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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 251 - A Letter from the Yin Elders (1)

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Chapter 251: A Letter from the Yin Elders (1)

That night, Yin Tao and Jiang Mu both demanding to sleep with Rong Yi, and they just lay on Rong Yi’s bed and wouldn’t leave. So Yin Jinye could only let Rong Su and Rong Huan carry them away after they fell asleep.

Rong Yi then sat next to Yin Jinye, grinning, “Daddy, don’t you have any present for me?”

Yin Jinye took out a red cloth bag and shoved before him. That was the red envelop Rong Yi told Wen Chuan to have prepared for everyone.

Rong Yi took it up, “Isn’t it the red envelop I have prepared for everyone?”

Yin Jinye then took out a note out of it, written ‘I owe you’, “What does this mean? Are you sure this is your present?”

Having lived for hundreds of years, this was the first time he had heard that the red envelop could be owed.

Rong Yi gave a hollow laugh, “I meant to refine some enchanted runes or a set of magical weapon and equipment, which is the most practical for you. But given my current low cultivation, I can not refine those high level enchanted runes or magic weapons. Besides, you are already a Wandering Immortal. Even if I am at my Mahayana phase, I might not have the ability to make you some suitable ones. So I could only owe you for now. When I catch up with you, I will refine you suitable ones.”

Yin Jinye picked his eyebrows, “I’m afraid you’d never be able to catch up with me.”

“Don’t worry. I will try my best. Just wait for me for a few hundred years patiently.”

“…” Yin Jinye guessed that after a few hundred years, he had already become an immortal, so he slipped the note back into the red envelop, “The magic weapon I am using now is a level nine divine one. You can let Bu Qi refine some low level enchanted runes for temporary use.”

After he failed his doom overpowering, he had been recuperating, and had no time to think about changing his magic weapon. But recently he was looking for some new ingredients for a change of it. But he was a Wandering immortal. It was not that easy to find suitable ingredients. Even finding the refiner would be a problem.

Rong Yi heaved a sigh, “I also meant to ask him to make some for you to use. But he is a decent cultivation, so he can’t refine those enchanted runes for a ghost cultivator.”

Yin Jinye was confused, “Aren’t you also a decent cultivator? Why you could refine enchanted runes for ghost cultivation?”

Rong Yi explained, “Because I own Spiritual Cohesion root. I can switch the spiritual qi in my body to ghost cultivation, and then refine enchanted runes for ghost cultivators.”

“Spiritual Cohesion root?” Yin Jinye had ever read it in an ancient book about it. Like Colorful Spiritual Root, the one who owned it could cultivate very fast and was also able to switch between different cultivations, like ghost cultivation and Buddha cultivation.

“Hmm. Bu Qi has no such spiritual root, so he can’t refine enchanted runes for you. If you have any friend of ghost cultivation who owns mutant Thunder-fire spiritual root, you can ask him to refine some runes for you.”

Mutant Thunder-fire spiritual root was not Fire spiritual root. Only one out of 300 to 400 thousand people could have the possibility to own it.

Yin Jinye shook his head, “No, I don’t.”

Rong Yi thought for a while, then something hit his head, “Oh right, don’t you own Colorful Spiritual Root? Is there the mutant Thunder-fire spiritual root in it?”


Rong Yi was a bit disappointed, “Then there is no other way.”

“It seems I should find ingredients for refining magic weapons for a Wandering Immortal as soon as possible.” Yin Jinye then took out a beautiful purple jade ring from his storage ring and put it on for Rong Yi.

Rong Yi was surprised, “This is for me?”

“I see that you are still wearing the storage ring Wen Chuan gave you. So I asked someone to make a new storage ring for you. The space inside is as big as the whole Haishan Town. You can put as much as you want in it.” Yin Jinye then took out a set of golden accessories, including a golden jade headwear, a golden jade necklace, a golden jade belt, a golden jade bracelet and a golden jade anklet, “This is a set of amulet, which could resist the attack of a Mahayana cultivator. But under heavy blows, it could at most take for three times.”

He especially asked someone to make it after they came back from Nine Void Sect.

Rong Yi felt so happy that daddy sent him so many things, only keeping nodded with great joys.

Seeing he was so happy that he couldn’t even remember who he was, Yin Jinye also curled his lips, “Don’t think you could challenge a Mahayana cultivator since you heard it could resist their attack.”

He was not worrying for nothing, because he thought this guy would always do something out of his recognition.

“I am not a fool. Why would go challenge them?” Rong Yi felt those things Yin Jinye sent him, and he suddenly held Yin Jinye, “Daddy, I feel so happy tonight.”

Yin Jinye lowered his head and looked at him.

“I am so happy not because you sent me presents, but because you finally know to worry about me and send me those things since you are afraid I might get hurt again. It seems it’s useful to mend your soul with the Hell Yin Flowers. You will gradually have human feelings.”

“Maybe.” It had been a long time Yin Jinye didn’t know how it felt to worry about someone and miss someone. It seemed he had found that kind of feeling on Rong Yi.

“You send me so many things while I only give you an ‘I owe you’ note. This is embarrassing. Tomorrow I will ask those evil beasts to look for ingredients for you to use and let someone refine you the best magic weapon. You getting strong means me getting strong. With you protecting me, I could feel more secure, and act more unruly.”

The corner of Yin Jinye’s mouth twitched.

Early the next morning, Rong Yi asked the evil beasts to look for ingredients used for a Wandering Immortal.

Not long after he sent away those evil beasts, someone called Rong Yi, “Young master Rong, I have something important to tell you!”

Rong Yi looked around, “Who is it?”

“Under your feet. I am under your feet.”

Hearing the voice, Rong Yi lowered his head but still didn’t see anything.

“I’m here. I’m here. You squat down.”

Rong Yi then squatted down, only seeing that a tiny red ant was waving at him, “Is it you who was calling me?”

The red ant nodded, “Yeah, it’s me.”

Rong Yi stretched out a hand and let it crawl onto the back of his hand.

“Young master Rong, I just got some juicy news…”

Noticing it deliberately lowered the voice, Rong Yi put it by his ear.

The red ant quickly told him the whole thing.

After hearing it, Rong Yi couldn’t help frowning, “Thank you so much for sharing with me such important news.”

He then took out a bag of spiritual stones out of his storage ring and gave it to the red ant.

“Young master Rong, this is…” The red ant was confused.

“Telling me such an important thing, of course I should reward you.”

The red ant never expected there’d be a reward, so it thanked Rong Yi, “Young master Rong, look at my tiny body. I can’t take this much. Can I ask them back when I need them?”

“Of course, you can come for them whenever you want. If you can not reach me, you ask them back from Rong Su, Qi Yueshi or others. I will get them notified of this.”


“I still don’t know your name.”

“My name is Honggui.”

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