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Chapter 264: Is It Fooling Us Around? (2)

The cultivators could only helplessly watch them flyting in one after another, and finally Yin Jinye, carrying a child about four years old in his hand.

Jiang Mu had no idea what he was going to do. He calmly bit the pastry Yin Tao gave him. The crumbs all fell on those cultivators’ faces.

Some cultivator said, “What the fuck…they take a child with them?”

“He…he…he…he has the ability…to protect his kid…Why…do…you care so much?”

After entering the secret realm, Yin Jinye withdrew his spiritual pressure, then those cultivators felt much relieved and immediately flew in dragging their weak bodies.

After all the people went in, Rong Yi looked curiously at the entrance, which was like a fairyland with beautiful sceneries, waterfalls flowing down, beautiful flowers on both sides ,dense jungle, some light smoke floating in the air.

Two of the guards who had stayed behind to protect them quickly stopped him, “Young master, the lord said you cannot go in.”

“Rest assured,” Rong Yi said, “I will never go in. I am just enjoying the sightseeing.”

“If you don’t get in, get out of the way.” Behind them rose a mocking voice.

Ron Yi turned around and saw five elderly men with a large group of people flying over his head into the secret realm.

When they had all flown in, he said, “Who are they, and why do they look so arrogant”

The guard said, “They are from Tongtian Chamber.”

“So they are the men of Tongtian Chamber?”


Rong Yi saw that no one came after, and looked inside of the secret realm, “It seems there is no danger on the surface, but it really difficult to say after they go in. I hope your master would be safe, and my eldest son can come out safely.”

The guard said, “The lord and the little master can come out safely.”

Rong Yi now enjoyed the sightseeing enough. As he turned around, a strong wind blew over, and the two guards got thrown over dozens of meters away and died on spot.

Fortunately, Rong Yi was wearing the defending suit Yin Jinye gave him, he immediately popped out the protective cover, which saved Rong Yi’s life. But still he could not resist the strong power and then stumbled into the secret realm.

“Yi’er.” Yan Qiushuang hurriedly stood up as she saw this.

Rong Yi’s body immediately threw Yin Sensen to Yan Qiushuang, gesturing her not to leave out of the formation, and then hurriedly followed into the secret realm.

Six of the guards jumped in to rescue Rong Yi.

And the other guards ran quickly to Yan Qiushuang’s side to protect her and the kids.

Then a purplish figure with a group of people fell from the sky and landed at the entrance of the secret realm.

As Yan Qiushuang saw who it was, her face sank immediately, “Qi Lan!”

She heard from Rong Yi that he had locked Qi Lan in Yin Mansion, but finally he came out.

Qi Lan looked at her, then turned to the secret realm and snorted, “Rong Yi is so lucky.”

He already used eighty percent of his power but still did not kill Rong Yi. It seemed that Rong Yi got another advanced defending magic weapon.

Xinyue then asked, “My lord, shall we go in and kill him?”

“Yes, of course, and take some ingredients by the way” While Qi Lan had been trapped in the mansion, all he had been thinking was kill this guy after he came out, “Some stay to protect my sons, the rest come in with me.”


Qi Lan left 30 people, all the others went into the secret realm with him.

Yan Qiushuang anxious shouted, “Qi Lan, if my son has any accident, you are so dead!”

Qi Lan who already went into the secret realm couldn’t hear her at all now.

Those Qi Lan left here then encircled Yan Qiushuang and others.

The guards immediately took out their magic weapons and held against them.

Qi Lan’s people said, “Rest assured, we are here to protect the little master.”

The guards still didn’t trust them and asked them to back off three meters away.

Qi Lan’s people also didn’t care, just walking around three meters away.

The entrance to the secret realm began to shrink, and while it was still about 1.5 meters wide, a group of men flew over with the swords.

Recognizing it was Elder the First and Elder the Sixth, Yan Qiushuang hurriedly held the two kids in her arms, covering them with the cloak, in case the two elders saw them.

Elder the First and Elder the Sixth didn’t notice them at all, but all on Qi Lan’s people.

Elder the Sixth hurriedly asked, “Did you see our young master?”

Qi Lan’s people look at each other, shook their heads, and then pointed to the Yin Jinye’s guards and said, “They are the guards of lord Yin. You should ask them.”

One guard said, “Our lord has entered the secret realm.”

The face of the two elders changed, seeing that the entrance was closing, they had no time to think more, hurriedly took their people and flew in. As they just entered, the secret realm immediately shut down.

Yan Qiushuang felt much relieved.

She thought the two elders were here to fight for the kids.

Yin Tao looked up and asked, “Grandmother, what’s the matter?”

Yan Qiushuang lowered her head and whispered to him, “Did you just see those two old men? The first two who landed just now?”

Yin Tao and Yin Sensen both nodded.

“They just want to harm your daddy, they are big villains who try to separate your daddy and father. After you see them in the future, remember, stay away from them. If they catch you and take you to Dongtang Prefecture, you will never see your daddy again.”

Yin Yao nodded hard, wearing a serious expression.

Yin Sensen took the pacifier off his mouth and waved his hand. “Beat…beat…beat him.”

“Right, beat them. When you see them again, let Jiang Mu kick their asses.” After making the joke, Yan Qiushuang started to worry about Rong Yi. She didn’t know if Rong Yi could come out in a whole piece.

Rong Yi, who had fallen into the secret realm, sat on the grass, and then his body also followed in.

His body pulled him up quickly. “We need to get out of here quickly. Those people who sneak attacked you would be here at any minute.”

Although he did not see the other side, he could feel that the one who beat Rong Yi should have high cultivation, at least above him, so he was not sure whether he was the other party’s match,

“OK.” Rong Yi quickly stepped on the flying sword of his body, then those guards who followed in immediately followed by.

“Did you see who hit me?” Rong Yi asked the following guards.

One of the guards said, “We saw that you slipped in, so we hurriedly followed. We didn’t have time to check who it was.”

Rong Yi’s body said, “Could it be the people those elders sent?”

“I don’t think so. Now they are still waiting for Yin Jinye’s order to save Elder the Fourth and Elder the Seventh. If something happens to me, those two elders would only lose their lives.” Rong Yi then filtered all possible enemies who could kill those who were at their Soul Condensing phase. That person should be above Void Purifying phase. But he had offended too many above that phase. Only in Nine Void Sect, there were quite a few. But they wouldn’t dare to seek trouble for him.


Rong Yi then thought of Qi Lan. Calculating the time, he should come out of the formation now.

Rong Yi’s body could know Rong Yi’s thoughts. He found things about this Qi Lan. He also thought it should be him, so he paced up flying the sword toward the entrance.

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