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Chapter 269: Damn It! (1)

Rong Yi asked the guards, “Is he right?”

The guards nodded.

Rong Yi gazed around the big cave and found the man in brown robes, “So that is Elder the First Look at his long face, like everyone else owes him big.”

The guards, “…”

Rong Yi then asked, “Then, who is Elder the Sixth?”

Rong Yi’s body said, “The man with a mean and harsh look is supposed to be Elder the Sixth.”

“…” The guards all nodded.

“Okay, I remember.” Rong Yi’s eyebrows knitted, “We can’t just wait here. When they finish the fighting, we might have already died a natural death.”

The guards, “…”

Rong Yi’s body said, “As long as someone jumps in the hole, they will surely jump with him.”

Rong Yi thought for a while, took out a fuscous robe and handed it to his own body.

Rong Yi’s body took out a high-level flying rune and pasted it on the robe. Then he activated the spiritual rune and flew into the big hole at the fastest speed.

Seeing a dark shadow enter the hole, the two sides in fighting followed in hurriedly as expected.

After everyone jumped in, Rong Yi’s body observed for a while. Confirming there was no shrieks, he said, “Come on. Let’s move.”

He then held Rong Yi and flew into the big cave.

It was dark inside, in the pitch dark.

The guards used their spiritual power to gather light for illumination, only to find that their spiritual power inside was losing bit by bit and the flying speed for their swords was becoming slower.

One of the guards said, “Damn it, we can’t use spiritual power here.”

Another guard followed, “We can’t use runes, either, and both spiritual fire and flintstone do not work here. The situation in here isn’t good. We’d better leave as soon as possible.”

Rong Yi’s body was pretty calm, “Do you think we can still fly up with our decreasing spiritual power?”

The guards tried to fly upwards, but on the contrary, they were descending faster.

Rong Yi said, “There’s rune formation here, which has restrained our spiritual power and all kinds of illuminating things. Take it easy. Take things as they come. Since we are already here, we can only stay calm and think about what to do.”

Rong Yi’s body said, “There’s no time, because we’re going to fall.”

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a heart drop feeling in the chest and he found they were quickly falling down.

Everyone exclaimed.

Fortunately, they stepped on the ground as approaching the earth, didn’t fall to death.

Then, their foot slipped, like sliding down the children’s slide quickly.

“Xiaorong…” Rong Yi worried that after separating from his body, the latter would become a puppet without consciousness who would never escape from the secret realm so he hurriedly grabbed the hand of his body.

However, the other party shook off his hand, unwilling to be pulled by him.

“Behave! Come on! Everyone pull together, or we’ll be separated.” Rong Yi cried.

Hearing this, Rong Yi’s body immediately grasped him.

With his other hand, Rong Yi grabbed the guard beside him. In this way, everyone slid down together quickly.

About half an hour, they finally saw there was light ahead.

Rong Yi said hastily, “Everyone stop! There may be traps waiting for us outside the exit.”

They hurriedly held their feet against the ground, and the ones on each end inserted their swords into the stone wall. With the speed gradually slowing down, they stopped sliding at the exit.

Rong Yi looked out. They were less than two meters away from the ground. Below was a flat plot of muddy ground.

Outside the hole stood a group of cultivators who had fallen here before them. They were observing the condition in the hole, which meant that there was no danger outside.

Unexpectedly, before Rong Yi and others could even catch their breaths, someone threw a kick from behind, and he was thrown out of the big cave, together with the others since they were still holding each other.

Luckily, Rong Yi landed safely on both feet. He felt relieved and asked his own body on the right, “Are you all r…”

Before he finished his words, he found that the person he was holding was not his own body, but Elder the First wearing that long face like his parents had just died!

“!!!” Rong Yi was surprised with widened eyes, completely at a loss of why he would take Elder the First’s hand since the man had fallen down before him.

The grand elder just gazed at him silently.

“…” Rong Yi’s stiff neck turned to look at the other side. When he saw the face of the other party, his eyes opened wider. Isn’t it Elder the Sixth?

Oh fuck! Damn it!

Was he spelled by some kind of illusion so he saw people who he didn’t want to see? Or was his body playing tricks on him again?

To confirm he wasn’t swimming away from himself, Rong Yi loosened their hands and suddenly slapped hard on the face of Elder the First.

Receiving the hard slap, Elder the First was stunned. So did Elder the Sixth. Having stayed in high positions for so many years, they had never been offended like that before. But, Rong Yi stood out to be the first just now! They all thought they were running into the illusion. Otherwise, who would dare to do that so boldly?

The sharp slapping sound attracted everyone’s attention.

Rong Yi sneered, “Does it hurt?”

Nodded Elder the First.

“It’s good that you can still feel the pain. Next time if you change into someone else to frighten me, you’ll suffer more than this.”

The two elders gave each other a look, confused.

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