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Chapter 267: Tell the Truth (1)

Rong Yi’s body said joyfully, “When you were teasing the Wedding Grass, I slipped away its child without drawing its attention.”

The guards, “…”

Shouldn’t it be called stealing?

Rong Yi patted him on the back of the head, “You’ve been quite addicted to being a thief recently. If you continue like this, you’ll form a bad habit.”

Rong Yi was afraid that he would inherit this bad habit when he went back to his own body.

“Yes. I’ve really been used to it.” Rong Yi’s body said with a voice that could only be heard by his owner, “In fact, it’s good for us bringing it here. You see, under the influence of other fellows, Wind Inducing hates us human beings to the fullest. Even if he submits to you now, he still bears unwillingness and it’s difficult to get rid of his idea of hating the human race. However, the little evil baby in my hand is different. As long as he is brought up from such a young age by a human, he’ll certainly become the second Jiang Mu.”

“Good idea.” Rong Yi also felt it was a good idea, “We’ll plant it when we go back.”

The guards, “…”

Shouldn’t he advice master Xiaorong to give the baby back?

Rong Yi’s body said, “No need to plant. He has stayed here for many years, absorbed a lot of aura, and has already completed shapeshifting. It’s just that he’s still young, and could not maintain his human shape for long, so he has changed back into its seed shape again.”

“Shapshifted? And still too young? How young is he? Does he still need diapers?” Thinking of this possibility, Rong Yi felt shivers to his spine, “You’d better return the baby to his mom. I don’t want my mansion to become a kindergarten.”

“No!” Rong Yi’s body thrust the little evil baby into his own arms.

Rong Yi, “…”

The guards behind suddenly cried, “Master Xiaorong, the Wedding Grass is coming.”

Rong Yi, “…”

“Let’s go.” Rong Yi’s body said hastily.

“Give back my child, you little thief! Give back the child to me…” As the Wedding Grass was chasing, she shouted to the front, “My friends, help me stop them.”

The flowers and trees beside them immediately cast various arts and witchcraft to intercept Rong Yi’s group.

Rong Yi’s body quickly released the thunder-fire magic, and the plants and trees that were afraid of the attack hurriedly avoided it. Even these plant monsters of higher cultivation than Rong Yi’s body could not stand his fire.

Rong Yi said, “It’s more dangerous here than the outside. We cannot run around casually. You’d better return her child quickly so that we can go to other places.”

“Fine.” Rong Yi’s body took out the seed, threw it into a distance with his spiritual force. And it disappeared in the blink of an eye. “Your child, take it.”

Hearing this, the Wedding Grass hurried to chase for its baby.

Rong Yi’s body quickened the speed of the sword and flew away from the place where the plant monsters lurked around. After making sure there were no other enemies haunting behind, they found a place to stop.

Rong Yi patted his own body on the shoulder and held out his hand, “Give it to me.”

“What?” Rong Yi’s body looked at him innocently.

“The little evil baby.”

“Didn’t I already give it back?”

Rong Yi put on a false smile, “You can cheat others, but not me. Don’t think you can fool me by throwing a stone.”

Rong Yi’s Body, “…”

“Hurry up.”

Rong Yi’s body said as he was taking out the seed, “In fact, what I just threw was a spitball. I left a message on it and told the Wedding Grass her child is really pitiful for being locked up in such a small secret realm. Before he could see the outside world, he might have already been killed by doom thunder. If she really loves her child, she should let me take it out. I’ll feed and dress him well and let him have fun. I would never let him bullied. To make her feel relieved, I have specially left her an address and welcome her to visit his son at any time.”

The guards, “…”

They found that Rong Yi’s body was more of a troublemaker than his owner!

Rong Yi chuckled, “Are you sure she can understand what you wrote?”

“Definitely. I tried my best to write it in traditional characters. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t understand it. I left an address. She can come to us according to the address.”

“An address? Huh, you want to let them ran out to get even with us, right?”

“Don’t worry about this. I left the address of the Yin family in Dongtang.”

Rong Yi, “…”

The guards, “…”

The Yin family would suffer again for sure.

Suddenly, there was a rumbling sound on the ground.

They lowered their heads and saw a big crack in the ground. Then, a group of mud monsters rushed out to aim at them.

“Give the child back to our good friend.”

Rong Yi’s body dodged them and immediately released the thunderbolt, smashing the mud monsters.

The guards quickly picked up their magic weapons to fight the enemy.

But they were like undead monsters that could restore to their original state, never to be wiped out.

Feeling he would be dragged down, Rong Yi hastily held his own body. However, during the fight, a mud monster bit his hand, causing him to quickly withdraw his arm in huge pain. And then, with a drastic whirl, Rong Yi’s body released water runes in all directions.

The mud monster was afraid of water and hurried to avoid it. At the same time, Rong Yi was thrown out and slid down the hillside.

“Master Rong!” The six guards rushed toward him quickly.

Then, an angry voice sounded, “Master Rong? Is it Rong Yi? Master, Rong Yi seems to be over there.”

Rong Yi’s body looked toward the source of the sound, only to see a pretty and coquettish man land in front of him with a group of people.

Rong Yi’s body could see everything in Rong Yi’s mind, so he recognized the man was Rong Yi’s foe, Qi Lan.

Looking at the mud monsters, Xinyue asked Rong Yi’s body, “Where is Rong Yi? Where is he?”

The mud monsters warily gazed at her, not knowing what the woman was asking.

She repeated angrily, “Where is Rong Yi? I’m asking you!”

“Rong Yi? You mean the handsome man who is guarded by a group of ghost cultivators?” Rong Yi’s body started his trick, flashing with cunning light in his eyes.

“Yes. You’re right. Where is he?”

“He…”Rong Yi’s body took out the kid of the Wedding Grass and looked at the side opposite to Rong Yi, “I threw him off the cliff by me since he tried to rob the thing in my hand.”

“Down the cliff? Is he dead?”

“Probably not. His guards all ran to save him.”

Xinyue sent people to look for him under the cliff.

Qi Lan squinted, flew before Rong Yi’s body and grabbed the little seed in his hand. “What is it? Why did he want this?”

“Just a little evil baby. He said he wanted to take it back to his children as their playmate, but I wanted to keep it as an evil pet to be my companion, so we had a fight.”

“Playmate for his sons? It should be something good.” Qi Lan grabbed it and slipped it in his own arms.

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