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Chapter 216: He Remembered It (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Rong Yi frowned. In his modern world, not only him, everyone could do it, but not in the ancient world here. Is it possible someone who also had transmigrated in here like him? Or does this have some connections with his body thing?

He checked the magic weapon, finding there was neither name nor pattern on it, “Did your friend say who refined it?”

“No, he asked about it, but the seller wouldn’t tell. Seeing that the seller looked very guilty, he thought it’s quite possible that someone stole it for sale.”

Rong Yi then gave it back to him.

Noticing he looked quite calm, Immortal Yunyi hurriedly asked, “Aren’t you anxious? Someone might have stolen your prescription!”

“I’m more curious who refined it. As for whether he stole it or not, that’s not my concern. Because the moment I put my magic weapons in the shop for sale, some people already started to study on my prescription.”

“All right. After I go back, I will ask my friend to go on investigating it.”

As Immortal Yunyi finished his words, he heard those kids screaming, “Ah…Hahaha…”

Yin Tao and Jiang Mu were chasing one after the other. On seeing Immortal Yunyi, Yin Tao hurriedly ran over, “Master shifu!”

“You ungrateful little thing, you still remember me?” Immortal Yunyi then held up the kid happily, and took Yin Sensen from Rong Su, “You are really twin brothers. So much alike! Oh, it’s only been a few days, little Sensen grows a lot, like a nine months old kid now.”

“Really?” Rong Yi checked Yin Sensen from left to right and right to left, “He really grows a lot. No wonder I feel he is heavier when I carry him.”

Yan Qiushaung immediately said, “As his daddy, you really don’t care about him enough. Look! He even starts teething now!”

She then rolled over Yin Sensen’s upper lip to show him.

Yin Sensen didn’t want others to see his teeth, so he immediately turned his head away.

Rong Yi said embarrassedly, “I have been occupied by other things recently, so I paid little attention to him. But hasn’t little Sensen grown too fast? Is it a problem?”

Rong Su said, “Senior Yin Yan has gotten him diagnosed. Little master Hui is all good. He grows too fast now only because he should have been three years old now. So his body is fast reaching that three years old state.”

Rong Yi then happily held up Yin Sensen, “So after a few days, he would speak and jump like little Cherry?”

“That’s hard to say. But he might stop grow so fast, maybe, at two.”

Yan Qiushuang said, “As long as the kid is healthy. Don’t think too much.”

Rong Su nodded, “You are right.”

Rong Yi then teased Yin Sensen, “Since you grow so fast, you should be able to call me daddy now. Call me daddy.”

Yin Sensen ignored him, held up the neat and slipped it in his mouth.

“Come on! Why is the teat so attractive to you?”

Immortal Yunyi said, “You got no tits, so he could only suck that.”

Rong Yi, “…”

At this time, Wen Chuan trotted over, saying with great excitement, “Young master, young master, the lord is back!”

Rong Yi was overjoyed, “Your father is back. Let’s go welcome him!”

He then held the kids and went to the gate, while Yin Jinye was walking in.

The moment Rong Yi saw Yin Jinye, he had the ‘one day apart seems like three years’ feeling.

He couldn’t help throwing himself at him, “Daddy, finally you are home!”

“Father, father.” Yin Tao happily opened his arms, wanting Yin Jinye to hold him.

Yin Jinye’s lips curved in a graceful angle.

Yin Jinye held Rong Yi’s waist with one hand while holding up Yin Tao with the other, “Is everything OK?”

Rong Yi nodded, “Hmm, couldn’t be better. Oh right. How is everything going out there? Is it smooth?”

Seeing the whole family together finally, Yan Qiushuang and Immortal Yunyi left, giving them their family reunion time.

After handing Yin Tao and Yin Sensen to Jiang Mu and told them to hang out, Yin Jinye went into the bedroom with Rong Yi.

As he closed the door, he said, “I found him. It is your body. But he is too sly, even I can’t catch him.”

Actually the main reason was he couldn’t hurt Rong Yi’s body, or it would be much easier to catch him.

“Sly? Is it possible someone else’s soul possesses my body?”

Yin Jinye muttered, “It’s quite possible that someone’s soul possesses your body, but sometimes it seems not so.”

“What does it mean?”

“Sometimes he would stare at one spot for a long time, like a body with no soul. But when I tried to catch him, he was as alert as a monkey, like he was playing with me, laughing happily, like your soul was in it, because his smile was so much like yours.”

Rong Yi, “…”

It sounded really creepy.

“Another thing is it seems his cultivation has reached the Nil Infant phase. And the arts he used are also quirky. Most of them are totally strange to me.”

Rong Yi asked, “What arts did he use?”

“Poison arts, evil arts. He could even use his formation to neutralize other’s arts, and could use a puppet to…” Too much arts of him, Yin Jinye couldn’t remember them all. Anyway the other party was all capable, even he could do nothing with him.

Rong Yi, “…”

He could use all those, but all not very proficient.

“So is it he who killed those cultivators?”

Yin Jinye said, “No, it’s someone else, then that person absorbed the dead’s spiritual power. When your body senses there are souls nearby, he would fly over and suck out the dead’s spiritual qi. Maybe that explains why his cultivation has improved so fast.”

Rong Yi relieved a sigh of relief, “That’s great.”

If his body really had killed so many people, it wouldn’t be so smooth for him to make breakthrough.

“But it almost makes no difference whether it’s your body or not. He sucks that dead’s soul so they lose the chance to get reincarnated.”

Rong Yi laughed, “Then I can suck others’ souls together with you.”

Yin Jinye, “…”

Rong Yi was curious, “Since you didn’t catch him, why do you come back?”

“I want to take you with me and see if you got any method to catch your body without hurting it.”

“OK. I need to make some preparations first.” Rong Yi then wrote down a pile of ingredients and asked Rong Su to buy them, “If possible, we may also catch the real murderer, otherwise all shops in Haishan have to be closed.”

To Yin Jinye, it was not difficult to catch that person, but it seemed like Rong Yi’s body was bounded to that person. As long as that person killed people, he would definitely come suck out the souls.”

But that person had no idea that Rong Yi’s body had been following him.

After he absorbed the dead’s spiritual power, he’d just leave. And then Rong Yi’s body would come suck the soul.

After getting those things he wanted, Rong Yi left for Heshan Town three thousand li away with Yin Jinye.

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