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Chapter 242: Write a Letter (2)

At the same time, Rong Yi was coming out of the bathroom while Yin Jinye sitting at the table with a brush pen. He frowned as if not knowing what to write.

“What’re you writing?” The man was definitely not practicing calligraphy. Rong Yi leaned over the table and looked at Yin’s paper, which said, ‘To my dear mother, I write this with great respect…’. “Are you writing to your mother?”

Yin Jinye looked up at him, “Why did you read from my perspective?”

Rong Yi’s four senses got sealed and he still could not hear what he said, “What did you say?”

Yin Jinye didn’t like to repeat it for the second time, so he lowered his head to continue with his letter.

Rong Yi thought it for a moment, “I haven’t seen her yet and don’t know what kind of person she is. Before we meet, I also want to leave a good impression on her. I hope she can continue to resist the pressure and don’t join the elders in opposing us.”

Rong Yi took a brush pen and paper, dampened some ink, and wrote on the paper: ‘Dear mother-in-law…’

Rong Yi was not satisfied with the address, “If my mother-in-law sees me calling her ‘mother-in-law’, will she feel unhappy?”

Jin Yinye felt speechless.

Rong Yi threw the paper to the other side and took another piece of paper: Dear mother.

He picked it up and looked at it carefully but was still unsatisfied, “There’s no problem with the address, but my calligraphy is ugly.”

Yin Jinye looked over and his eye corner twitched. The man did it poorer than he did at three.

Rong Yi turned over the paper, “Well, look at it. My calligraphy is vigorous. It almost penetrates to the back of the paper.”

Yin Jinye couldn’t help saying, “You dampened with too much ink.”

Unfortunately, Rong Yi could not hear.

“A Su, A Su…” Rong Yi shouted to the outside.

Rong Su quickly walked in, “Young master, what can I do for you?”

“Go to the kitchen and find me a piece of charcoal.”

“Got it.”

Rong Su made a fast trip and handed Rong Yi the charcoal.

Rong Yi washed his hands clean, wrapped the upper part of the charcoal with a piece of paper to prevent soiling his hands, and then took another piece of paper to write the letter.

Yin Jinye and Rong Su raised their eyebrows in surprise. It was the first time for them to see someone write this way.

Rong Yi began again, “Dear mother, this is Rong Yi writing to you.”

Yin Jinye looked at his writing, much prettier, but…

He pointed to the words “dear” and “Rong Yi”, “What are they?”

Some of them were barely recognizable. And, the letter writing format was not correct.

“What’s the matter?” Rong Yi turned to look at him.

Yin Jinye said word by word, “What-are-they?”

Rong Yi looked at him and then at the words Yin pointed to. It took him a long time to understand what the man said. He patted his forehead and suddenly realized that the ancients could not understand simplified Chinese characters.

He crumpled up the paper and threw it away, ready to start it again, “Dear, how do you write the word ‘dear’?”

Yin Jinye was left with no words.

He was curious about how Rong Yi managed to read hundreds of thousands of volumes of books.

Rong Yi rubbed his face gloomily. He could recognize words but could not write. Then, he suddenly remembered that he usually wrote the name of the ingredients and asked others to buy them for him. But how did they recognize what he wrote?

He looked up and asked Rong Su, “Can you recognize the words I wrote before?”

Rong Su shook his head, “No. But I can guess most of them.”

He’d like to say that Rong Yi’s calligraphy was the ugliest and toughest to recognize he had ever seen.

Rong Yi could not hear what he said but roughly understood what was going on. He turned to Yin Jinye, “Please write these words for me and I’ll copy them.”

“…” On another piece of paper, Yin Jinye wrote the words Rong Yi could not write.

Rong Yi imitated Yin’s writing quickly. They kept repeating this process for the following letter writing.

Looking at Rong Yi’s distressed appearance, Yin Jinye’s lips upward and then looked at his own letter. After a moment of thought, he added a few more words, folded the paper and stuffed it into the envelope. “Have you finished it yet?”

Rong Yi couldn’t hear so he kept writing, like a diary. Well, a monthly diary, more precisely. He wrote everything having happened for these several months, which nearly cost him four hours.

Looking at the thick pile of papers, he said to Yin Jinye, “My calligraphy is not bad, right? Mother-in-law should have a good impression on me when she read it. I also wrote some interesting stories about my kids. She must love it since she likes kids, too. Heehee~”

Rong Yi folded the paper and stuffed it into the envelope.

Yin Jinye called Xinghe in, “The thin one is from me. The thick one, Rong Yi.”

Xing He was surprised. This was the first time that the master personally wrote a letter to the old lady.

“Master, did you really write it by yourself?”

Yin Jinye glanced at him, “Who else?”

Xinghe laughed, “The old lady must be very happy to receive your letter.”

Yin Jinye, “…”

Rong Yi asked, “What are you talking about?”

However, neither Yin Jinye nor Xinghe had the intention to repeat their words at all.

Rong Yi had no sense of hearing, smell, taste, and touch, so he felt particularly awful. He decided to have a closed cultivation for a few days and would not come out until reaching level four of Qi Practicing. Anyway, he was close to it.

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