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Chapter 247: Do You Want to Grow Up? (1)

Elder the First guessed, “Is it possible our sworn enemies have roped in those evil, ghost and beast cultivators?”

Old lady Yin shook her head, “Not possible. Though our old enemies hate us to the bones, they would never side with those evil cultivators or ghost cultivators! Those decent cultivators wouldn’t take them in their eyes.”

She then said to the guard beside, “You go check it out. Report it to me as long as you have any clue.”


After the guard left, other elders all received the news and rushed over from the elders’ hall, “How are the two elders’ injuries?”

Old lady Yin who was feeling the pulse for the elders got up and said, “It’s serious. I’m afraid they could recover in at least one or two years. The only fortunate thing is they didn’t get their dantian ruined.”

Elder the Seventh cursed in rage, “What the hell! Let’s take our people to fight it back!”

Elder the Sixteenth stopped him, “Don’t act rashly. Let’s make things clear first. If we take the plunge like this, what’s waiting for us might be a big trap.”

Elder the First said approvingly, “This time it’s not only our sworn enemies. There are other cultivators. They might have united.”

Old lady Yin said, “Take them back to have some rest. Let’s make plans after making things clear.”

The guards then carried the two elders back to their own rooms gingerly.

After about two hours later, the guard who went out for information came back, “Ma’am, Elder the First, I have gotten some information.”

Elder the Seventh stood up, saying crossly, “Hurry! What did you get?”

The guard answered, “The reason they attacked the two elders is that someone pays for their heads.”

Those elders all got frozen there. Elder the First’s face sank, “Who is it?”

Elder the Fourth sneered, “I am also curious who it would be. They even have the ability to let the second biggest cultivation family to deal with us.”

The guard then subconsciously looked over to the old lady.

Old lady Yin said unpleasantly, “Why are you looking at me? Are you suspecting I am the one behind this?”

“No, no.” The guard hurriedly shook his head, saying with a low voice, “It is Childe Rong.”

Elder the Seventh was confused, “Childe Rong? Which Childe Rong?”

Not only him, everyone on spot didn’t expect it would be Rong Yi, and no one would even connect the whole thing to him. Think about it. He was far in Zhonghai Prefecture, plus no clan or big family was behind his back, and he was at low cultivation, and he was not wealthy. How did he make the second cultivation family, their sworn enemies and other high level cultivators to work together to aim at them?

“That disciple of Nine Void Sect in Zhonghai Prefecture, the young master’s partner, the little masters’ daddy Rong Yi.”

“!!!” Everybody looked at him with disbelief, eyes wide open.

Elder the Seventh said in a high pitch, “You mean the one who buys our heads is Rong Yi? Are you sure?”

The guard shook his head, “Absolutely sure.”

Elder the Seventh couldn’t believe his ears, “But where did he get so many spiritual stones to hire those people? The young master pays for it?”

Elder the Sixteenth sneered, “Do you think only paying spiritual stone could hire those people? Do you think Tong Family is so poor that they have to kill people to earn money? They have their proud bones. How could they kill people for some silly spiritual stones?”

Other elders all thought it reasonable.

The guard said, “Childe Rong didn’t pay spiritual stones for your heads.”

Elder the Fourth asked, “If it’s not spiritual stones, what else does he have to hire Tong Family to work for them? Is it the young master?”

Elder the Fifteenth said, “How is that possible? How would they listen to our young master?”

The guard said, “Childe Rong released the words saying that whoever could get the head of those elders of our family could get one of his level nine enchanted runes.”

Elder the Seventh said with disdain, “Enchanted runes? Just a damn rune that could improve the power of one’s magic weapon? What’s so rare? As long as we could find better ingredients, we could also refine superb magic weapons and don’t need their goddamn runes at all!”

Elder the Fourth said approvingly, “Yeah, right.”

The guard said, “I heard after the head of Lian Family pasted an enchanted rune on his level nine fairy magic weapon, it’s become even more powerful than a divine one.”

Lian Family was one of Yin Family’s sworn enemies.

Old Madam Yin and the elders all gasped. Only a rune could make a level nine fairy magic weapon surpass a divine one? If one didn’t see it with his own eyes, he would never believe it.

Elder the Seventh asked, “Are you sure of that?”

“People are all gossiping about it out there. Someone saw that their master’s magic weapon really becomes much more powerful after using the enchanted rune Rong Yi has made. Then those masters of other families also used his enchanted runes. Otherwise those evil, ghost and beast cultivators wouldn’t dare attack the elders like crazy.”

Those elders only regained their sense after quite a long time.

Only a small rune could be so powerful?

Old lady Yin showed a bitter smile under her eyes, “Good! Look what you have done! Such a talented person got pushed out by all of you! Rong Yi is even forced to buy your heads. Now, I’m afraid not only Tong family and Lian family, I guess more families would be joining them to deal with you. Now maybe once you step out of this house, you would get ambushed. In the near future, our Yin Family would become the public enemy of all people. That is what you deserve for belittling him!”

Those elders, “…”

Elder the Seventh tried to quibble, “Everything we did is for the good of the family. What did we do wrong?”

Old lady Yin asked him back, “So is our Yin Family turning better now? Or you people are living better now?”

“…” Elder the Seventh sulked, “Anyway we will never admit Rong Yi as our son-in-law!”

“He is my son’s partner, my son-in-law! So it’s enough as long as I admit him!” If it hadn’t been for the sake that those elders had served the family for so many years and they had always been loyal, she wouldn’t let them act wildly.

After she finished her words, she turned around and left the hall, leaving those elder behind, looking at each other.

Elder the Fourth said angrily, “Rong Yi is so heartless. We just sent some people to mess up with him and give him some hard time, while he hired people to arm at our heads! We should have let Nine Void Sect kill him!”

“But it’s still not late now.” Elder the Seventh showed a murderous look, “Since he hired people to kill us, why can’t we kill him first?”

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