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Chapter 260: You Are so Nasty (2)

“He is a friend that I knew in Nanbai Prefecture a few days ago, called Xiaorong. We two quite hit it off, so I brought him here to live period of time.”

Bai Yunchen murmured, “Xiaorong…”

Rong Yi’s body nodded at Bai Yunchen.

Rong Yi said, “Senior brother, his throat has been injured recently and he can’t speak. By the way, senior brother, aren’t you going on training? Why are you back? Did you hear what happened to me and come back?”

“Yes, I have been staying in the mountains recently and didn’t receive the news the Sect was destroyed a few days ago.”Bai Yunchen bland face showed dense anger, “And after I came back, I knew that the Lady framed you and imprisoned you and even tortured you like that. She really deserves it getting half of her dantian destroyed. After I came back, she even tried to force me to marry her granddaughter Jin Yueyao, but I did not agree. I plan to leave Haishan Town for a period of time to look for master shifu. I may be away for a long time this time, and Tianxu peak has become the mail hall of the chief. It’s no longer important whether I come back or not, and even if I come back, it’s only for you.”

Rong Yi said, “I might also leave Haishan Town.”

“Where are you going?”

“Maybe back to Yin Family, or go for training in other prefectures.”

Bai Yunchen frowned, “You are going to Yin Family? They would definitely maltreat you there. I heard that the old lady would frame you was all because of the Yin elders.”

Rong Yi snorted, “Yeah, they may still be able to bully now, but not in the future.”

“You should be careful anyway. They are not easy to deal with.”


“If you leave here, why am I supposed to find you?”

“Leave a message in the clothes shop. I will get the news soon.”

“OK.” Bai Yunchen then gave Rong Yi’s body a look.

Rong Yi knew what he meant, so he turned to his own body and said, “I need to talk to my senior brother alone. You wait for me in the backyard.”

Rong Yi’s body nodded and left.

Bai Yunchen asked, “Yi, do you know his background?”

Rong Yi smiled, “There is a sentence I don’t know whether it is appropriate to use here. Only if you think two people feel like old friends at the first sight, there is no need to know each other’s background.”

Bai Yunchen, “…”

Rong Yi then asked, “Senior brother, do you know him?”

Bai Yunchen shook his head, “No, I don’t. I just feel that you lack of security sense since you brought him home only having known him for a few days. What if he is someone the Yin elders planted by your side. What would you do?”

“Since I can bring him home, it means I trust him. Besides, I got Yin Jinye to protect me. Even if he wants to hurt me, he wouldn’t have the chance.”

Since he was so sure Rong Yi’s body would not hurt him, Bai Yunchen should not say more. So he took out a red jade pendant and said, “Always wear it, it will protect your life at the critical moment.”

Rong Yi said, “Senior brother, you keep it to yourself. You will encounter more danger than me out there.”

Bai Yunchen then stuffed it into his hands, “Don’t worry. I will be fine.”

Rong Yi could only accept it.

“When I find master shifu, I will send you the news.”

Rong Yi said, “I also want to go with you to find my dad, but my cultivation is low. It’s not convenient to bring me with you. I can only wait till I reach my Base Practicing.”

Bai Yunchen shook his head, “Don’t go. It’s too dangerous out there.”

Rong Yi blinked, “Senior brother, do you know where my father is?”

Bai Yunchen said hesitantly, “Maybe a bit.”

He didn’t want to talk too much with Rong Yi, so soon he left Rong Mansion using an excuse.

“This Bai Yunchen is a bit weird.” Rong Yi watched Bai Yunchen leaving and said so. But he always felt this figure looked so familiar, like…

Before he figured out who it was, suddenly Yan Qiushuang’s voice came from behind, “Yi’er, however hard you look at him, he also won’t look back at you, I told you, he won’t like you.”

“Mom, you take me wrong. I just feel that his back looks familiar.”

Yan Qiushuang snorted, “Having seen him for so many years, how could he look not familiar to you?”

Rong Yi, “…”

Yan Qiushuang patted on his shoulder, “No more of him. You should accompany the kids or Jinye more.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Rong Yi then went back to the backyard, seeing his body was standing by the gate of the yard, he asked, “Have you ever seen my senior brother Bai Yunchen before?”

His words dragged Rong Yi’s body back, then he shook his head.

“But it seems he knows you. I think he should have ever seen you in the secret cave”

Rong Yi’s body wrote: Having stayed in the secret cave for so many years. It is no strange that he ever saw me.

“That makes sense.”

Rong Yi’s body then wrote on the paper: Let’s go eat breakfast. Then we can bond with the kids.

“Now all kids like you, but not me now.”

Rong Yi’s body grinned. Isn’t it great?

Rong Yi’s body followed Rong Yi to Rong Mansion and stayed for five days, soon fit himself into the life of the Rong family, now whether it was Qiyueshi and his friends, or the servants, they often mentioned young master Xiaorong.

When they encountered things they ddi not understand, they would go ask him. When they met any problem that couldn’t solve, they would also turn to him, even Bu Qi and Xiang Lv often went to ask something about magic weapon making stuff. Although they sometimes can’t fully understand the the content of what Xiaorong wrote, they could mostly guess out his meaning.

Rong Yi felt his life became much easier, no longer needed to worry about the cultivation level of this body, or the enchanted runes were not enough to sell, or that there were no evil cultivators, ghost cultivators or beast cultivators of high level to buy his stuff. All in all, with his body here, he had saved him a lot of trouble.

The only bad thing was that his body could not be a hundred meters away from him, or he would become puppet that had no thinking at any time. In the eyes of others, Rong Yi’s body was particularly prone to trance. He often stayed on a spot, not moving a bit. Fortunately, everyone thought he was thinking, so they did not disturb him.

But there were also exceptions. After Rong Yi’s body had consciousness, he often ran out of Rong Mansion and did something incomprehensible, such as stealing ingredients in other towns and running to some strange place to absorb others’ souls to improve his own cultivation. And when he came to his sense, he would come back to the mansion himself obediently.

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