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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 23 - He Is Also Your Senior Brother Apprentice (1)

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Chapter 23: He Is Also Your Senior Brother Apprentice (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Rong Yi said to the man who put his arm around his waist, “he is also your senior brother apprentice.”

Yin Jinye, “…”

Seven or eight male disciples of Nine Void Sect walked in, among which there was a very beautiful white-haired man that attracted everyone’s attention in the shop. He had a pair of beautiful and clear almond-shaped eyes and thin  rosy lips. His face was emotionless as if everything was nothing in his eyes.

Rong Yi was astonished by his look. If Yin Jinye was as charming and cold as blue rose, the white-haired man was as pure and clean as the only lotus throughout a tranquil lake. No one would have the heart to disturb him.

Jin Yueyao signaled Su Si while she shoveled away the crowds, and walked toward the white-haired man with the brightest smile she had, “Senior brother.”

Rong Yi was shocked. Damn! So this is the senior brother? It explained why the original owner was crazy about him. He was not bad, huh.

Su Si pulled a strong and tall man in front of Rong Yi, blocking Bai Yunchen, their senior brother apprentice from seeing him. She also warned Rong Yi, “if you still want to stay in the sect, hide yourself from our senior brother.”

It was exactly what Rong Yi asked for. If Bai Yunchen saw him and came to pick a talk about the past, he might not know how to respond.

Bai Yunchen responded and blended into the crowd.

People came and go in the shop. No one would notice Rong Yi who was standing at a corner, not to mention that a tall man was deliberately standing in front of him. But Bai Yunchen walked directly toward him as if he knew that he was there, “Yi.”

He sounded tenderly but the tall man in front of Rong Yi was frozen to tremble because of Bai’s stare. Finally he couldn’t take it and moved away.

Rong Yi wore a smile as he saw Bai’s face and tried to figure out how to say hello to him. But Bai Yunchen already moved his eyes from him and laid them on the arm around Rong Yi’s waist.

Bai Yunchen narrowed his eyes and looked at Yin Jinye.

Yin Jinye looked directly back into his eyes and didn’t mean to withdraw his arm at all.

Rong Yi looked up at Yin Jinye, and then Bai Yunchen. He suddelnly had a comet-hitting-earth feeling.

“Such a wanton!” A mocking sound suddenly broke Yin Jinye and Bai Yunchen’s faceoff, “Rong Yi, didn’t you say you love your senior brother Bai Yunchen? Now you are intimate with someone else. Your love is really not worth a damn!”

The Nine Void Sect fellowmen despised Rong Yi as they saw the arm of Yin Jinye’s holding him.

Rong Yi had a feeling that he was caught having an affair, “daddy, we are taken as a bitch couple. What do you say?”

Daddy? People were all confused.

Yin Jinye stared at the disciple who called Rong Yi a wanton, “cut off his tongue.”

“Try me if you can cut off my tongue!” The disciple from Nine Void Sect pulled out the sword around his waist.

“Put your sword away.” Bai Yunchen ordered indifferently.

The disciple then put his sword away reluctantly, eyes still glaring at Yin Jinye.

“Is he the father of your child? Isn’t he dead?” Jin Yueyao asked unbelievably.

Bai Yunchen gave Yin Jinye a hard look and then his eyes moved onto Rong Yi’s face, “I will go to visit you in a few days.”

“Hm.” Rong Yi had a feeling that Bai Yunchen had perceived that he was different from the original owner.

Zhang Xuan, the second eldest brother apprentice, said, “Rong Yi, we will have our annual sect competition next month. If you fail again, the chief will expel you no matter how our master Shifu speaks for you.”

In fact, Rong Yi had been out of the Sect for four years, already no difference from having been expelled. But if he was really expelled, Rong Yi had no right to do anything in the name of the Sect.

Before Rong Yi said anything, the other disciples all ridiculed, “He should have already been expelled. If he stays in the Sect, it could only bring shame to our sect. People in other sects are spreading rumors that men in our Sect can get pregnant and give birth to babies. Every time they saw us, they’d mock us using the giving birth joke. We could barely raise our heads in front of them.”

“We really shouldn’t keep such a moth in our sect.”

“Shut up.” Bai Yunchen‘s face sunk.

Then those disciples dare not even make a sound.

At this time a voice rushed in, “Rong Yi? Who is Rong Yi? Get out! Get out! Rong Yi, get out!”

People all looked outside the door and saw an old man in white.

“It’s Taoist Yunyi. What brings him here?” Su Si was surprised.

“It seems he is looking for Rong Yi.”

“He looks kind of pissed off. Did Rong Yi do something wrong and irritate him again?”

Taoist Yunyi saw a few disciples of his own sect and ordered them, “You guys, go find a young man called Rong Yi for me now.”

Those disciples turned their heads at Rong Yi all at the same time.

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