing and laughing, running from left to right and right to the left, playing from the front door to the back door. Even a few branches could entertain them for half a day.

Luckily Yin Sensen still could not run, otherwise the roof of Rong Mansion would be blown away by them.

Watching Rong Su running here and there holding Yin Sensen after Yin Tao and Jiang Mu, Yan Qiushuang grinned from ear to ear.

“Since little Cherry quitted school, he only knows playing every day. No learning of refining magic weapons, just hanging out with Jiang Mu every day. Oh right, does Immortal Yunyi know he quitted school?”

Rong Yi said, “I guess so.”

At this time, Wen Chuan came in, “Young master, Immortal Yunyi is here.”

Rong Yi, “…”

Speak of the devil!

On seeing Rong Yi, Immortal Yunyi immediately asked, “Little Cherry’s daddy, why did you forbid little Cherry from going to school? Do you think I don’t teach well so you let him quit?”

Rong Yi explained, “No. Recently someone has evil intentions against my little Cherry, so I let him quit school for the time being. If you want, you can come here to teach him any time.”

Immortal Yunyi exclaimed, “Who is it? Who has the guts trying to harm my disciple? I’m gonna kill him!”

“Yin Family of Dongtang Prefecture.”

Immortal Yunyi immediately regretted what he just said. After thinking for a bit, he said, “Isn’t your partner from Yin Family? Why will they try to do harm to little Cherry?”

Rong Yi was not in the mood to talk about it, so he tried to switch the topic, “So you are here only wanting to know why little Cherry quitted school?”

“Of course not. I got two other things to talk to you.”

“What are they?”

“I have looked up a lot of books recently and finally found one about your little son’s spiritual root.” Speaking of which, Immortal Yunyi instantly took out an old book and pointed at it, “It says there are a few special spiritual roots in this world. One of them is the Colorful Spiritual Root. The Colorful Spiritual Root nearly equals Heaven Spiritual Root, not, a few times better than that! The one who owns it would cultivate a few times faster than normal ones, could use all kinds of sorceries and arts. From its description, it totally accords with Yin Sensen’s spiritual root.”

The more he said, the more excited.

Rong Yi didn’t want too many people to know about the Colorful Spiritual Root thing, so he pretended like it was no big deal, “Whatever spiritual root little Sensen owns, he is my son. I only want him to grow up happily. So I don’t want to talk about his spiritual root thing, because I’m afraid the higher expectations, the more disappointed I would be. So, what is the second thing?”

Immortal Yunyi was also not sure whether Yin Sensen really owned the Colorful Spiritual Root, so he just quitted it, then took out a magic weapon like a pair of chopsticks from his storage ring, “You see them yourself first.”

Rong Yi took it and checked carefully. It was a level one holy magic weapon refined with low level ingredients, mixed with some medicinal materials.

“Is this made by Bu Qi?”

Immortal Yun shook his head, “It’s a friend of mine. He said he bought this from Xijing Prefecture. He thinks that the prescription is peculiar, so he specially brought it to me for appreciation. But I heard from Bu Qi that only you know such refining methods. Besides, you put your magic weapons in the clothes shop for sale. It’s not possible they would spread to Xijing Prefecture so fast. Besides, there’s no mark on it, which means it’s not from you. So I’m here to ask what’s going on.”

He was worried that someone stole the prescription. As a magic weapon refiner, he hated such kind of people the most. If one wanted to learn, he could come take Rong Yi as his master shifu to learn decently. Otherwise, however good the magic weapons he refined, it could only be taken as stealing, which would be despised.

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