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Chapter 223: Rong Yi and His Own Body (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

After making a whole circle in the yard, Rong Yi and others still didn’t see that man in red.

Soon after, the auction officially began.

On hearing the bell, everybody went into the gallery and looked over to the pavilion on the rockery.

The auctioneer brought dozens of guards holding the auction items to walk into the pavilion, and uncovered the red cloth, then the auctioneer said, “The first item is level nine Shayan Seal…”

Shayan Seal was a Buddha magic weapon. The moment the red cloth was pulled off, the golden light immediately shone to all directions, which made a lot of ghost cultivators, evil cultivators and beast cultivators very uncomfortable. Those with low phase of cultivation could only hide behind those with high cultivation. Even Xiu Zhuo couldn’t help frowning.

Seeing Yin Jinye didn’t show a bit of discomfort, Rong Yi felt a bit relieved.

The auctioneer then introduced its use and price. Pity that there were few Buddha cultivators there. Some wanted it but couldn’t afford it, while some could afford it but it was no use to them due to their low cultivation. Finally it became abortive. Then the auctioneer pulled open another item.

Since Rong Yi and others failed to find that person, they found a high place to watch the auction to the end.

When it was over, it was already sunset. As it slowly grew dark, Rong Yi let others go back first, while they stood there watching everyone leave.

Yin Jinye didn’t see anyone who had the similar body shape like the man in red, “Maybe he has already left.”

Rong Yi thought it might be possible, “Let’s split to look for him.”

Yin Jinye didn’t agree, “Your cultivation is lower than him. You’d put yourself in danger if he sees you alone.”

“We just split to look for him. We might not encounter him. Besides, our purpose is not to catch him. So I’d be safe. If I find him first, I will inform you immediately. I won’t tail him alone.”

After thinking a bit, Yin Jinye nodded, “Call us if there’s anything.”

“Hmm. I’m going outside. There are more people out there. And I can call you if anything happens. And your people would come quickly. You can keep looking for him in here.”

Rong Yi then left Wujian Inn and came into the street.

It was already totally dark, and the lanterns were lit up. Fewer and fewer people were in the street. Those cultivators selling ingredients also packed up and left continuously.

Rong Yi circled around Wujian Inn but didn’t see any trace of the man in red. He thought maybe that man had already gone back to the inn. As he turned around, he saw a familiar figure was jumping around in the street. First he pulled the hair of the cultivator who sold ingredients, and then checked those ingredients on the stall curiously. If he saw something he liked, he neither asked for the price nor paid any spiritual stones. He just stuffed it into his Storage Ring.

“Hey! You haven’t paid. How could you just put it in your ring? If you really want it, you should pay me five lower spiritual stones.” The stall owner happened to be the one who sold those bone pine cones to him. And the things that man took away happened to be the three bags of Yangfu earth Rong Yi had asked the price before.

On seeing the other party, Rong Yi’e eyes were beaming, “My body! Finally I found you!”

Rong Yi’s body didn’t know what the stall owner was talking about at all. He just jumped away.

“If you don’t pay me, you can’t go…” The cultivator stood in the way of Rong Yi’s body, “Five hundred lower spiritual stones. If you don’t pay me, don’t blame my rudeness.”

Then a bag of spiritual stones was thrown before that cultivator.

The cultivator was surprised and then looked over to him.

Rong Yi said, “I’ll pay for his ingredients.”

“Thank you so much.” The cultivators then snorted and let Rong Yi’s body go.

“Rong Yi…” Rong Yi called his own body.

Rong Yi’s body fixed his eyes on him and immediately showed a bright smile.

Rong Yi, “…”

Seeing his own body giving such a weird smile, Rong Yi thought it was not like his body got possessed.”

“Do you know who I am?”

Rong Yi didn’t expect the other party to give him an answer. But to his surprise, his body shook his head. And then his body threw something into Rong Yi’s face and quickly ran away.

Rong Yi took it up, only finding it was his briefs. This son of bitch! How dare he beat me with my panties! And it had the smell, which meant it was used ones.

“You son of a bitch! Don’t let me catch you! Otherwise…I will…fuck…”

That is his body. What could he do?

Rong Yi threw it on the ground, but the next moment picked it up and stuffed it into his ring and chased after his body. Meanwhile, he activated the formation he had set nearby and then traced his body through the tracking rune, then used the formation to trap his body, and he quickly ran that way.

But as he caught up with his body, his body easily broke his formation.

Rong Yi then hurriedly informed Yin Jinye and others.

Yin Jinye’s people were around, so they hurriedly chased after Rong Yi’s body.

Rong Yi’s body was running through those allies, left to the right, right to the left, and then was totally gone.

Rong Yi couldn’t fly a sword, besides, with his low spiritual power, he could not activate a flying rune to speed up, so he could only run like hell. At first he could still follow his body, after a few circles, he was nearly out of breath.

He leaned on a wall, panting like a dog, “Shit! This is the first time I find myself really something! So many ghost cultivators at Soul-condensing phase still can’t catch myself! After I go back into my own body, I should give myself a big reward.”

As Rong Yi gradually stopped panting, he straightened up and walked to the direction where his body went to.

Suddenly a shadow walked out of the corner before and bumped into Rong Yi.

Rong Yi subconsciously said sorry, but the other party even didn’t say a word and quickly walked away. He couldn’t help turning around and take a look, finding that the other party’s back was quite like the man in red.

So is it possible he is the man in red?

Rong Yi thought as long as he followed him, he could find his own body.

But the other party was walking very fast, only a turn and he disappeared.

Rong Yi looked around. On both sides of the alley were houses, so it was really hard to tell which house the other party had entered into, besides, he might have already gotten out of the alley.

Rong Yi looked to the left and then right, as he was about to take another turn, someone bumped into him again.

As he was about to say sorry, the other party said with a hoarse voice, “You are following me!”

Rong Yi was startled and raised his head, the next moment the other party clutched his throat and held him up in the hair.

As the other party saw Rong Yi’s face, he looked a bit surprised. When he was about to let go, suddenly a flashing light was shot at him.

He hurriedly dodged holding Rong Yi in his hand. Then next moment a white shadow flung upon him and attacked him like hell.

Rong Yi struggled to get away from them and hurriedly sent Yin Jinye a message, and then he found that the person who was fighting with the one who clutched his throat was his own body.

He was a bit stunned. Thinking that he got the defending jade pendant Yin Jinye gave him and could resist attacks even from those at Nil Infant phase, he hurriedly pounced at his own body and held the waist like an octopus.

The man who clutched Rong Yi’s neck was surprised, then quickly threw a punch at Rong Yi’s body and flew away on his sword.

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