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Chapter 217: What Is Love (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Heshan Town was surrounded by rivers. The main part was in the middle of the river, broad and vast, but the streets were as desolate as that of Haishan Town, only a few people in twos and threes walking around.

Yin Jinye brought Rong Yi to an inn called Yinlai.

Xiu Zhuo was standing by the window watching the building the other side.

Rong Yi came to the window and asked, “Is he on the other side?”

Xiu Zhuo turned back, gave Rong Yi a look and then kept staring on the other side.

Yin Jinye came over and said, “It’s the one who killed those cultivators.”

“Then my…” Since there was an outsider here, Rong Yi just swallowed his words.

Yin Jinye knew he was asking about his own body, “He is gone. Now as long as we keep an eye on the one who sucks people’s spiritual power, we will definitely find him.”

“Do you know the background of the one who feeds on other’s spiritual power?”

“No, we didn’t specially get his background investigated. We only know he would absorb other’s spiritual power every five days.” Since they only wanted Rong Yi’s body, who that person is was not so important to them.

Rong Yi then asked, “Will this person absorb people’s spiritual power in Heshan Town next time?”

Xiu Zhuo made some sound, “Not very sure. It’s random. He just absorbs anywhere he wants. Now almost all people are hiding at home. And a lot of cultivators are hunting him down. So he would leave any time.”

Rong Yi frowned, “That’d be a little tough.”

Because it meant he could not set a formation in the town to catch his own body.

Seeing it was late, Yin Jinye said, “You go take a nap. I will let others keep an eye.”

Rong Yi moved to the bedside behind the folding screen, then waved at Yin Jinye, “Daddy, I think there is something I need to tell you.”

“What is it?” Yin Jinye walked over and got dragged to sit on the bed, then Rong Yi whispered in his ear, “I did a bad thing at home while you were away. A few days ago, I went to Yin Mansion and got your senior brother trapped in a formation. He wouldn’t come out in at least three months. Heihei! So we don’t have to worry that he may cause any trouble in the next few months.”

Yin Jinye, “…”

“Don’t worry. It won’t kill him.” Rong Yi took a look at Xiu Zhuo who was still watching outside, then took out a silk handkerchief to cover on Yin Jinye’s face and quickly kissed on his lips, “It feels bad to kiss through a handkerchief.”

Yin Jinye sipped his lips. Really bad! It felt like kissing with a handkerchief!

Xiu Zhuo rolled his eyes and took a look inside. Noticing those two were doing some intimate thing, he immediately moved his eyes away.

Rong Yi meant to let Yin Jinye sleep together with him, but since there was an outsider here, he could only perish the thought.

Yin Jinye then walked out of the folding screen, moved to Xiu Zhuo’s side and looked outside together with him.

Both were short-spoken, so they just stood there and no one spitted out one single word.

Not until the even breathing sound was heard from inside did Yin Jinye open his mouth, “Do you often think of someone?”

The reason he asked that question was because he felt a bit weird. He often thought of Rong Yi without a reason. He would think if Rong Yi was staying home safely, or if someone went to seek trouble for Rong Yi, and the main thing was whether Rong Yi would also be thinking of him.

Xiu Zhuo replied without even thinking, “No.”

Ghost cultivators had no feelings. They wouldn’t be concerned about anyone, including their own family.

After thinking for a bit, Yin Jinye asked, “Have you ever had feelings for someone?”


“Even before you became a ghost cultivation?”

“Like you, my lord, I have transformed to ghost cultivation at a young age even before I had a chance to have a relationship.”

“…” Yin Jinye out wrinkles in his brows, “Which one of us has ever had feelings for someone?”

“Not a clue.”

Suddenly a shadow jumped off the roof and hung on the window, “My lord, before I have transformed to a ghost cultivation, I have ever liked someone.”

Yin Jinye took a look at him and asked, “You are…”

He got too many underlings, so he couldn’t remember who is who.

“My name is Jian Ying, a ghost cultivator under Head Xiu.”

Yin Jinye asked, “Have you ever liked someone?”

Jian Ying replied, “Yes, before I became a ghost cultivator, I have ever had feelings for a female cultivator.”

“So how did it feel like?”

“It’s been a long time. So I need to think.” After thinking for quite a while, Jian Ying said, “When you like someone, you’d think of him all the time. Your head is filled with her, and you would want to see her…”

Thinking of him all the time…

It reminded Yin Jinye that during those days away home, he often thought what Rong Yi was doing at home. Sometimes he had the spur to go home to see him. But he would also think of his mother, his master shifu and his nanny and others. Is that also that kind of like? But he just felt it was a bit different from what Jian Ying said.

So he asked, “What else?”

After thinking a bit, Jian Ying said, “I would want to peep at her taking off her clothes.”

Yin Jinye, “…”

He had never wanted to peep at Rong Yi taking off his clothes.

Xiu Zhou raised his brows, “Do you even want to peep at him taking off clothes if you like someone?”

“Exactly. You even want to peep at her taking a bath.”

It reminded Yin Jinye that Rong Yi had ever peeped at him bathing twice, he subconsciously curled up his lips and felt quite good. So Rong Yi really liked him. But it had never occurred to him that he wanted to peep at Rong Yi taking a bath.

Xiu Zhuo asked, “So obscene?”

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