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Chapter 265: Be A Swagger (1)

They dared not to probe into the depths of the secret realm. Finding a thick bush, they chose to hide in it and set a formation to cover up their breaths.

Rong Yi gazed at the entrance to the secret realm, “The entrance is closed. We have to wait for the exit to open before we can go out. But since we are in, why not wander around and look for some advanced ingredients?”

All the six guards shook their heads at the same time. They had promised their master to protect young master Rong. He could not enter the secret realm and get injured. Him getting thrown into the secret realm was already out of their tolerance ranger, they shouldn’t let him get hurt.

Rong Yi turned to look at his own body, “Xiaorong, what do you think?”

Rong Yi’s body took out a brush and paper, writing a line of words for Rong Yi.

Rong Yi looked at him, then at the words on the paper, and then at him, “I seemed to have heard you just now.”

Rong Yi’s body raised the eyebrows and tried to pronounce, but still could not make any noise.

Rong Yi asked the guards, “Did you hear him just now?”

They all shook their heads.

Looking at his body knitting his eyebrows, Rong Yi felt confused. Why no one else heard it? Was that…ventriloquism?

His body instantly noticed his thoughts and immediately asked with ventriloquism, “Can you hear me now?”

Rong Yi smiled with delight after a pause, “Yes! So I didn’t hear it wrong! Well, why do you still waste so much effort on writing since you can use ventriloquism?”

“…” Rong Yi’s body rolled his eyes at Rong Yi, “Have you ever used ventriloquism before the Golden Elixir?”

Rong Yi shook his head. Only the cultivators in late stage of Golden Elixir, that was, with the cultivation of grade sevel Golden Elixir, could use ventriloquism. At that time, his body had just entered the Golden Elixir, not knowing the technique.

“That’s right. We’ve never used ventriloquism before. After I came to this stage, I became intermittent dull and awake since my soul was not complete. No one talked to me when I was awake. Therefore, I never thought about the possibility of using ventriloquism, so I only wrote. Jinye didn’t remind us of that probably because he thought I might not use the technique, either.” Actually, he was eager to express and subconsciously triggered the skill.

His words made sense. And, in other people’s eyes, his body knew everything. It was unreasonable and impossible for him not to know how to use ventriloquism. He chose not to do so just because of some secret sorrow. Therefore, they hadn’t reminded Rong Yi and his body about that too.

“Forget it. Don’t dig into this matter anymore. It’s good to be able to communicate now, saving the trouble to write. Now we have to think about how to get out of here.”

Rong Yi’s body used ventriloquism with a frequency that everyone could hear, “Since we’re here, let’s look around. Maybe there’s an unexpected harvest. If we stay here all the time, we’ll miss a great opportunity.”

“Here’s the secret realm left by the Earth Immortals. Danger lurks everywhere.” The guards were of one mind.

Rong Yi’s body scoffed, “Won’t we meet danger staying here? What if danger comes to us?”

The guards, “…”

At this time, a group of people flew over their heads.

Seeing the two leading that group, the guards quickly pressed down Rong Yi’s head and didn’t release their hands until the group left.

“What are you doing?” Rong Yi said while flattening his disarranged hair.

“It’s Elder the First and Elder the Sixth from the Yin family.” The guards said.

Rong Yi’s body said, “See? Danger came to us.”

The guards, “…”

Rong Yi continued, “Well, it’s Elder the First and Elder the Sixth. I’d like to see what they look like. Then I can be a swagger the next time I see them.”

“…” The guards hurriedly, “They’re all cultivators in Mahayana. Master Rong, we don’t think you can be a swagger in front of them.”

Rong Yi’s body asked back, “Well? You mean he should throw himself at them directly?”

The guards, “…”

Their master Rong truly had different brain circuits from others.

Rong Yi asked his body, “Have you seen what they look like?”


“Did you use the camera to capture it?”

Rong Yi’s body rolled his eyes, “There is no camera in the storage ring.”

“But we have mobile phones.”

“Aren’t you afraid that people would be wondering what I have in my hand?”

Rong Yi sneered, “When you took the handheld game machine out to play, why didn’t I see that you were afraid of others being curious about what it was?”

Rong Yi’s Body, “…”

Rong Yi asked the guards, “Have the two elders seen me before?”

A guard thought for a moment and said, “I don’t think so.”

Rong Yi felt speechless, “So, why did you hide me? The more one tries to hide, the more possible one would be exposed. They must have known that I’m Rong Yi since you were trying to cover me!”

“…”The guards looked at each other, realizing their young master’s words kind of made sense.

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