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Chapter 237: I Would Feel Embarrassed (1)

Rong Yi loosened Yin Jinye’s hand and put his own hand onto the man’s shoulder, uttering in a low voice, “If you came a bit later, the chief’s lady would come torture me again. All of these happened too suddenly and I even have no time for any preparation. I could only try to avoid being hurt. That bitch is down and dirty, she enjoys seeing me overwhelmed with pain.”

Yin Jinye looked at the bloody robe on Rong Yi, “Are those wounds serious?”

“What did you say?” Rong Yi heard nothing with his blocked hearing, “I blocked my hearing. I can not hear what you said.”

“…” Without more words, Yin Jinye pulled Rong Yi into his arms and tried to tear off his pants.

Rong Yi hurriedly grabbed his pants, “Daddy, what are you doing?”

“I just want to check your injury.” Yin Jinye was calm.

“Taking off my pants in front all those beasts? I would feel embarrassed.”

Yin Jinye swept across those black rats and water poisonous snakes with his cold eyes.

They quickly turned around holding their back against them.

Yin Jinye yanked off Rong Yi’s pants. His white and smooth buttocks immediately showed up in front of his eyes. However, there was not even a thin scratch, not to mention any injury. He breathed a sigh of relief and had to admit that he was really scared by the blood all over Rong Yi.

Suddenly, with a clattering sound, a jade pendant and a ring fell from Rong Yi’s pants.

Yin Jinye found the pendant was the gift from him to protect Rong Yi.

His eyes twitched and he picked them up and handed to Rong Yi.

Rong Yi quickly put on his pants and smiled awkwardly, “I’m afraid they’ll take them away, so I stuffed them in my butt in case the lady found them.”

“…” Yin Jinye revealed a helpless smile on his face, feeling both funny and annoying.

Rong Yi, the guy was just a little cultivator in Qi Practicing. With his current strength, he could not confront the high-level cultivators, but he knew how to adapt to the changing circumstances and turn danger into safety.

“What kind of punishments did the lady use on you?” Yin Jinye asked.

Rong Yi saw Yin Jinye’s mouth moving, but could not hear what he said. So he asked, “What did you say?”

“…” Yin Jinye could only turn to the black rats, “How did they torture him?”

Those black rats and water poisonous snakes were chatting in a squeaky voice. They hadn’t left here and knew nothing about what was going on outside. So they could only ask other beasts outside for help. From mouth to mouth, one by one, the news was passed back soon.

The black mouse who brought Yin Jinye here told him every word about those people’s mistreatment of Rong Yi.

Yin Jinye’s eyes gleamed like frost. Carrying Rong Yi with him, he flew away from the dungeon with no more delay.

The black rat who brought Yin Jinye in said to other beasts, “Spread the news out: whoever wants to leave Nine Void Sect, seize the opportunity. We can leave together. Before those cultivators have no time to catch all of us!”

“Squeak~ hiss~” Those black rats and the water snakes responded. Soon, all kinds of strange noises were heard in the mountains and forests of the Sect. Little beasts who had made it to Intelligence phase all rushed to the gate with great momentum.

Hearing the commotion coming from the deeper inside the sect, the decent cultivators and ghost cultivators in fight all turned their eyebeams toward the sound source only to see thousands of small beasts flood in like a fierce tide. Whether the one flying in the sky or climbing underground, all rushed frantically to the gate.

In amazement, the ghost cultivators looked at those little beasts flying in the sky and creeping on the ground.

Yin Jinye flew to the square with Rong Yi. Seeing the two sides were neck and neck in strength, he swept with one move and sent the disciples of Nine Void Sect in flying.

Rong Yi was surprised to see how these killings to turn the original place of cultivation with sufficient aura into a terrible purgatory of death. At the moment, bodies were everywhere, and most of them were disciples of the Nine Void sect. Many cultivators fell to the ground and groaned in pains, but there was no one to cure them.

Was this all because of him?

The chief and elders who got blown in the air were incredibly surprised at Yin Jinye’s high cultivation. Although they had not yet reached Mahayana phase, they were already at high level in Mating phase. However, all of them were blown away with just one move. Yin Jinye’s cultivation must be above Mahayana.

Yan Qiushuang seized the opportunity to imprison Shao Yinrong with a magic weapon and took away all her magic weapons and equipment. After confirming that Rong Yi was not seriously injured, she scolded, “Bitch, you would regret what you’ve done to my son.”

Shao Yingrong looked angrily at Yin Jinye, “It was Yin’s elders who forced our Shao family to do so. They didn’t allow us to protect Rong Yi. They embarrassed Rong Yi and forced him to leave you. We acted according to their orders, but you brought people to save him and blamed us all. Is it a bit excessive for you to act like this?”

Yin Jinye said with calm, “What does their behavior have to do with me?”

Yan Qiushuang sneered, “Shao Yinrong, you’re really stupid. Can’t you separate Yin’s elders and Master Yin? Yin Jinye and my son are a couple, and my grandsons call Yin Jinye ‘father’. Master Yin would definitely protect his husband. However, you blindly listened to those old-no-dies and acted according to their words. You’re supposed to know who has more power but you can’t even tell them apart. The chief’s lady? I think your title is a joke. In your eyes, is your right bigger than your husband? No wonder the Nine Void sect would be destroyed in your hands.”

The chief, “…”

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