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Chapter 263: Is It Fooling Us Around? (1)

Those cultivators who received the news that the big secret realm would appear rushed to the Unoriented Forest. One of them predicted that the entrance to the secret realm should be in the Unoriented Forest with the magic weapon, so they were very nervous, for fear of missing the secret entrance and its opening time, so they all released their spiritual sense to check every corner of the secret realm.

However, there were some exceptions, such as Rong Yi and his companies, who were acting just like they were hanging out there. They built a fire, and roasted raw meat, leisurely drinking alcohol. The thing was that they even brought three kids with them, one of whom looked only about one year old.

While closely keeping an eye for the appearance of the entrance of the secret realm, those cultivators kept peeping at them. The children giggling made them feel that they were not going into the secret realm, but coming for sightseeing in it

Some cultivator could not help but say, “Although there are not so many evil beasts in the Forest like in Zhonggu Prefecture, they are quite fierce. Aren’t they afraid the beasts may eat them alive?”

“The evil beasts are the secondary thing. The entrance to the secret realm has suction, which would suck all the people here inside.”

Someone sneered at them, “You’re over worried. Don’t you see that they brought a large number of guards with them? And there is high level formation set around. Even a large number of evil beasts come attack them, it still needs some time. Maybe they even have cultivators of Mahayana phase. You just care about yourselves.”

The other cultivators saw that Rong Yi was surrounded by so many, maybe over a thousand, high level cultivators, they just shut their mouth and didn’t say more.

Seeing that Yin Sensen was so clingy to Rong Yi’s body, Yan Qiushuan found it both annoying and funny, “Yi’er, if it’s not that Yin Sensen resembles you, if I hadn’t seen you giving birth to Sensen with my own eyes, I’d even doubt that Xiaorong is Little Sensen’s daddy.”

Rong Yi, “…”

Rong Yi’s body smiled at Yan Qiushuang and go on feeding Yin Sensen the barbecue.

While Yin Sensen enjoyed the meat happily.

Rong Yi asked Yin Jinye, “Haven’t you found the entrance to the secret realm?”

Yin Jinye shook his head.

“Alas……” Rong Yi had a big bite of the barbecue, to vent his anger for that he can not enter the secret realm, because his cultivation level was too low, and he would only become a burden to others, and his body could not leave him alone and go in for help. As a result, he could only wait outside, looking very anxious.

In fact, he had tried to go back into his own body, but failed, he and his body also tried a lot of ways, but they could not be separated for a long time.

Just then there was turmoil around.

“The entrance has appeared.” Someone exclaimed.

His companion slapped him in the face angrily, “You fool, why are you shouting out loud? Do you want others to enter with us?”

Others also found the secret entrance and chased after.

Rong Yi saw that Yin Jinye was still sitting there, urging, “What are you waiting for?”

“Its spot will change.” Yin Jinye said.

Sure enough, after they flew the swords to chase after, the entrance disappeared, and then, in a certain place in the forest, there appeared another one. They immediately ran after it but it disappeared again.

“What the fuck! Is it fooling us around?”

After a few times, they still could not get in, and started to shout abuse.

Yin Jinye stood up at this time.

Rong Yi also followed and stood up. “The entrance is coming?”

Yin Jinye responded with a light ‘hmm’ and then said, “The secret realm is very dangerous. You can’t sneak in yourself after I go in.”

Rong Yi turned to his body and said, “Do you hear that? Don’t sneak in.”

Rong Yi’s body, “…”

Yin Jinye, “…”

Rong Yi turned around and said to Yin Jinye, “Be careful. If you can’t get it, don’t force it.”

Yin Jinye nodded, and picked up Yin Tao who was playing with Jiang Mu.

Jiang Mu only looked up at them blankly.

Rong Yi raised his eyebrows, “You want to take Jiang Mu with you?”

Yin Jinye said, “He has high phase of cultivation. Maybe he could help. Meanwhile, I can get him trained in there.”

Rong Yi rustled Jiang Mu hair, “Listen to your father after going in, you know?”

Jiang Mu nodded.

“I also want to go in.” Yin Tao immediately jumped up.

Jiang Mu subconsciously held him.

Rong Yi quickly blocked them. “Given your cultivation, after you go in, even a stone could kill you.”

Yin Tao retorted with his baby tone, “I will avoid the stones, not be hit by the stone.”

Yan Qiushuang then held up Yin Tao, finding it so funny, “You just stay here with grandma and enjoy your lunch.”

She then stuffed some pastry into his hand, and Yin Tao immediately got distracted, and started to focus on that piece of pastry. Secret Realm? What is that?

Yan Qiushuang’s smile grew wilder. Her Yin Tao was really easy to coax.

All of a sudden, a strong wind blew by and trees and flowers rustled around.

Then, ten feet in front of them, there was a twist in the air, which turned into a vortex, which grew larger and larger, and the cultivator who had been chasing the entrance to the secret realm came running back and stood in front of it.

“This time the entrance should be definitely real.”

After the diameter of the vortex was growing to about twenty feet long, it stopped slowly and became a blurred mirror. Gradually, the mirror became clearer and clearer, so that everyone could see the scenery inside the secret realm.

“This is so beautiful.” Someone exclaimed.

Someone sneered, “The secret realm is like poisonous mushroom, the more poisonous the more beautiful, and the more beautiful the secret realm is, the more dangerous.”

“Him, if you are afraid, you can stay here.”

Rong Yi was curious about the entrance to the secret place. Unfortunately, there were so many people there that he could not even see the edge of the entrance.

At this moment, a spiritual force was blowing out of the corner and blew the hair and clothes of the cultivators who were standing before it.

“The secret entrance is open.” Cried the excited crowd.

Yin Jinye suddenly narrowed his eyes, a strong spiritual pressure overwhelmed those cultivators.

All of a sudden, the cultivators felt infinite fear in their hearts, and their legs kept shaking. With a flop, they fell on their knees on the ground one after another. The cultivators who flew into the sky with the swords could not even generate their spiritual power, so they fell directly from the sky and heavily hit the ground.

“What, what is it? So…so…horrifying. Is it the power from the secret realm?”

“Stupid, it…it…it’s…spiritual pressure for someone with advanced cultivators.”

Hearing this, the cultivators did not dare to speak again.

“All go into the secret realm now,” ordered Xiu Zhuo to his men.

“Yes.” Except the 20 guards left to protect Rong Yi and others outside, the rest of more than a thousand guards flew into the secret realm, followed by Xiang Lv and Bu Qi.

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