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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 279 - A Move Called ‘Cold Irony’ (1)

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Chapter 279: A Move Called ‘Cold Irony’ (1)

Rong Yi squatted down and swept the dirt off the ground. He saw a thin seam about one cun long and 0.2 cun thick. No one would notice it if they didn’t closely check it.

“Little bro, you have to be careful, the evil beasts are aiming at you.” Someone was worried, “They will attack you any time.”

As Rong Yi raised his head, he saw hundreds of evil beasts staring at him with their fierce eyes, like ready to swallow him alive.

“Er…” he said, pointing to the ceiling in surprise, “Look, what’s that?”

The evil beasts and the cultivators all raised their heads. They could see nothing but a pile of ingredients.

“Anything there? I didn’t see it.”

“No, I didn’t either.”

“Stupid, he is fooling those beasts. How can you also fall for it?”

Other cultivators, “…”

Rong Yi took his sword and rushed into the small cave.

The evil beasts found themselves fooled, quickly turned around to stare at Rong Yi. The nearest two beasts roared and pounced at him.

As they were about to bite on Rong Yi’s neck, suddenly a rumbling sound was heard, the moment their teeth touched Rong Yi’s neck, those evil beasts all disappeared before people’s eyes.

The ground vibration did not stop, the surrounding four pieces of land slowly gathered to the middle. As it restored the original state, the seal was removed at the same time, the ground also stopped shaking, and all people restored their cultivation.

They reached out and touched where the seal had been, “It’s gone.”

They all laughed.

Someone threw a damp over, “We haven’t found the switch of the exit yet. Don’t celebrate too early. We don’t know what trap awaits us next.”

“You shut your mouth.”

“Hum, do you think my badmouthing could change anything?”


After making sure there was no danger around, Xinyue quickly lifted the sword to sway at Rong Yi!

Kuang~ Pian Shi jumped put from through the crowd and blocked Rong Yi in the front.

Xinyue yelled, “I won’t show mercy of you stand in my way.”

Pian Shi picked his brows, “Your cultivation is lower than me. Let me see how you are gonna deal with me.”

“You…” Xinyue looked back at Qi Lan, “master.”

Pian Shi, “…”

Since she couldn’t fight him, she would call for help?

Seeing Qi Lan coming over, Pian Shi quickly held Rong Yi’s hand and moved backwards. Pity it was all stone walls around. They had nowhere to go. Of course even if they had, they could outrun Qi Lan who was at his Mahayana phase.

Rong Yi looked at the stone wall behind him and immediately pressed down the ingredients on the wall, “Senior brother, if you come closer, I’m gonna…”

Before he finished his sentence, he was pinned down by the other side’s spiritual pressure.

Qi Lan said with a cold smile, “Before when I lost spirit power, you still can humiliate me, but now since I have restored my cultivation, do you think you still can threaten me?”

Suddenly, there was a rumbling sound inside the wall.

Qi Lan thought Rong Yi pulled the trigger, so he quickly jumped back to the elders’ side.

Rong Yi exhaled a big breath.

Pian Shi laughed, “It feels like your life could be ended at any moment, fortunately, even the stone wall is helping you.”

Rong Yi smiled weakly.

Others picked up their magic weapons and looked around warily.

Someone shouted, “The stone wall…the stone is moving. Look at it! The wall is rising. I wonder if it is the exit!”

Rong Yi and Pian Shi retreated ten chi backwards.

The wall rose slowly.

They all bent down together and looked through the crack of the rising stone, and numerous pairs of feet appeared before their eyes, and some people on the other side looked down at them.

“It’s human.” The cultivators on both sides heaved a sigh of relief.

Rong yi saw a familiar robe corner, and could not wait for the wall to rise and ran over excitedly.

“Where are you going?” Pian Shi hurriedly grasped him.

“I…” Rongyi glanced at Qi Lan aside, when the stone wall up to the neck, he hurriedly shook off Pian Shi’s hand and ran to the wall.

Feeling it, Qi Lan immediately released his spiritual pressure.

Rong Yi shouted at the top of his voice, “Daddy…”

Then, another strong spiritual pressure from the side of the wall pressed over, hit the spiritual pressure QI Lan released. Two powerful spiritual pressure impacts threw all cultivators around in the air, at the same time, the wall rose to the top of the head.

As Rong Yi saw Yin Jinye’s beautiful face, he immediately threw himself at him, “Daddy, it’s so good to see you!”

Pian Shi who got thrown onto the ground looked at Rong Yi with great astonishment. Now he understood why Rong Yi could survive till now after having offended so many higher level people. So he got someone above Mahayana phase protecting him.

Yin Jinye held around Rong Yi’s waist, saying with a deep voice, “Didn’t I tell you not to come in?”

Rong Yi was speechless, “Why don’t you ask whether I got injured first?”

Yin Jinye then asked, “Are you injured?”

“No.” Rong Yi pointed to Qi Lan, “I did not come in myself. He threw me in.”

Yin Jinye looked over at Qi Lan, eyes squinted.

Qi Lan hooked up his lips, “Jinye, long time no see.”

“Young master.” Elder the First and Elder the Sixth came over and said, “My greetings.”

Yin Jinye cast a faint look at them and didn’t say a word.

“Master shifu…” Xiang Lv and Bu Qi strode over quickly, “you……”

“Daddy!” Jiang Mu flew over to interrupt their conversation, threw himself into Rong Yi’s arms, “Daddy, daddy is also here. So good.”

“It’s good to see you, too.” Rong Yi happily hugged Jiang Mu and turned his head, gesturing Pian Shi to stand over. Then he asked Jiang Mu, “Jiang Mu, do you still remember that I taught you a move called ‘cold irony’?”

Jiang Mu nodded.

Rong Yi smiled and looked at Qi Lan and said, “Give your foster father a demonstration.”

“…” Qi Lan immediately had a bad feeling in his heart.

Yin Jinye picked his brows, “Foster father?”

“Don’t bother about the details.”

Yin Jinye, “…”

Elder the First and Elder the Sixth looked at Rong Yi, not knowing what he was up to.

Jiang Mu flew up from Rong Yi’s arms. When he flew even over Qi Lan’s head, he looked down at Qi Lan. Then with a cold snort, a dreadfully strong spiritual force rushed out of his nose and aimed at Qi Lan.

Qi Lan’s face changed, and he hurried away, but those behind him suffered. Not knowing what was going on, they all got thrown tens of meters away and spat out mouthful blood.

Elder the First, “…”

Elder the Sixth, “…”

Should they feel lucky not to stand on Qi Lan’s side?

Pian Shi was stoned. Isn’t this kid too powerful? Only a snort and a bunch of people got blown away???

Jiang Mu then flew to Rong Yi’s side, “Daddy, am I fierce?”

“Yeah, very, my son is the best.” Rong Yi took out a candy and gave it to Jiang Mu.

Jiang Mu giggled and put the candy in his mouth.

Xiang Lv gave Qi Lan a look, “Master shifu, you have not been bullied, have you?”

Pian Shi now was more surprised, not only he had such a partner with high cultivation, but also such a powerful son, now even a disciple of his was at such a high cultivation, while Rong Yi himself was only at his Qi Practicing! Nothing is too strange in the world!

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